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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)





Octavia heart kept beating as she entered the uncompleted building. She was damn scared

What it it’s Mrs Connor or Mabel or Mrs Emmett

What if it’s a set up

“hopes I won’t be died before Louis comes ” she muttered shutting her eyes tightly before opening them again

Her heart kept racing rapidly as she walked in deeper

“Finally you’re here! ” A voice said behind making her staggered

She almost lost her balance but she held herself firmly and turned back slowly

Her mouth parted seeing who it was. She touched her chest and breathed in

“Rev sister Martyr” she called

Rev sister Martyr smiled and nodded

“you sent that anonymous message? ” She asked and she nodded

“Where’s Rev Benedict…? ” She asked

“She’s dead….” She muttered in a shaking tone

“She died?? ” Octavia asked in an horror expression

“Alot happened when you left the orphanage home….., she was killed brutally ” she said and Octavia jaw dropped

“This isn’t the right time for history…… Let’s go save your mother first! ” Rev said and she nodded slowly
Louis stopped his car suddenly and roughed his hair

He dipped his hand on his pant pocket and groaned

“can’t believe I left my phone….! ” He muttered

“Hope Octavia is still fine… ” He muttered and made a u-turn back home

He got home in minute due to the speed he used

The gate spilt opened and he drove in. He stopped the car and rushed in

He got to his room and stopped immediately he heard voices from inside

“Why did you call me here Lydia…… What if your baby father comes” He could hear a think voice

“he just left……he won’t be coming soon”lydia said

Louis lean on the door, placing her ears on it

“hope that animal is taking good care of my son…… ” he said and Louis squeezed his eye brow

“of course lens……..he loves Gray, the fool thinks Gray is his son” Lydia said and they both chuckled

“can’t believe he’s this dumb ” lens muttered and just then Louis burst the door opened

They both gasped and covered their naked body

“l…. ou… is” Lydia stuttered staring at those eyes that was darkened

Louis rushed towards them and grip on Lydia neck

“can’t believe you lied to me and I have been a fool….! ” He growled out

“seriously….. I father someone else child! ” He growled still clenching on her neck

“you gonna kill her” lens yelled and he let go of Lydia neck

He rushed towards him and started throwing punches at him

“How dare you come into my mansion…. and even my room” he cursed

“I swear!…. I’m gonna kill you both” he screamed still throwing punches at him

He stopped suddenly as if he recalled something

His gaze moved to the drawer. He walked towards it and picked up his phone

“I don’t wanna come back here and meet you both” he muttered and walked out

Mabel mixed on the juice slowly…… alot was going on her mind

Her son!

This past years she hasn’t forgotten about her son. She wondered how he looked like?

Will he looked like her or his father??

Lots of thoughts kept coming Her brain and she wouldn’t denial the fact that she misses her son and regret leaving

She stared at the juice and breathed in

“hopes this work…..! ” she muttered. It was Mrs Emmet juice and she had poisoned it

“I can’t lived like this anymore …she has manipulated my life already…….. I will just have to kill her….. Get Kyle out of the mansion and leave the country ” she lamented and placed the juice on a tray

She walked out of the kitchen holding the tray firmly

She got to the room Mrs Emmett is and pushed the door opened

She walked inside and closed the door behind

“here you go mom” she muttered giving her the drink

“oh Mabel.. ” She smile and collected the juice

“Do you know lots of people are gonna die today? ” She asked

“lots of blood are gonna be shed” she said and laughed out

“I have sent someone to kidnap the kids…. Both Davis and Kyle ” She said and Mabel gasped

“Why Kyle? ” she asked

“do you have a problem with it…. Don’t tell me you still care about that bastard son of yours? ” she asked and Mabel shook her head

“I will kidnap the kids and that will bring Octavia to us” she said and grinned

Mabel cursed inwardly and gave a fake smirked

“sure I can’t wait to see her died” Mabel replied

“same here” Mrs Emmett said taking a sub from the drink
Chloe and the kids got back into the car… They were through with their acting and they were heading home

She started the car and drove out…….she kept stealing glances at the kids who were playing and giggling among themselves

Suddenly a car stopped in front of them….. Making her stopped the car halted abruptly

Some men came out of the car and rushed towards them

“who are you? ” She asked as the men force the door opened

They held the kids hands making them screamed

Chloe tried to stop them but she got shot on her arms

The kids were taken into their car and they drove out
“Wait!, That’s one of Chloe ‘s car” Louis said halfway through his drive

He stopped and came out of the car

“It’s her, same number” He said and rushed towards the car door

He opened it and saw Chloe groaning holding her arm

“Chloe….! ” He uttered

“I’m fine….. The kids… They..They have been banned kidnapped ” she groaned

“But Chloe…. ”

” Drive straight…. You might catch up with them… I will drive myself to the hospital! ” she snapped out

“take care of yourself! ” he said and rushed back to his car


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