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Scarlett sat on the chair, staring blankly at the notepad.

Her fingers were still clenched onto the fountain pen.

Immediately, a bead of sweat ran from her nose tip to the notepad, she quickly got back to her senses.

“Bucket list my foot” She scoffed, inwardly.

“What am I thinking? Bucket…Bucket what? List? Ack! I’ve gone crazy” She snapped, and closed her book.

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She went to the bed, and laid down on it, watching the ceiling.

“Scarlett, don’t be pessimistic,,, jebal” She moaned lowly.

“Well, there’s nothing I can do though” She sighed, and sat upright.

She went back to the chair, and opened the note pad.

“Scarlett, Think. What would you like to do, and what will favor your mom so much when you are gone? Remember, we have few weeks till the end of summer” She thought.

She took her pen, and looked around the room.

She smiled, when she saw a Compact disk of LX top 10 music.

“LX!” She gushed.

“I really want to see him, face to face!” She smiled, and wrote;

1) Meeting LX In His Fan Meeting & Taking His Autograph.

“Wow,,, This is more like it” She smiled.

“Maybe if I keep looking around, I’ll find something. Guess I get my motivation from here” She said, and got to her feet.

She started looking around.

She got to the point that she entered her old room, where she and Samantha always slept in.

She slowly walked to the cupboard, and bent down a bit.

She tried opening the last drawer, but it was too stiff.

She tried and tried, till it forcefully jacked open.

She sighed in relief, but coughed lightly after the dust went on her face.

Her eyes met with something.

“The….Letters” She muttered.

“I have an….idea” She thought, staring hard at the dirty and dusty letters.

“Wait,,, By the way,,, I never threw it away!” She almost yelled.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb


Scarlett ran back to her room, sat down quickly on the chair, flung the notepad hurriedly and started writing.

2) Find Samantha & Bring Her Back Home To Stay With Mum.

3) Gather Enough Money To Get Momma New Pair Of Eyes.

4) Find The Rapist Behind Samantha’s Past.

5) Travel To Paris,,, My Dream Country.

Scarlett sighed deeply.

“Will I be able to do all this within the summer? Even if I don’t do all this, Let me find Samantha mainly so that mom won’t be alone when I leave”

“And I also need to be optimistic. I’m gonna achieve all this. Fighting Scarlett!!”

Scarlett blinked slowly.
“I’m forgetting something”

“Yes,,, A boyfriend. I haven’t gotten one ever since I was born. Gosh,,, does it mean I won’t even date before I die!” She gasped.

“Sh!t!!! Not on my watch” She shook her head, and opened back the book.

As she wrote, She made it slowly and gentle.

6) A Date With My Boyfriend At A Cuisine Restaurant.

7) A Kiss From Him On My Birthday, A week From Now.

“Whoa” Scarlett inhaled.

“I really went too far. Will all this happen though? I hope so”

“No,,, I don’t hope so. I know so” Scarlett smiled, and clapped her hands.


“Heyyy!!” Trina shouted, over the phone.

“What! Geez!” Phil shouted back.

“Why haven’t you been picking my calls?!” Trina asked.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“Hey, respect your big brother (Oppa)”

“Oppa, my foot! You’ve been ignoring my calls huh? Cause I told Beverly where you stay or cause I ate your vanilla ice cream and summer rolls”

“Wh…at?” Phil stuttered.

“Did…you eat any summer rolls when you visited? Please, tell me ‘No’…I beg you!!” Phil gulped.

“No indeed! I ate them all! It was great, that why”

“You dummy!! You made me make a fool of myself! Dammit!!”


“I…gave Oscar a empty park of summer rolls then” He chuckled painfully.
“F*ck! No! Whyyy!!” He added.

“Oh my…I didn’t know” Trina muttered.

“How would you know?!” Phil shouted.

“Op….Op…Oppa,,, I’m sorry” Trina said.

Phil blinked in disbelief.
“What? Oppa?” His eyes grew big.

“Yeah… You deserve to be called Oppa”

“I know you have another intention,,, You foolish weirdo!”

“No,,, I called to ask why you were ignoring my calls. I was veryyy worried sick” She sighed deeply, in pretense.

“I just got a new phone and recollected my old numbers” He explained.

“Oh…You say you recollected your old numbers?”

“Yeah,,, why??”

Trina made a fake cough.
“Does it mean,,, you still have his number?”

“His? Who?”

“O…O…Oscar” She replied, slowly.

“Oscar? My bodyguard?”

“Yes,,, I need his number, pretty please”

“Oh,,, Now,,, I see why you really called. Get the f*ck out of my phone!!”

“Aiish!! Phil, please!!”

“He doesn’t love you! Rest!”

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“F*ck you, jerk!!”

“F*ck you, dummy!!”

“Aiish!!” Trina blurted, and ended the call.

“Ahhhhh!” She screamed, and threw her phone on the sofa.

“I loveeee hiimmm…Awww” She cried, and fell on the floor, rolling on it.

Phil smiled, and kept his phone on the glass center table.

He switched on the TV, and sat on the couch, chilling gallantly.

“I’ve dealth with Trina by not giving her Oscar’s number. I’m gonna spare any sort of revenge on Oscar since the summer rolls I gave him was eaten. Gosh,,, It’s so embarrassing”

“Anyways- Phil paused, and threw a potato chip into his mouth.

“Scarlett and Beverly, get ready for your revenge!!” He laughed, and suddenly coughed aloud again.

“Not again” He jerked, and drank his bottled water.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.