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Scarlett was also there.

She was screaming like a kid.

She wanted him to sign her white face cap which she was wearing. The face cap covered her hair, and almost concealed her face profile.

She was wearing a black long sleeve stretchy top over a black trouser. Her sneakers was white.

She was also in the queue.

Luckily for her, she was amongst the first batch to get her autograph.

Guess her early waking and arrival paid off.

She clearly wouldn’t miss today for anything. At least, one of her wishes in her bucket list will be ticked.

She was excited and anxious at the same time.

She was happy she would be meeting LX face to face but was also in thoughts on what to say to him.

After an hour and half, It was finally her turn.

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LX was tired and would be rounding up soon. He only promised to stay for just 3 hours.

The queue was endless.

He also promised to make up for the others, with a group photograph.

Scarlett slowly walked to LX, to the higher ground.

LX looked at her and smiled.
“Where will you like to sign on?” He asked.

Hearing his voice drives her crazy.

Knowing he is saying this to her drives her very crazy.

Seeing his perfect face from up close drives her extremely crazy.

“Hello” She whispered.


“I’m your number 1 biggest fan” She whispered with a smile.

LX looked at her half profiled face in confusion.
“Where would you like your autograph signed?” He asked tiredly but gently.

“Here” She answered and took off her face cap.

At once, her long hair fell and her beautiful full face got exposed.

She was looking so simply beautiful, and radiating.

“Wow” He muttered.

“What?” She whispered.

He smiled and shook his head.
“Your cap, right?”

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

She nodded and handed it to him which he collected.

He kept stealing glances at her, while signing the autograph and as he did so, he was pretty slow.

He wanted to see her more, and stay with her for a little while before retiring to the others.

“LX” His manager whispered.

“Huh?” He answered.

“What’s the problem? Why is it taking forever for you to sign? We haven’t got all day and besides, more people are waiting”

“Oh,,, Done. Here” He gave her her cap.

“Thanks LX. Love you” She giggled

“Love you too, number 1 fan” He smiled.

She blushed, bowed and finally walked away.

“Wow. She’s damn so breathtaking” He thought and heaved.


Scarlett wouldn’t stop jubilating.

Her mother is even tired of her shouts, and merry.

“Aren’t you gonna stop already?” Marie chuckled.

“Ahhhh!” She screamed, and jumped.
“Finally,,, LX autograph! I saw his face from up close! Whoaaa!!! I so love you,,, Muahhh!” She kissed the signature on her cap.

Marie laughed and shook her head.
“Very dramatic” She said.

“I’m just happy” Scarlett said, and went to her room.

She took out her drugs and took it, washing it down with water.

Afterwards, took out her notepad, and opened it. Taking the fountain pen out and holding it tight, she ticked.

1) Meeting LX in his fan meeting & Taking his autograph. ☑

“Done and dusted. Few more to go” She muttered.

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“I’m so f*cking exhausted” LX said, and laid down with a thud on his huge couch.

He looked at the ceiling fan, and touched his chest, feeling his heart beat.

He remembered Scarlett and smiled. His heart beat got faster.

“Hold on,,, I’ve got to call hyung” He said, and took out his phone.


Phil was blending in various fruits.

He wanted to make a tropical fruit juice when he suddenly got a call and he picked it without looking.

“Hello?” He asked.

“Hyung!!” LX shouted.

Phil blinked, and looked at his phone screen. He saw ‘Parasite’

That’s what he used to save LX name.

Phil sighed.

“I never thought you would pick. You even left my messages on seen” LX mouthed.

“I’m hanging up” Phil breathed.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“No,,, wait,,, I haven’t told you what I called for”

“I know why you called. Its obvious. I’m sure your purpose of calling me, is to reconsider you as the model but no! Hell no! I still ain’t picking you”


“No amount of pleadings can move me. Bye”

“I’m coming to beg on my knees at your company on monday”

“Don’t you dare!” Phil growled.

“When lots of people swim in and start staring. You’ll finally reconsider me” LX smiled.

“You sly fool” Phil cussed.

“Let me be the one hanging up today. Bye” LX giggled cutely, and cut the call.

“Feels good” He heaved, and closed his eyes only to see Scarlett’s smiling face appearing again.

“What’s really happening to me?” He thought.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.