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★ ★ ★ ★

Scarlett’s hand dropped down out of shock, and his neck tie got released.

She fell down, just like that and LX hurried, and helped her up.

“You okay?” He asked.

Phil stood upright, and gulped.

“I’m going in first” He muttered, blinking his eyes, hastily before hurrying back in, ignoring Felicia who was still standing clueless.

Scarlett cleared her throat and stood up.

“I told you that you would fall,, right? Now,, you fell” LX sighed.

“Hold on,,, Let me get you new pair of shoes” LX added and hurried out.

“Wait,,, people will see your face. Your mask!” Scarlett shouted, pointing at the mask on the floor.

However, LX was gone.

“Oh no,,,

“Wait,, was that LX?” Felicia arched her brows.

“And what the hell did you do to Phil’s lips!!” She screamed, and Scarlett only hiccupped. written by sommy pearl f. on fb.


“LX Oppa!!!!” The girls scream were so loud.

He quickly grabbed the sneakers, and covered his face with his palm.

“Here” He muttered, giving the part timer his card.

“No,,, Oppa. Take it,, Its a gift” The part timer smiled.

“Huh,,, Okay. Thanks!” He said, and grabbed his card before running out.

He quickly hid against a big garbage container. When he saw the girls screaming and running off, he came out, seeing he was on a safe side.

“That was a close call” He heaved, before running back into the restaurant. written by sommy pearl f. on fb.


“Scarlett,, here” LX was breathing heavily.

Scarlett was patiently waiting for him. She was sitting down, flinging her feet to and fro, trying to while away time.

“Thanks” She tried to take it from him.

“Wait” He smiled and bent down.

Scarlett widened her eyes, staring at him, while he took off her shoes.

“LX,,, wait-

“No,,, please,, let me” He muttered.

Scarlett sighed, and watched him, take off her heels before wearing the sneakers on her feet.

“Done,,, Let’s go” He stood up and stretched his hand towards her.

Scarlett blinked and held his hand, before standing up on her feet.

They faced each other.

“You like it?” LX broke the silence.

“Yes,,, It’s…beautiful” She looked at it.

LX smiled and handed her heels to her.

“By the way,,, are you alright?” She asked worriedly ,collecting the heels from him.

“How?” He raised his brow, puzzled.

“You…left without concealing your face. Weren’t you noticed by outsiders?”

LX chuckled.
“No one noticed. It was quite dark, and I have huge hands” He shoved his hands to her face, displaying it for her.

“I used it to cover my face and I hardened my sweet voice. Ouch, i might get a sore throat later” He forced a cough lightly. written by sommy pearl on fb. do not steal to avoid problems in the future!

Scarlett chuckled.
“Please don’t,,, I really wanna hear your sweet and melodious voice soon… and yeah,,,- She paused and held his hand, rubbing his palm softly.

“You do have huge hands,,, Its so lovely” She smiled.

LX’s face flushed red.

She took his hand down.
“Let’s go,,, we can’t keep the party holding”

He nodded, and followed her, as she walked.


?Wow,, Isn’t that LX!

?He’s really LX

?The f*ck,,, what’s he doing here?

?Whoa,,, Is this really happening!

The employees were all screaming and waving.

“Yes,,, Its me,,, LX,,, Nice to meet y’all!” LX introduced and bowed.

Phil scoffed, and grumbled lowly before folding his arms.

“LX,,, Why are you here by this way?” Felicia asked.

Everyone looked at him, expecting an a answer.

LX cleared his throat and looked at Scarlett, with a smile on his face.

“I’m here cause,,, its sca-

“Cause,,, I invited him to Scarlett’s birthday. Yes,,, that’s why he’s here. As you all know, He’s my little best cousin and he respects my wishes. Thanks for coming” Phil cut him off and hugged him tightly.

“Ow,,, You’re choking me” LX coughed lightly. written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“Leave here,,, while I’m being nice” Phil warned, in a strong whisper.

LX grunted, and pushed him off.

He took the empty seat, meant for Oscar and sat down, close to Scarlett.

“Wow,, I’m really excited you came” A female employer said.

“Yes, me too. This looks like a dream” Another added, smiling.

Scarlett looked down and smiled.

LX watched her, smiling.

“Scarlett?” He called calmly.

Scarlett raised her face to him.

“Happy birthday to you”

She smiled softly.
“Thank you” She whispered.

“I have a song for you,,, it’s my gift to you” He smiled.

?Wow!!!! Everyone screamed.

“Do you care to listen?” LX asked.

Phil scoffed and watched Scarlett.

“Yes,,, please,,, I wanna hear your song” She nodded.

LX smiled and stood up.

He requested for a microphone and it was brought forth in a couple of minutes, alongside its speaker.

“This is for you, Lett” He winked. written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“Awwwnnn” The girls whined.

Phil made a silly expression with his lips, and took the huge whisky bottle into his mouth, finishing the last drop.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.