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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)




Not edited…. Beware from errors.


“your mum…. She’s…. she’s the culprit! ” little queen words kept ringing on my head as I walked to the roof top

“little queen won’t lie to me ” I thought. She looks serious and confident

“but why my mom? ” I uttered as I got to the rooftop

I got to the rooftop and stared at the own of New Zealand

From there I could see the beauty of New Zealand. The city that I have ruled for years…

I have ruled bloody….. I have killed lots of innocent people….. I don’t deserve to lived and be called a great master

I reached for my phone and dialed a number that picked up immediately

“Prepare a flight to Ireland …… I’m leaving tomorrow morning ” I spoke into the phone

I waited for his response before ending the call

Don’t be surprised why the suddenly traveling trip to Ireland

I stared at my phone again and sent a message across

“prepare a fake Plane Crash ” I typed and waited for it to sent.

Yh! There’s only one way to know why mum is the culprit and that’s what I’m gonna do

I’m gonna fake my death


✍️Authoress gabby pov ✍️

“son…. ” Mrs Connor called again falling to the ground

“mother…! ” He replied icily

Octavia staggered and breathed in and out. She blinked her eyes severally, hoping if it’s a dream. Cold shivers ran down her spine as she started sweating profusely

“uncle! ” Davis suddenly screamed and ran to him

“big king…! ” Nicholas muttered and took Davis in her arms

Octavia mouth parted open as she stared at everything in disbelief

Just then Louis walked in. Nicholas looked at him and slowly dropped davis

“Nick…! ” Louis called opening his mouth slightly

“Take the kids outta here…. We will talk much later” he replied and crouched down to Davis and roughed his hair

“go with uncle Louis…… I will come see you when I’m done” he mumbled and Davis nodded slowly

He walked to Kyle and took his hands

“let’s leave Kyle… ” He said. Kyle nodded and they both walked out. The Rev sister quickly unchained Mrs Bennett (Gemma) and with the help of Louis, they took her out

The only ones left were Nicholas, Octavia, Mabel and Mrs Connor

Nicholas turned back to look his mother who was groaning on the floor . He stared at the blood that was gesturing out of her stomach


He had shot her but she deserves more than that
“you…. you… shot me!” she stuttered clenching on her shot stomach

“And I will do it again…. Mother” He said and raised the gun at her

“you are wicked…… How could you? ” he yelled encircling round her

“All I need was for us son….. To revenge all our pains” She blurted out and started coughing out

“damn it mom….. What damn revenge…. Is it because father love Gemma or because you weren’t able to get over it? ” He asked and Mrs Connor was shocked

“Yes mum! I knew everything… I never died…. I fake my death…, I wanted to know why you could go against your son…. I wanted to know why you will be my culprit and helped the evil one…. Before traveling I visited you…. I did it on purpose and asked you what you wanted me to do for you…… You requested for father and cousin release…… Hearing it from your mouth made me doubt if truly you are my mother…. This four years I had been a spy to you watching your every moves secretly….. I thought you were gonna change now that I was gone…… I thought you were gonna be there for little queen and my son but no!….. You let jealousy take the best of you and wanted to kill her…… What mother are you!… I’m I even your son?? ” he ranted in one breath

Mrs Connor was slowly closing her breathe as she stared at her son

“I thought my mom is the quiet and innocent one and can’t hurt a fly…… All my life I have protected you from father not knowing you’re the devil itself….. I’m sorry mom but you doesn’t deserve to leave….. ” he said and shot her directly on her forehead making Mabel and Octavia gasped

“Please don’t kill me…… Please! “Mabel said crying and at the same time groaned from the pains she was feeling at the spot Octavia shot her

Master eyes darkened and he pulled the trigger instantly and shot her chest

“This gonna be the last blood shed! ” he muttered and threw the gun away

He slowly turned back and saw Octavia leaning on the wall as tears ran down her cheeks

“little quee……” He couldn’t complete his statement as Octavia ran out of the room in tears


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