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Phil was driving his car, with a music playing in. He nodded his head, following the rhythm.

He also shook his body, and used his clenched fist, making blows on the air.

?I’m for YOU-U-U-U?

?Oh You. Oh You?

?I’m not yet over You. Oh You…Who…Who?


Phil blinked his eyes when he heard that.

“What was that sound?” He looked around.

“Was that from the music- He paused, and quickly pinned his nose with his fingers.

“The f*ck was that! Was that me?! Did I just fart? Oh f*cking no! No! That wasn’t me! Eww!!! Here stinks!!!” He shouted, and parked his car.

Thankfully, He was close to his company.

He quickly took his brief case and ran out. He also stylishly applied rich cologne.

“F*ck. I nearly puked” He muttered and entered the elevator.


Phil got to his office to see Scarlett standing waiting for me.

“You are here, sir” She smiled, and bowed slightly.

He looked around. He was actually looking for Oscar.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

He looked back at her, cleared his throat and sat on his desk.

“You are here on time today” He asked.

“Of course. I couldn’t repeat the same mistake twice” She smiled and faced him.

“Sure,,, Once beaten,,, Twice shy” He uttered, and she giggled softly.

“You can go to your desk outside the office” He gestured with his hand, and opened his brief case.

Scarlett kept staring at the paper works, and portfolios which he took out.

Phil looked up at her and she nearly flinched.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“I’ve seen it” She smiled and took a paper work from his desk.

On it cover was boldy written; COLLABORATION DEAL BETWEEN HERA & RM COMPANY.

Phil looked at her, and then traced where her eyes, were looking at.

“What do you need that for?” He asked.

“Sir,,, Actually… I would really love a collaboration with your company alongside Hera” She started.

He scoffed.

“Can’t you just sign this? It will also be a big favor to you and your employees as well” She said, taking the paper work from the desk.

He stood up, went pass his desk and walked closer to her.

She blinked her eyes, and pushed her face, a bit away.

“Mind. Your. Business. And. Get. To. Work!” He said, and snatched the paperwork.

“Sir, Please…Can’t you just sign it. It will go a long way”

“Just go away. I don’t wanna see you!” He snarled and turned over.

The moment his ass was facing her, an uncontrollable fart came out with an extremely loud sound.

It suddenly looked like time had stopped cause the two are just standing and staring blankly at space.

written by sommy pearl f. on fb

“What was that?” She finally asked.

“F*ck” He muttered.

*Puoooouuoo* It came again, and this time, a toxic smell followed

“Eewwwww!!! Sir!!!” Scarlett screamed, and covered her nose and mouth.

“This Beverly practically poisoned me. What did she feed me? What the hell did she cook?!” He thought, squeezing his face.

He was so embarrassed.

Suddenly, The door opened and Oscar walked in.

They both turned to him.

Oscar eyes suddenly grew big. He quickly pinned his nose.

“O…Os…Oscar” Phil giggled, humiliated.

Oscar didn’t say a word.

“Miss Scarlett!” Phil screamed, pointing his pointer finger at her.

“Huh? What Sir?” Scarlett faced him and took her hand off her face but her nose was squeezed to show she had to avoid the bad odor.

“How dare you!!” He roared.

“Huh? Pardon?” She whispered.

“You just polluted the air and you’re pretending!”

“But it was you-

“Shut up! You’re even still lying against your boss. For that, You are fired!!” He screamed in rage, pointing at her face.

Scarlett was getting angry now. Her eyes were getting teary as well.

“Ok then!! I’m fired!! Fine!! But for what sincere reason!! At least, I can tell my mother the reason why i was fired!”

Phil only hissed.

“Well then,,, I’m gonna make a reason!!” She yelled at him, and sniffed in her already falling tears.

“What!” Phil asked.

Scarlett quickly held his waist, and her other hand was holding his shoulder side.

Before one could say Jill, She flipped him over her head, and he fell down greatly on his back.

“Ouch” He grunted.

Oscar quickly held her hand, and twisted it at back.

“Let me go, Jerk!!” She shouted.

“Let…her go” Phil moaned and Oscar obeyed.

“Jerksss!!” She shouted in tears and went out.

“F*ck. She’s really good” He almost sobbed.

Oscar looked down at Phil, who was still laying on the floor.
“Are you okay?” He asked, calmly.

Phil raised his brows, and kept his hand on his chin, with his elbow resting on the floor.

He certainly looks like someone who’s enjoying the summer at the sea.

*Puoooooo* The fart came again.

Oscar blinked and covered his nose.

“So, Did you enjoy the summer rolls?” He chuckled, nervously.

“No” He replied and Phil gulped in embarrassment.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.