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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)




Not edited…. Beware from errors.

✍️by authoress gabby pov ✍️

The letter fell off Octavia’s hand and she stared at Davis and then at Kyle

“my mom…… ” She muttered staring at the letter.

“mummy…. is everything okay? ” Davis asked and Octavia force out a smile

“I’m fine son.” she said and her gaze traced the clothes he worn to see it stained

“Geez…! What happened to your clothes ” She asked and looked at Kyle clothes too but it wasn’t stained

“It’s chocolate… Mum” he replied and he’s mother frowned

“holy heavens Davis!….. Who gave you chocolate !” she uttered

“uncle gave it to me! ” He blurted out making Octavia frowned more wondering if she got a brother

“uncle?? ” she asked again to be sure

“yes mummy….. He alway comes to visit me at school and luckily I saw him at the orphanage home today and he gave me the chocolate “He said in one breath making Octavia bite her lower lip

“Taking chocolate from strangers…… Is that what I have been teaching you Davis…! “she asked

He pouted his mouth and shut his eyes

“I’m sorry mummy….. I promise not to take anything from strangers ” he replied and knelt on the bed

He held his mom both cheeks and cupped it slowly

“I promise not to disobey you…. My little queen ” He said as a smile escaped the corner of his lip

Tears almost dropped out of Octavia’s eyes wondering how he got to know the name

“lemme go clean myself up “he said like a big boy and run into the bathroom

“stubborn like his dad” she muttered and turn to Kyle who had been staring at their drama all this while

She carried him from the bed and placed him on his lap

“can I ask something mum? ” He asked

“of course my love bug ” Octavia said and he smile. He so much love that name

“mummy I’m I truly your son?” he asked suddenly making Octavia gasped

“love bug…! Wheres that coming from? “She asked stroking his hair

He folded his little arm on his chest and shook his head

“you give Davis all the attention most of the times…..Thats why” he snapped out and Octavia breathed out

“That’s not true love bug…… Momma love you so much and you know that” Octavia said and he nodded

“I’m sorry mummy…. For being jealous ” he said biting his lower lip

“come here baby “she said and hugged him tightly

They broke the hug and Kyle rested his head on her chest

“I love you so much….. Never, never doubt that! ” she mumbled stroking his hair

Davis came out of the bathroom towel drying his head

“I thought the bathroom is now your new home?” Kyle asked still playing games on Octavia’s second phone

“Whatever…… where’s momma?”Davis asked instead throwing the towel on the bed .

“She went out”Kyle replied.

“Momma is busy this days…… I wish I could help and lift some burden off her shoulders ” Davis said and inhaled deeply

Kyle stood up and covered the space between his brother

“Yeah… I noticed that too, Momma might be going through lots, I pray God put a genuine smile on her face …….soon” Kyle muttered
Just almost immediately Chloe burst the door open. She stood at the entrance scanning the whole room.

“aunt Chloe!” They both screamed running towards her with their arms wide opened

“Easy! ” She muttered dropping her hand bag and lifting them both in her arms

“Gosh! This stubborn dudes has added more weight “She groaned

“you’re lazy! “Davis said poking her nose

“Where’s your momma??” She asked

“she went out” They both chorused

“Ouch…! ” she muttered and dropped them

She rolled her eyes and placed her index fingers on her cheeks

“Since Momma went out……. You both should dressed up lemme take you out! ” Chloe blurted out and they both screamed
Octavia came out of the car and just then her phone vibrated

She picked it up and saw an unread message that popped up at the screen

“I’M INSIDE THE BUILDING FACING YOU” The message read and she inhaled deeply

She was taking a risk but she didn’t mind….. She just wanna find their mother

She sent a message across to Louis since he’s the only one she informed


This four years….. Louis had helped her in ruiling

She arranged the black scarf on her head and covered her face completely


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