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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)





“Easy! ” Chloe groaned in pains as the doctor dressed her wound as usual

“quiet young lady and let the doctor do his job! ” Granny said making Chloe roll her eyes


The doctor always comes in the morning to clean and dress her wound

“Granny is still bossy….. Can’t believe it” she said

“I’m now a grown up lady…. A twenty four years old lady” She said throwing her other hand in the air

“Where’s dad? ” She asked

This few pass four years her dad was always there for her and Octavia

“He has gone to see the elders! ” Granny replied

“just we two left in this mansion! ” She blurted out

“I will be going to see your mum at the hospital….. ” Granny replied and she frowned

How she hate hospitals

“can’t believe I will be the only one hope! ” she muttered

“No darling I’m here…! ” A voice said behind granny and she looked up to see Louis with flowers

Louis smiled and walked to her

“quick recovery demon..! ” he said handling her the flowers but she looked away

“I’m too old to witness this! ” Granny suddenly said and walked out

“what are you doing here Louis….. You should be taking care of your son and baby momma ” She said still looking away and Louis smile hearing her finally calling him by his name and no longer small pin

“Here she goes again ” Louis said

“I’m here because I wanna take you out! ” He said and her mouth opened slightly

“And why should I go with you” she said

“That’s because you are my friend…… We should go out as friends…. ” he replied

“just Friends??” she asked

“Yeah! Just friends ” he replied back which wounded her heart a million times

“sure…. ” She said giving a fake smile

“I’m done… ” The doctor suddenly said

“common Louis….! Do you really have to blindfold me” Chloe groaned as Louis assisted her since he had blindfolded her

“are we not there yet? ” she asked for the thousands times today

“we will still be there! ” he replied

“you kept saying that !” Chloe growled

“just be patient! ” he said back

They kept walking and Louis suddenly stopped

He stood behind her and removed the blindfold….. Chloe opened her eyes slowly and blinked them severally to get a clearer view

“it’s dark! ” She mumbled staring around. The light went on almost immediately and she gasped

They were in a building and they were lots of different faces

“Louis…… ” She called turning back to face him but met a more shocking view

Louis a knee with a ring. She gasped again and her hands found their ways to her mouth

“Marry me! ” He said.

“I’m dreaming!! ” She said and shut her eyes then opened them slowly

“please marry me demon….. Since you came into my life.. You changed it completely….. I stopped being a player and found love. Marry me and make me the happiest man who liveth” He said and tears dropped off Chloe eyes

“But Lydia and your child?? ” She whispered slowly

“Everything is fake demon…. Gray was never my son and Lydia planned everything……Now I don’t want anyone or anything to separate us….. Please marry me” he said

“of course… I will marry you Louis! ” she screamed

Louis felt a burden lifted off his shoulders as he slipped the ring on her fingers

He raised her up and slammed his lip on her making everyone present screamed. They broke the kiss and stared at each other eyes

“I want those chocolate! ” Chloe screamed ran off

Louis rolled his eyes and dipped his fingers on his hair

“My demon won’t be the end of me! ” He whispered messy up his hair
Octavia smiled from the stairs she stood

“I wish you happiness Chloe ” She said as she stared at Chloe who was taking chocolates

“little queen…… ” Nicholas called as he wrapped his hands behind her

Octavia felt her tears running down again…. All she did this past one week was to cry.
Should she be happy…. or sad….. or rejoice.

After all the pains she went through this four years….. After everything

Just to be told he faked his death.

“I’m sorry little queen…… Don’t be angry at me….. I did everything to protect you and Davis……. I will never left, I was always with you….. I visit Davis at school and always watched on you……. I was there were you were made Master…… I was there when you went through pains….. I was always there. Please forgive me my love ” He said and Octavia quickly turned and hugged him tight

“I miss you…. I miss you! ” She said sobbing hard

“It was damn hard……. Don’t you ever leave us again ” She cried

Master stroke her hair and let her cry on his shoulders

She stopped crying and pulled away. She stared at everyone in the party

“I’m never gonna leave again. Forever is the deal….. It’s now a happy ending ” Master said but Octavia shook her head

“it would have been my happiest day but Maya is gone…. I don’t think is gonna be an happy ending ” She said sadly. Yeah!

Maya played a big role in her life

She was truly a friend indeed. If not for Maya she would have been long dead

Oh death! Death took her away from her

“I don’t think so! ” Master said and Octavia frowned

“Brielle! ” A voice called….. A voice she wish and longed to hear

A voice she will forever be grateful to. Slowly and steadily she looked back

“Maya! ” She called in shock as her jaw dropped


Wahala 😂😂😂

What a story😂😂

Louis and Chloe 💕💕😏😏😏

All enemies gone….. So shall all our enemies be gone😁😁

Maya….. Who dey breet??????

As e dey hot….. Who’s in for the final and epilogue ???


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