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Scarlett noticed the coldness from his lips that joined hers.

She shivered slightly and quickly opened her eyes.

Lo and behold, It was Phil’s palm touching her lips and not his own lips.

“What are you doing right now?” She demanded, and stood up.

Phil smiled, and also stood up.

“I told you, I’m trying to show you something..” He replied, and took his blue shirt from the bed.

“What are you trying to show me exactly??” She asked, in anger.

“What she did to me” He cleared his throat, after wearing his shirt.

“Who? What did she do to you??” She asked.

Phil scoffed, took his black trousers and entered his toilet. He came back in later.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

Scarlett saw he was now dressed.

Blue shirt, and a black trousers.

“I’m talking about Hera” He said.

“He…ra? Isn’t she the one who owns Hera’s companies? She asked for a collab feature with busan branch”

“Hum…Uhm” He hummed, drinking the red wine.

“And you also asked me to sign the contract” He said.
“I’m sure my Dad called you”

Scarlett rolled her eyes.
“I couldn’t say no. It’s a part of my job”

Phil raised his brows and sat down on the bed.
“What I just showed you,, was what she displayed that day,,, last 2 months”

“Huh? You mean she sexually harassed you?”

“Kind of. My father introduced me to her, and we exchanged numbers. Funny enough, She’s married. Well, newly married” He shrugged his shoulders.

“She texted me one night and asked to meet in a hotel, by 10pm. Room 137” He said.

“She asked me to come in after the receptionist directed me here. When I entered, I saw her coming from the bathroom with just a towel”

Scarlett blinked a thousand times.
“She’s really a portiphar’s wife”

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“Swears. Well, she asked me to sit down on the bed. As I watched her drink her wine, She kept making this stupid sounds-

Scarlett giggled.

“Did you just laugh?” He smiled.

“No” She shook her head.

“I clearly heard that”

“No,,, you didn’t”

Phil breathed.
“Anyways,, She was also caressing her exposed thighs. I wanted to leave but before i knew it, she landed her butt on mine. Such a pathetic woman. Now, she wants a collab? Collab my foot!” He smirked.


“So?” Phil asked.

“Huh,,, I mean,,, so,,,, did you kiss her?”


“You didn’t say the part if she kissed you or not. You nearly kissed me to show me this drama. So, did she kiss you then? Or did you swiftly place your palm like you did before”

Phil blinked, and coughed dramatically.

Scarlett smirked, mischievously.
“You aren’t telling me cause she kissed you?”

“Just shut up. Hmm…You talk too much” He removed his eyes away.

Scarlett smiled, and looked down, at her right foot which kicked the ground slowly.
“So,,, what are you waiting for?”

“Eh?” He looked at her.

“Why don’t you wanna tell your dad?”

“Why must I tell him?”

“He’s your dad”

“He doesn’t need to know”

“He needs to know”

“Oh goodness,, Scarlett,, you talk too much. You’d better go home now and have a good sleep cause you are gonna wake up on time tomorrow” Phil said, ignoring her eyes.

“What?” She widened her eyes.

“Aren’t you gonna come to…hmm…work”

“Really? You’re taking me back”

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“Yeah” He nodded.

“Thank you!” She jumped, and hugged his side.

“What are you doing?” He held his body, and stared blankly at space.

“Ah,,, I’m sorry. I was just excited” She left him.

Phil coughed.
“Go now. What are you waiting for”

She smiled, and bowed lowly.
“Thank you so much, sir!!”

He only nodded.

She was about to leave when he muttered her name.


She turned and stared at his looking eyes.

He blinked his eyes away, and then looked at her again.
“I’m sorry”

Scarlett felt numb.
“Huh?” She forced her mouth to move.

“I’m sorry for what i did earlier. It my fault. I really deserve what you did back there. I mean,,, the taekwondo”

Scarlett flashed her lids.
“Uh…Urhh…I’m…gonna have to take my leave. Have a good day… I mean night” She said, and left.

“Oh my goodness!!” He suddenly exclaimed, holding his chest tightly.

He sat on the floor, in a thud.

“This was about to fall off. Oh my, fragile heart” He sighed deeply, and gave a small smile.

“Hey! Get a grip!!” He shouted and slapped his once smiling lips.


“Yayyyy!” Scarlett shouted, and ran out.

She quickly boarded a taxi which took her back home.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“Mum!!!” Scarlett shouted.

“Baby Lett? You back?” Marie asked, coming closer.

“Yes,,, Mum!!” Scarlett shouted and hugged her.

“Gosh,,, You seem so happy? What happened? Did you receive your first pay?”

“No,,, I recieved something more!”

“What’s that?”

Scarlett smiled, and broke the hug. She began to dance around.

“It’s my little secret”

Marie laughed.
“You never cease to amaze me. Come on, Dinner is ready”

“Yipeee!!! I’m so famished” She said, and started taking off the buttons of her top.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb


Phil had gone back to his mansion from the hotel.

Now, he was laying in his gallant bed, watching the ceiling wall paper, which provided lightened and glowinvglowing artificial stars.

He remembered Scarlett statement back then at the hotel.

*Huh,,, I mean,,, so,,,, did you kiss her?*

“No,,, I didn’t. I pushed her off the moment her ugly f*cking ass touched my thighs”

He closed his eyes, and smiled.


Scarlett stared at the white low ceiling, with a smile on her face.

She touched her chest, and giggled softly.

“He said he’s sorry. That’s the first time he apologized sincerely since i became his secretary. Can’t wait to start tomorrow” She smiled, and dozed off.


Scarlett was trying to tie her hair, but she couldn’t do it properly because she was running to catch the bus.

She quickly kept the hairband in her breast pocket and entered the bus.

The bus finally stopped, after going miles away, and she alighted.

She ran till she was at the front of the company.

From there, she walked to the inside, swinging her hips, and waist, with her fair legs, cat walking lovingly.

She finally got in, and entered the elevator.

A man, who happened to be an employee, in the company was inside too.

He was the only one in there.

Scarlett bowed slightly at him, before entering inside.

The door closed, and the elevator began to move.

She was facing the door, with the man behind her.

Suddenly, Scarlett felt a hand quickly squeeze her left ass cheek.

She arched her brows, folded her lips, and cracked her neck.

The person hand reached forth again, and squeezed her right ass cheek.

Scarlett quickly turned over and the man winked, smiling lustfully and stupidly.

“Want another soft squeeze?” He asked.

“Ah… I see you do that all the time?” Scarlett scoffed.
“Too bad,,, today is the last day you make use of that hands again”

“What? I’m gonna hit you if you act foolish” He said, and raised his hand up.

Scarlett quickly caught it, and twisted it behind him.

“Yaaaa!!!” He screamed, bitterly.

“No one told you about me, huh? How many ass cheeks did you touch?”

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“The f*ck you saying! Let me go!!” He screamed, in pains, struggling but Scarlett was too strong.

“You don’t wanna talk? I’m gonna kill you here then” She said, and pressed the highest floor, which was 14 on the elevator botton.

“Ask… Ask please” He cried.

“Good, How many ass cheeks did you touch?”


“How many hands did you use?”

“My two hands! Ahh!!”

“2 multiplied by 2?”

“4!! Owww! Let me go, I beg you”

“How many fingers does each of your hands have?”

“5 each, that means 10…”

“Then, 4×10??”

“40!! Ohh….”

“Ouch,,, 40 is too much. I don’t wanna murder someone’s husband. Let’s use addition, okay?”



“Okay!! Okay!!! Okay!!! Ouuuu!!!”



“Yes, 14…” She smirked, and hit his leg, with her foot.

He fell down due to the action, and she made him face her.

She sat on his stomach, after keeping his hands right there, on his tummy.

She took out her hairband and tied her hair up.

“What are you trying to do? Please, free me. I promise not to-


5 slaps had attacked his cheeks in seconds.

She landed him 3 more slaps, and just then the elevator rang and the door opened.

7 people were waiting outside.

They all looked at each other, and blinked their pair of waiting eyes

“Help me!!” The man screamed.

Scarlett chuckled.
“Sorry. This elevator is out of order” She said.

“Help me press the button” She told one of them.

One move forward fearfully and pressed the button.

“Kumawo (Thank you)” Scarlett waved with a smile.

The door closed and the man screamed;


“Shut up dummy. How many more slaps?”

“Help me!!”

“How many slaps are we left with!!”

The man kept quiet.

“Ah,,, I see you aren’t familiar with words. What about numbers?” Scarlett asked.

The man swallowed hard, shaking, with sweat. His cheeks were red, and swollen.


“6!!! Ah!!! 6!!! Pleaseeee”

Scarlett smirked, and landed him 6 hard, quick and loud slaps in a row.

“What was that?” The workers asked, from outside.

Felicia just stood up and then walked to Phil’s office.

She was part of those 7 people who witness the incident.


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