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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)





“are you sure mom is here” Octavia asked staring around

“keep your voice low ” Sister Martyr said and Octavia nodded holding the scarf

They walked through the lonely corridor and surprisingly there was no guards guiding the door

“your mother might be in here” She said pointing at a door and I wondered how she knew that she might be there

She pushed the door opened instead and walked in

It was getting dark but one could still see. Octavia shut the door behind and walked into the room with full view

“mom! ” she screamed and quickly used her hands to shut her month as hot tears ran down her cheeks

Her mom was chain on a chair… Her eyes and mouth were tied up

More tears walked their way down as she saw her bloody body….. Thick blood were gesturing out slowly

She wondered if this was what she has been going through for the past four years

“mom……! “She called again and was about to running towards her when someone voice stopped her

“stop right there” The voice ordered. She stood still and slowly turned

“Mabel…! ” She called and Mabel smirked coming in fully

“little queen ” she said slowly

“Serpent” Octavia replied icily

“What are you doing here?………in my dungeon ?”she asked, stylishly reaching for her gun in her trouser pocket

“To tell you your game is over” she replied

” What … What game?” Mabel asked, getting the gun

“The one you’re playing right now” Octavia replied and Mabel made to shoot but sister Martyr was fast to pushed her down and the gun fell off her hand

The door opened, revealing two guards and the kids (Kyle and Davis)

Octavia frowned seeing the kids

“Davis…. Kyle” She called

The guards brought out their guns quickly when they saw an intruder

They would have shot but Louis gripped one by the neck. Don’t be surprised….he was able to track the car that took the kids

Louis let go of his neck and he fell freely to the floor

“I will take care of the guards…. Teach that bitch a lesson ” he said referring to mabel

“catch me if you can ” he said to the guard and run out of the room

Kyle bent down and picked up the two guns that was laying on the floor

He picked it up and pointed it at Mabel making her gasped

“Kyle! ” She called and shook her head

“you’re bad… You wanna hurt my mummy ” his little voice uttered and tears ran down Mabel eyes

“Kyle…. I’m your momma…. She’s a liar, she’s not your mother ” Mabel said

“you are lying….. Mom will never lied to me ” he yelled

“Gross…! Can’t believe you could deceived my son….. Is that how far you can go?? ” Mabel asked and smirked

“Kyle….. I’m your real mother…. Can’t you see we look alike….. I’m your mum… She’s a liar, tell her to say the truth…… A real mother won’t lie to her child” Mabel said loudly

“just be quiet Mabel….. ” Octavia said raising her index finger at her

“Your son?? ” Octavia asked and scoffed

“is it the one you left or the one you almost ruined his life?” she asked

“are you my mom? ” Kyle asked pointing the gun at her

“Kyle… ”

“answer me! “he yelled

“just bring the gun down and give it to me” Octavia said

“don’t listen to her Kyle….. I’m your real mother and I tell you want to do” she said

“We will kill them all and leave this country….. I’m sorry for abandoning you, Mrs Emmett mislead me but not too worry…. I have poisoned her and she would be long dead” She said and Octavia gasped

” Killed her?” she asked

” I can’t let her keep manipulating my life… She should be dead by now” she said

“common Kyle…. Give momma the gun!” She said

Kyle turned to her and in a slow motion she walks to her

“I know you will listen to momma….. You’re my son…. My blood ” Mabel said and smirked as Kyle kept walking to her

“Kyle….. ” Davis called and shook his head

“My son listen only to his mother…. ” Mabel said

“Mum……catch! ” Kyle screamed suddenly. He turned quickly and threw the gun at Octavia

Octavia picked it up almost immediately and shot Mabel on her legs

She screamed and fell to the ground. Octavia smile and nodded at davis

“unchained my mom and leave with the kids” she said to Rev sister Martyr

“No one is Leaving….Not when I haven’t said so…. “Mrs Connor said coming in fully. She pointed her fingers at her and pulled the trigger

Octavia shut her eyes as a gun shot was heard

She felt she was died and slowly opened her eyes. She gasped seeing blood coming out of Mrs Connor stomach

“S…o….n! ” Mrs Connor stuttered. I Octavia squeezed her eyebrows and slowly turned to the direction Mrs Connor gazed at

She gasped and her mouth parted as Octavia stared at Nicholas who stood there



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