THE NEW FORM TEACHER…..(18+)…..Part 1

A new Form Teacher’s earliest observations in
her focus-classroom includes a good-looking
young student, Stanley. While she does not
intend to make an ocean out of less than two
drops of what was an obvious crush between
them, she still fights with the lust that has
come with the attraction. How well can she
cope with the young boy’s apparent attention,
while still being the ‘teacher’?
As I read out loudly from the Home Economics
textbook in my hand with both my eyes steadily
fixed on it, I could feel Stanley’s gaze firmly on
me as always! I dutifully read through the texts,
line after line as I earnestly sought to round up
the ‘Sewing and Stitching’ topic we had been
treating for the past four classes already.
Expectedly, each time I momentarily looked up
from the textbook, I would comfortably catch
the young boy’s eyes on me! But ironically, I
was always the one who would look away –
consequently returning my eyes to the textbook
with several thoughts running through my
head! While I had put in a lot to sound as
audible and clear as possible, it was still
remotely obvious that I wasn’t very firm in how
I was reading.

I was occasionally lost along the line, mixing
different words from different lines of the texts
after what usually looked like a momentarily
lapse in concentration. On one or two
occasions, the students have had to bring me
back to where I was required to be, and
sometimes even attempting to continue the
reading themselves. Of course, I had always
refused, regaining control at once and pushing
forward with the reading. All I had always
needed them to do was to look into their own
textbooks as I read, following me at my pace
and taking note of important aspects of the
texts. While a great number of students were
doing this with little or no problems, Stanley
Ovuarokpe wasn’t in anyway doing so. He had
chosen to keep starring instead – to keep
starring at me, as I read from my own text!
My name is Ms. Daniela Chucks, and I was just
recently made the Form Teacher to Stanley’s
class – S.S. 2D. Before I was given that role, I
hadn’t had anything to do with the class and
was just handling S.S 2A and 2C in Home
Economics, my only primary class subject of
interest since I joined the school. It was just
after I was selected to replace the teacher who
used to be the Form Teacher to S.S 2D, that I
was also told that I should replace S.S. 2C with
S.S. 2D on my class teaching roaster. I now
started handling Stanley’s class on Home
Economics while also doubling as their Form
Teacher. Sincerely it was an entirely new
horizon for me. I didn’t exactly understand the
entire roles of a Form Teacher until I effectively
became one. The demands and expectations of
the position where usually high, with your
students completely looking up to you as their
only voice before the school authority. They
were usually very quick to complain to you
about their academic problems, seeking for
your advice when they have tight knots
between themselves and certain teachers. There
overall interests were to be protected by you
and it wasn’t just about academics only. In fact
being essentially a boarding school meant that
other matters with regards to personal growth
and development would occasionally be
brought forward to you by the students. While it
is mostly the girls who do bother to do so as
the guys definitely find it awkward bringing
private boy-discussions to me, I still have learnt
to be prepared for whatever case it ever turned
out to be. I was determined to be the complete
Form Teacher and that was one of the first
promises I made the class on the day I was
introduced to them for the first time. That was
the same day, I first lay my eyes on Stanley!
Stanley was comfortably the most handsome
boy I had ever seen within the school. And to
make it even more beautiful, I soon learnt he
was the overall best student among all S.S 2
classes! He never failed coming first at the end
of each term, making him overwhelmingly
popular within the school.

How I hadn’t known him yet before I became
his Form Teacher, was something I couldn’t
understand. After all, my housemate, Chiamaka
comfortably recognized him the day I briefly
talked about him back home and even
described him as ‘very handsome’. Sounding
consistent with what I had already known about
the young boy. On becoming his Form Teacher,
I had gotten access to his academic and bio
records. That was how I knew he was from the
South-south and was only just 16. Which was
something that did stun me further. From what
I had seen so far, he always looked bolder and
more confident than a 16 year old and that was
partly what caught my attention on the very
day I noticed him for the first time. He was
seated somewhere in the middle of the class
and among all the many heads and eyes of
students, his beautifully bulgy eyes, distinctly
shown through. They were firmly fixed on me
as the Vice Principal introduced me to his class.
Even when I eventually began speaking, I
noticed how he also stared, following my every
movement as I talked. Of course, he wasn’t the
only one looking at me, but it was easy to spot
the difference in the manner with which he
looked at me. I could feel a definite attraction
and interest and when I inevitably met his eyes,
I instantly felt this unusual shiver run through
my body, causing me to quickly look elsewhere!
Before I could effectively finish my supposed
stand-up address, I had more or less taken a
mental picture of who he was. Maybe it was
easy because of his striking comeliness or
worse still, because I equally felt an attraction
towards him on my part too; however strange!


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