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They both turned to see the nerd licking Belle’s shoes. Her two friends were laughing and pointing at the nerd, and even taking pictures.

Few others laughed as well.

“Now no boy would like to kiss that lips anymore,,, harlot” Belle glared, smiling wickedly.

“I’m done with my lunch” Scarlett stood up, holding her tray of cutleries.

Jenna nodded and watched her leave.

Scarlett walked past Belle and the nerd and dropped her tray

Afterwards, She went into the toilet, took off her shoes, pulled her socks, soaked her shoes into the toilet water before bringing them out.

“Gross” Scarlett muttered, almost puking and finally left.

As soon as Scarlett passed again in order to go back to Jenna.

She dropped her socks into Belle’s soup.

“What’s this?” Belle snarled and looked up at Scarlett.

“Aiish” Scarlett muttered, quite vexed.
“What are you gonna do now??” Scarlett asked, with anger.

“Huh! What do you mean? You just threw your dirty and poor stinking socks into my soup and you’re saying,,, What am I gonna do?” Belle asked with a dangerous glare which Scarlett was unfazed about.

Scarlett sighed.
“Its your soup’s fault! It was on the way!” She defended.

“What? What kind of statement is that!” Belle screamed, rising to her feet.
“Aiish! Get away,,, you! I’m sure your saliva smells! Whore! No guy would want to kiss you again!” Belle said, and hit her shoe on the nerd’s mouth.

She whimpered in pain, and stood up, holding onto her mouth. She bent her head low and ran out crying in embarrassment while others laughed.

Belle scoffed.
“Well,,, She deserves it… And as for you,,, Who do you think you are!” Belle screamed, now standing up.

Scarlett smiled, and took her lips to Belle’s ear.
“You did that purposely,,, didn’t you?” She whispered.

“What?” Belle muttered.

“You had your leg out on purpose in order to make the nerd trip”

“What are you saying!! Do you think i humiliated myself intentionally?” Belle squeezed her face.

“Well,,, Sort of. I even have proof to make it sweeter and better” Scarlett whispered and brought out a sly smile.

“Wh…at? Belle stammered.

Scarlett raised her phone to her face.
“Here. I made a video and it’s all in here-

“Please,,, don’t do anything. Just delete it”

“No…No…No” Scarlett laughed.

“Is it money? You want money? Don’t worry,,, I got lots! I’ll give you all. Just name your price” Belle had her voice low now.

“I don’t want money. I’m not that stupid” Scarlett laughed.

Belle swallowed hard.

She knew her father would definitely kill her and it might ruin the reputation of his business.

“Then,,, what exactly do you want?” She almost cried.

“The soup. Drink it” Scarlett commanded, whispering.

“What? No! I can’t!” Belle widened her eyes.

“Okay then. I’m just gonna post it” Scarlett smiled, shoving her phone to her face.

“Aiish!” Belle half yelled, and held the phone in order to seize it but being a good and strong taekwando fighter, Scarlett held her hand swiftly and twisted it.

“Ah…Ah…Ah…Let me go!! What are you waiting for! Snatch the phone from her and beat her to a pulp!” Belle screamed to her friends.

Her two friends stood up and went to her. Scarlett swifted jumped and raised her legs to the air. She landed them a heavy kicks and they went down to the ground immediately.

They stood up and ran off.
“Scaredy cats! Aiish! Why not bring body guards instead. I heard you are arrogantly rich”

“What? What did you just say? Ah…Let me go” Belle winched.

“Make me” She smiled, twisting her hand the more.

“I’ll do as you say!!! So,,, just let me go,, please!” Belle begged.

“If you don’t as you say,,, I’ll kill you,,, its a promise” Scarlett warned and Belle nodded.

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

Scarlett let her go and Belle sat down. She looked at the plate of soup and swallowed hard. She wanted to puke but held herself

Jenne was watching, smiling.
“Whoa. That’s my bestie. That Belle needs to be taught a lesson”


“I’m done. Now,,, delete it” Belle said, seriously.

Scarlett looked at it and laughed.
“Done? You aren’t done yet…”

“I am” Belle objected.

“You forgot to chew the socks!”


“Chew the f*cking socks till it dries or I’m gonna post the whole thing now!”


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.