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Phil was watching the CCTV footage of Scarlett, hitting the man, with Felicia who had an evil smirk on her face.

Phil sighed deeply, and looked at Felicia who quickly kept an innocent look.

“I can’t believe this” He shook his head.

“That’s why I asked you to see it for yourself. This so bad” Felicia said, also shaking her head.

“I know right. Thank you so much Miss Felicia for alerting me immediately”

“It’s my pleasure sir. I always stand for justice”

“Yeah,, me too. That’s why I need to fire him”

*Him??* Felicia thought, and widened her eyes.

“Sir,,, What do you mean by ‘him’?” Felicia asked.

“Huh? Can’t you see the man yourself and weren’t you the one who made this report”

“Huh? Uh…Yeah” Felicia chortled.

“He’s a big time pervert. Imagine him molesting my own secretary! He deserves more than what Scarlett gave him. I feel like ripping his skin off” Phil said, fuming.

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Felicia glared from behind, and clenched her fist.

“I’ll kill you, Scarlett!!” She almost screamed, but said it within.


“I’m sorry I’m a bit late” Scarlett said, panting heavily.

“I had some issu-

“Bravo, Scarlett” Phil clapped, smiling.

He stood up, and walked closer to her.

“Oscar, why aren’t you clapping those hands?” Phil asked.

“Huh? Ohh” Oscar said, and also started clapping.

Scarlett just looked at them in confusion.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

“I saw what you did back there. Nice one” Phil gave her a thumbs up.

Scarlett thought he was being sarcastic so she quickly bent her head low.

“I’m really sorry, Sir-

“You shouldn’t be. He deserves it”

“What?” Scarlett slowly faced him.

“That will be a lesson for him not to act such to other girls. I fired him already. I don’t know who hired such fool in the first place” He sniffed, and walked to his seat.

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Scarlett was smiling now.
“Thank you for understanding”

“Yeah,,, Yeah. Can you go now and call the investors for the meeting by 12?” Phil asked.

“Yes, I’ll do that now” Scarlett said, and bowed before advancing to the door.

“Scarlett?” Phil faked a cough.

“Yes, sir?” She answered, and quickly turned around.

“Do you always seat on men stomach while hitting them?” Phil asked.

“What?” Scarlett eyes got big.

“No,,, You can go” He gestured.

A puzzled Scarlett just bowed, and finally left.

“The time she bullied me, she sat down on me. Now, she’s sitting down on that old scallywag. Oof!” He scoffed, and touched his jaw.

Loud claps made him leave from the paradise of thoughts.

He turned to see Oscar still clapping.

Phil arched his brows, and looked at him from head to toe.

“What are you doing?” Phil asked.

“Clapping” Oscar replied.

“But Why?”

Oscar blinked.
“You ordered me to”

“What the hell is- Phil paused, and slammed his palm against his forehead, frustratedly.

“You can stop now”

Oscar stopped, and bowed low.

“Better” Phil uttered, and shifted his neck tie, a bit down.



Around the special made huge tables, were a lot bottled water.

On the chairs, were men, and few women.

Phil was standing close to the huge white board, while Scarlett controlled the projector which displayed what Phil was analyzing, and explaining.

Oscar stood close to the door, in a firm manner.

“Scarlett, Start now” Phil gestured.

Scarlett nodded, and started projecting and the diagrams reflected on the huge white board.

Phil was having a meeting based on investment, with the silicon company managers.

Silicon company handles only artists, such as actors, soloist, band, model, photographers, etc.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“Last year, wasn’t really a good year for Silicon company cause of the great scandal Liam Vin-dee caused. Due to the withdrawal of his given dramas, anfd canceled shows, including the taking down of his commercial ads,,, The compnay suffered a loss of… almost a 50.5 percent”

In the office, few men cleared their throat, and some drank water from their bottle.

Scarlett projected another graphic diagram on the board.

“Silicon company had to borrow a loan to pay for the damages caused by Liam Vin-dee to the crew of his ongoing drama- Phill paused, and looked at Scarlett who whispered some distinct sentences to him.

He smiled, and whispered a thank you, and she nodded.

-His ongoing drama which was called, His fair bride,,, a historical drama. After the loan got denied, the company had to pay by selling a branch company of theirs, thereby falling to 19%”

“Anyways, Thanks to RM companies who came to your aid after several pleadings, we invested well in your company and you all skyrocketed tremendously to a 57%…” He said, and claps at once rented the air.

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“So, now we have come to ask for your investment too cause we will soon be moving abroad to complete the project we have at hand,,, or is there anyone who wants to disagree, I see no hands. Let’s proceed then-


It was his phone. Phil’s phone.

Phil saw it on the desk, which Scarlett was projecting from.

She was asked to keep his phone for him in case of disturbance.

However, Scarlett wasn’t there.

“Where did she go to now?” He whispered.

“Anyways, Let’s go on-


It came louder.

Phil sighed, and walked to his phone.
“I’m sorry. Excuse me”

He was about to end the call when his eyes met with the title ‘Private Number’

He swallowed hard, and looked at Oscar, who looked back at him.

Phil beckoned him to go outside, and wait for him, and he obeyed.

Phil took his disturbing ringing phone, and went outside.

He gulped, and composed himself before picking the call.

Oscar was beside him, just in case of any f*cks up.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“Hello?” Phil muttered.

“Hello, Mr Phil. We meet again” A deep voice chuckled, strongly.

“Meet again?” Phil asked, and looked around.
“What do you mean??!”

“I’m watching you, Phil. I’ve been always watching you. I’m quite sorry for disturbing your meeting”

Phil nearly chocked. His palm which held his phone against his ear, was trembling already.

It was sweaty too.

“Who are you!!” Phil screamed.

“Me? I’m your greatest nightmare and I’m gonna kill you very soon” It said.

Phil threw his phone away, in rage and it crashed to the wall, splitting into miserable parts.

“Oscar?!” Phil called.

“Yes?” Oscar asked, calmly.

“You will keep protecting me,, right?” He asked.

“That’s my job” Oscar replied.

Phil inhaled deeply, and then looked around.
“Scarlett? Where is she??”

“I don’t know but I certainly saw her leaving”

“What? Without permission?” Phil frowned.

“I think she felt quite unwell” Oscar said.

“Why do you say so?” Phil turned to him.

“I noticed it” He answered.

“F*ck” Phil grunted.

He was about to reach to his phone and call her but he remembered and saw his phone was in ruins.

“Do you have Scarlett number?” Phil asked.

Oscar nodded.
“Colleagues ought to exchange numbers”

“You don’t have to explain. You even rarely talk. Give it here” Phil stretched his hand, and Oscar handed it to him.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

Phil quickly called Scarlett but she didn’t pick.

“Gosh. She’s driving me crazy! What her problem now? Why isn’t she picking up?” He asked.

He called her four more times but she didn’t pick.

He later received a message.

*Oscar? What’s up?*

*Why aren’t you picking! It’s Phil!!* He texted.

*I texted you already on your main phone. Didn’t you receive it?* Scarlett asked.

*My phone isn’t in good shape now? Where are you? No…Just come back this instant!*

*What to do? I left the office already. I’m going to somewhere important, I’m sorry for leaving without letting you know but I did texted you*

Phil sighed deeply, and gave Oscar the phone.
“Let’s just continue with the meeting” He said, and walked in, with Oscar following him.


Scarlett chest was hurting her badly, that she was in tears.

She couldn’t pick the call cause she didn’t want anyone hearing her crying, and moaning sounds.

As she walked on the road, she kept weeping.

Of course, many eyes were on her but she cared less.

She quickly boarded a taxi.

“Where to, ma’am?” The driver asked.

Scarlett sniffed, and went through her bag.

She took out the complimentary card, of the cardiologist she received from Dylan and showed the taxi driver the address.

Soonest, they zoomed off.


“What? What….are you saying?” Scarlett asked, with glossy eyes.

“You have only until 30 days to live. Your heart disease came quietly and it seems it want to take you away quietly too. Your heart is looking so bad” The beautiful female doctor replied.

“That means, I have till summer to breathe? I won’t see the winter? Autumn?” She cried.

“I’m sorry” The doctor whispered.

“What….What am I gonna do now,,, huh!!!” Scarlett shouted, bitterly in tears.

Suddenly her alarm rang, and she looked at it.

It was Jenna’s 5th year death anniversary.


This made Scarlett cry the more.


Oscar looked at his phone which buzzed.

It was his reminder alarm.

His eyes suddenly grew red and glossy when he saw;

*5th Year Anniversary, Jenna*


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.