I saw Sly standing at my doorstep holding my other phone. When I opened the door, she stretched the hand with the phone and then said;

“You left this on my desk sir.”

“How did you know where I stay?” I asked perplexed.

“You gave me your business card sir.” She replied calmly.

“I have included my address in the card?” I asked shocked.

Sly just smiled and took out the card then gave it to me. I looked at it and that was when I realized that my address was at the back of the card; I had never seen it neither could I recall including it.

“I have never seen this! I never knew that my card had my address as well. Anyways, come in and have a cup of coffee.” I said as I kept the card in my pocket.

Sly came in and then I left her in the sitting room and went to the bedroom. I took all my business cards and threw them in the toilet and flashed them. I then went to the kitchen and brew some coffee for Silvia.

As for me, I just felt like taking some wine so I went to my fridge and took out a bottle of white wine. As I was sipping my wine, I noted that Sly wanted some as well but was shy to ask for some; I went to the kitchen and took another glass and poured some for her after she was done with her coffee.

“How was work today?” I asked.

“It wasn’t bad sir, I finished sorting all the files.” She replied holding the glass of wine.

We enjoyed the wine with some sweet cool music until the bottle was empty then I decided to test and see if Sly could handle a Spirit. I went to my kitchen’s shelf and took a Mzinga of Uganda Waragi then went to the fridge and took two bottles of tonic water then placed them on the table.

“What is that?” She asked sounding curious.

“It’s a Gin dear.” I said as I poured a single tot to my glass.

“I don’t do makali sir.” She said politely.

“Well, you can just have a tot, this one is not so bitter.” I said then took my tot.

Sly took the bottle with the Waragi then poured some in her glass and took a small sip. Her reaction after taking the sip left me laughing; she made a certain face that was so funny, I could not resist laughing.

“For beginners you add some soda or tonic water to dilute dear.” I said still laughing.

She grabbed the tonic water and took a full sip then the rest she added in the Waragi inside her glass. It got completely dilute but still it was strong for her; by the time she was done with the glass, she was already tipsy.

“Usikunywe ushindwe kurudi kwako.” I said jokingly; I too was tipsy.

“Hehe, hata nikishindwa kuenda nitalala tu huku.” She replied.

I did not expect such kind of a reply from her; I just fell in love with her guts when she was tipsy.

“Mie sina guest room.” I said then laughed.

“Utanisongea tu kwa bed yako, I believe it can sleep two people. She replied then laughed as well.

Just then thunderstorms began and within minutes, it began raining cats and dogs. The rain was so heavy, Silvia could not make it back to her place, she had to wait for the rain to subsidize. She slowly began falling in love with the Waragi and she poured some more into her glass and then took my tonic water and added it all to the glass with Waragi.

By the time Sly finished that second glass, she could not even stand up. She lay on the seat and fell asleep, I was left drinking alone. I drunk the Mzinga halfway then I too passed out beside Sly on the seat and slept. The music was soothing just like a lullaby, I slept like a baby.

I did not know how it happened but I found myself on my bed. When I opened my eyes, I saw a beautiful lady sleeping beside me on the bed and she was wearing a white night dress which was covering just a third of her thighs.

She began stretching her hands and then turned and her right hand landed on my waist. I thought she was asleep so I just ignored but I could feel her arm gently drop towards my little man. She then began caressing him gently; I could feel him rise slowly pushing against her hand.

I stretched my right hand and began squeezing her left boob; I could feel the reaction of my caressing from her touch on my little man down there. I gently got on top of her and began kissing her as I caressed her both boobs. I was about to begin untying her nightdress when I heard a baby’s voice calling out my name loudly.

I slowly opened my eyes and found my right hand in between my legs, the blanket was in my mouth and my left hand was squeezing the pillow; I was still in bed wearing my boxer.
I looked around and there was nobody in bed with me. I took my bathing robe and wrapped it around my body then I slowly got out of bed and went to the kitchen to confirm if my Waragi and Wine were still on the shelf and fridge respectively; that was when I realized it was just but a sweet dream.

“Uncle Ham.” I heard a kid’s voice call out again; the voice was coming from the sitting room.

After going to bed from the balcony in the afternoon, I began fantasizing with Sly and did not know how I ended up falling asleep. I began dreaming that there was someone knocking at my door and when I went to check whom it was, I found it was Sly since she was the one occupying my head before I slept.

I was kissing my blankets and the duvet thinking that it was Sly and I was squeezing the pillow thinking that it was her tender, soft, spongy tits. My right hand was busy triggering my hormones making me feeling like it was Silvia down there; I just laughed at myself then went to check out who was calling me….


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