“What! Mr. Teyie is here?” She asked tensed.

“Yes dear, he is here with Madam Mwikali, this is what I call a double screw up. I just hope they won’t think of sitting here because if the do, we are doomed” I replied.

There was only one way of getting out of the gardens, the main entrance. If Teyie and his fiancee thought of coming to the gardens, we could have nowhere to hide.

“So what do we do now?” Sly asked tensed.

“Hope for the best and expect the worst.” I said calmly.

I was a bit tipsy since I had taken something before reporting to work and then topped up with some dry wine; I saw nothing big, I was not tensed at all though I knew if found, Mwikali would stop trusting me and that was one thing I did not want. Also, I would put Sly in shit and I did not want her to risk her job because of me.

“We have to find a way out of here fast sir please!” She said looking super worried.

I walked towards her and took her arms into mine then looked her in the eyes and politely said;

“Calm down Sly, the boss is my friend, I will take the full blame and am sure he will understand that we were just out for lunch after a tiresome morning.”

I then went to peep at the door and see where the bosses were headed. I saw Teyie get a room key from the reception then the two walked into the elevator and went upstairs. I went back to my secretary and said;

“It’s about time we get back to the office Sly, as I said, there is nothing to worry about.”

We walked majestically up to the gate and found the taxi waiting for us there. I felt shy and ashamed of how everything turned out, I acted stupid in front of sly so I just kept quiet the whole journey back to the office. Silvia was the first to get out of the Uber then after she had walked up to the reception, I got out and followed her.

I went back to the office and buried my head into the files awaiting me and the whole of that afternoon I did not say not even a single word to my secretary. I felt like she had taken me for a loser because of what had happened back at the resort so I just kept off her.

At 4pm, she told me that she was leaving since her shift was over but I gave her permission to leave and I extended my working hours; I had a lot of pending work to attend to.

I made sure that I had finished all the pending work before I went back to my house to rest. As I walked out of the office, I noted that Sly had forgotten her purse on her seat so I took it and decided to take it to her place. I did not know where she lived but they were good friends with Immaculate, the receptionist, so I went to ask her where Sly lived.

“Hey Imma, how are you? Your friend left behind her purse and I wanna drop it by as I go home; where does she live?” I asked the receptionist.

“She lives in Shamhamcham town, Lax street plot number twelve. When you get there just call her on phone and she will direct you where to find her; but sir, I can save you the trouble of going there if you don’t mind; I live there too and I know her place so I can drop it at her place instead.” She replied with a broad smile.

I was feeling exhausted after working the entire afternoon and since Immaculate lived in the same street as Sly, I gave her the purse to take to Sly and went home. While in the shower, I would close my eyes and see the beautiful smile of Sly smiling at me; I was seriously obsessed with her.

The following day was on a weekend and only Sly who went to work on Saturdays, I was off on Saturdays and Sundays. I got a call from a Mwaura and we went out to party; it had been long since I had seen him last.

We clubbed up to late night then Mwaura’s designated driver dropped me by my house as he took Mwaura home; we were both totally wasted. The following morning, I woke up at 10am with a very bad hangover.

I made some milk with lots of sugar and took it for breakfast to calm the hangover feeling then went to relax on my balcony with only my boxer.

I had shifted to a one bedroom so whenever I was indoors, I always stayed with only a boxer since the house was ever hot and I had not purchased an air conditioner yet.
I was just enjoying the beautiful view of the horizon when I heard my phone ringing; it was a call from Sly.

“Good morning Silvia, how do you do?” I said after answering the call.

“Good morning to you too Sir, I am doing fine. I am sorry to bother you this morning but I just called to inquire if you have seen my purse please.” She said.

“Yes I have. I gave it to Immaculate to bring it to you yesterday, maybe she forgot.” I replied.

“Okay sir, I will go inquire with her. Thank you and have a good day.” She said.

“Have a good one too Sly.” I replied then hanged up the call.

I stayed at the balcony taking water and lots of sugar to treat my hangover up to the afternoon then decided to go back to bed and have a nap. On my way to the bedroom I realized that I did not have my other phone.

I rarely used it so I often misplaced it. I looked for it in the house but it was not there; I just concluded that it got lost while I was with Edwin partying at the club and went to bed.

I then heard a knock at the door. That was strange because I never received any knocks on my door unless in the beginning of the month when the caretaker was bringing the water bill and the rent receipt.
I dragged my feet off the bed and walked to the door with my eyes halfway opened. I first peeped at the peephole to see who was knocking and I could not believe my eyes…


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