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The Next Day**

“Umma! Umma!(Mum)” The girls shouted, happily as they saw their mother take off her slippers from her feet.

Marie smiled, wondering the source of her two daughters happiness.

“What is it?” She kept on smiling.

Scarlett held her left arm and Samantha took the other. They both walked her to the sofa, where she sat down.

“What is it?,,, Don’t keep me in suspense now, girls” She giggled.

“Tada!” The girls screamed, and held something on their hands.

Scarlett was holding a black rope, while Samantha was holding a pink cover sweet looking letter.

“Huh? What are those?” Marie was puzzled now.

“Mum! I finally got my black belt today, from Mr Choi. For the first time today, he praised me. He awarded me with this after I took down the strongest in the team. I got mine, finally!” Scarlett chuckled.

“Awwwn… Really? I’m so happy for you” Marie smiled, and hugged her briefly.

“My baby girl finally got her black belt which she had always prayed for” She added.

Scarlett pouted.
“Baby girl? I’m not a baby! I’m a lady. I’m 16 with a black belt. Who does it better?”

Marie laughed, and stroked her hair.
“No one,,, actually. So,,, now,,, Let’s see what Samantha got for us”

“Someone is in love with herrr” Scarlett spoilt the surprise.

“Heeyyy!” Samantha exclaimed.

“Whoa. Is it true?” Marie smiled.

“Well,,, I guess” Samantha answered, with a giggle,, scratching her head in embarrassment.

“Let’s see. What do you have there? A letter??” Marie smiled.

“Yes,,, He sent it to me his feelings through a letter” Scarlett answered.

“Read it. Read it!” Marie said, excitedly.

“Now, My 17 year old baby isn’t a baby anymore. She is now a grownup! She got a crush who sends her letters!” Marie added, yelping.

Samantha giggled.

“She isn’t a baby. But I’m still a baby. Uff!” Scarlett said, meekly.

“Whatever. Samantha, Let’s read” Marie smiled, and Scarlett rolled her eyes.

Samantha finally opened the pink envelope and brought out the cream colored paper.

She flipped it over and the most beautiful handwriting she had ever since, unfolded.

“Whoa. The handwriting is beautiful” Marie smiled.

“I know right” Samantha smiled.

“Read it for us, Scarlett” Samantha said.

“What? Why should I? It’s your letter so you ought to read it” Scarlett shook her head.

“Pretty please. I might blush hard and I won’t stop smiling if I read it out. You want me to pee on my pants out of embarrassment and excitement?” Samantha asked.

Scarlett scoffed.

“Just do as she says,,, will you?” Marie asked.

“Then,,, am I still a baby girl?” Scarlett widened her eyes.

“Oh no. Not at all. You’re a pretty big lady with a black belt” Marie chuckled.

“That’s more like it” Scarlett smiled, and took the letter from Samantha.

She cleared her throat, and began to read aloud;

Dear, Lady S.

My Heart Feels For You.

Just Like The Warm Upper Lips Feels For Its Wet Lower Lips.

You Are The Woman My Eyes Wants To See Day By Day.

The Voice My Ear Wanna Hear Everyday.

You Are The Woman I Wanna Hold Hands With,, Staring At The Beautiful Sea During The Summer.

You Are The Woman I Don’t Wanna Ever Lose.

The Woman I Want To Share The Each Day With.

My Feelings For You Are Genuine.

Its True….


From Me, Mister Feel.

“Mister Feel? Is that his name? Or does he wanna stay anonymous??” Scarlett asked, and turned to them.

Samantha and Marie looked at her deeply.

“Why…are staring at me that way?” Scarlett asked, awkwardly.

“Your face… Why is it,,, red?” Marie asked.

“So f*cking red” Samantha added.

“Huh!” Scarlett yelped, and ran to her room. She sat down on the chair and faced the mirror.

Her face was extremely red. She widened her eyes, and opened her mouth.

She touched her face.
“So hot!” She exclaimed.

“What’s this? Why…am I this way?”

“Don’t… tell me,,, that I’m-

“Blushing! F*ck!!!” She yelled and two stars alongside the crescent moon above the roof on the sky seem to form a smiling face.


“Scarlett! Scarlett!” Samantha called in loud voice, as she walked into the house. She was back from her dancing class.

Scarlett sprang up immediately. She looked up to see Samantha smiling, while shaking a purple envelope over her head.

“Another letter?” Scarlett asked.

Samantha nodded.
“This is the 11th letter I’m receiving from Mr Feel. He used a purple envelope today instead of his usual pink” She chuckled.

“Yea. Yea. I ain’t reading you any sh!t today though. I’m tired. We didn’t even taekwando practice today cause Mr Choi was celebrating his mother’s birthday at some island,,, so I had to do all the house chores alone” Scarlett said, and yawned tiredly before sitting back on the sofa.

“There’s absolutely no need for you to read the letter for me. I read this one myself already” She smiled.

“Gosh,, I was so nervous when I was about to read it but I jumped out of happiness when I read it after school in class!” She added

“Wha…What does the letter say?” Scarlett queried.

“Mr. Feel wants us to meet!!! Tomorrow!!! At 4pm,,, In the school basement”

“What?? Isn’t it risky??” Scarlett bulged her eyes.

“What do you mean??” Samantha asked back, narrowing her eyes.

Suddenly, Marie walked into the house.

By the looks of things, She wasn’t happy. She was fuming in rage. Her eyes were literally shooting arrows and spears.

“Welcome, Mum. You’re early today” Samantha smiled.

“Mum” Scarlett whispered, biting her lower lip.

“Scarlett,,, Let’s talk now!!” Marie retorted, furiously.

~ How is this?

Is It Worth Continuing?

If Yes, Let’s Give It;


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