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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 9



( All I Want Is You… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



Opening the door to his office after spending a long time at the back of the hospital, Brandon met an unpleasant surprise waiting for him

“Holy shit!, What the f*ck!” He yelled, looking at the girl who’s sleeping on his chair with her legs on his table

Only her glasses tells him who it is before he went closer to her

“The little stalker?, And now she has taken her stalking to another level, on my chair, on my table?, In my office? ” He said, holding his forehead frustratedly

“Can today get any worse?, Damn!” He ranted and that woke her up

She opened her eyes slowly and when she saw him, she spranged up, wondering how she slept off so fast

“Bran…. Brandon… No I mean.. doctor Brandon” she stammered, adjusting her glasses

” I need a straight answer to this question… What are you doing here in my office? ” He questioned

Nirvana kept adjusting her glasses without anything to say

“Should I say I came here because I love him, no that’s totally out of it?, Then should I say it’s because I came for treatment?, No that’s out of it too, should I say…. I…. ” She kept thinking while trembling

“I’m waiting!” Brandon snapped

“I.. I… I dunno” she stammered

“You mean you just woke up this morning and decided to come and have a nap in my office?, How did you even know this is my office?, Must you always be a pain!, Must you always be a wimp and a problem! ” He yelled

Tears are already brimming in the corner of her eyes

“And I don’t wanna see tears please… Don’t f*cking! Cry!, It’s annoying! ” He shouted

” Please…. stop shouting…. please… You’re freaking me out” she cried

” Then you shouldn’t have made doing what I hate your hobby! ” He yelled again, breathing heavily

” I’m so sorry…I was just…I was, I wasn’t thinking” she stammered

Brandon tried hard to calm down and he sat slowly

“I’m so sorry for intruding your privacy, it won’t happen again, I promise to stop stalking you” she cried

He stood and walked up to her then brought out an handkerchief from his jacket which he took her hand and place on it

“Wipe your tears” he said

She slowly took off her glasses and started wiping the tears, while at it, her glasses fell

“Huh!, My glasses” she said

Her vision is blurry right now and she can’t see a thing

“My glasses…my glasses” she said and bent down then started searching the ground with her hands for the glasses

“My glasses, I can’t see anything” she said, searching frantically

Brandon watched her as she searched, wondering why a girl going through all this will continue following him

He bent down and picked the glasses before helping her up

“Doctor?, I need to find my glasses, without it I can’t see anything” she said, blinking severally

Brandon wore the glasses for her and she smiled, touching it fondly

“Thanks doctor, thanks a lot” she said and started walking out of the office

” You should do surgery” he said

She stopped and looked back. “I don’t want to” she said and left the office

“Just what kind of a girl is she?” Brandon wondered

Nirvana heaved a relieved sigh when she finally got out of the hospital, she knowingly didn’t allow her driver to drive her when she was coming so she boarded a cab

She got in the cab and thought about what happened earlier

“He looked ferocious and ravaging at first but he later became calm and even gave me an handkerchief, he found my glasses for me” she smiled

” I’ve promised to stop stalking him, will I really stop?” She asked herself as the cab stopped in front of Farrell’s house

She payed and got out of it before going into the house

“Clumsy girl, you didn’t tell me you’ll be coming” Farrell said Immediately she entered

“Pleasant surprise” Nirvana replied, sitting on the couch

“I need to keep all my food now that the eating machine is here” Farrell said

” Whatever, you’re so lucky to be living alone despite the fact that we’re same age” Nirvana said

” I know right?, Your grandma is too strict for my liking and it scares me to go to your house, I only build boldness to come seldomly because of your brother” Farrell said

” So you’ll go back to your parents in England after college” Nirvana said

“Sure, but before then I have to achieve my goals” Farrell said, playing with her hair

” Tell me more” Nirvana said

“Number one goal is enjoying myself to the fullest, then getting a boyfriend…

“A bad-mouthed girl can’t easily get a boyfriend” Nirvana said and Farrell rolled eyes at her

” Did Jamison call you?” Nirvana asked

“No, the idiot went on a weekend vacation with his girlfriend” Farrell replied

” You think this Rosalind of a girl likes him?, She’s too obvious” Nirvana said

” I don’t care, she’ll be the fourth girl he’ll be dating this year anyways so I won’t be surprised if she breaks up with him again, they always break up with him despite his handsome face” Farrell replied

” He’s too caring” Nirvana said

” Whatever, I don’t care….I love this handkerchief!, It looks like it’s a brand, where did you get it from?’ Farrell said, grabbing the handkerchief from her

“Give it back!” Nirvana said, trying to take it back but Farrell ran upstairs with it

“Farrell give me my handkerchief!” She yelled, running after her

” The real guy” Jay hailed immediately Grayson entered the bar for their hangout

“What of Cole?” Grayson asked, taking his seat

Cole is their third friend

” He’ll soon be here” Jay replied

” A bottle of brandywine please” Grayson said to the waiter

” Drink something better” Jay replied.

” You know I never drink anything except brandy so stop trying” Grayson replied

” Wait….did you not get a kiss from her this morning?, Is that why you’re being grumpy?” Jay teased

” Stop it, she’s my sis” Grayson replied

“Who pecks their sis on the lips?, Stop saying that statement it annoys me” Jay replied

” Then who do you think she is?, I just love her so much as my sis’ Grayson replied

“And that’s why you love pecking your naive sis on her lips?, Soon it’ll graduate to kissing , I’m sure” Jay replied

Grayson stood and payed for the drink he ordered though he didn’t drink it

“I’m outta here” he said and left the bar

“It’s been long since I heard of it, blood in love with blood” Jay smiled

Preston hospitals, 7:30pm**

Brandon came out of the theatre after finishing a surgery on the bile and when he checked the time, he Inhaled

“I might just die of stress one of these days” he muttered to himself

” Hey” Heather said, appearing from behind

” Good evening” Brandon replied

“The cocky doctor Brandon is greeting” Heather smiled

“By the way you look pretty tonight” he said though he knows he’s trying to make her blush

“Really?” Heather blushed

“Got caught” Brandon thought

“No” he replied and left hurriedly

” He’s so…. different, I’m beautiful this minute, the next I’m ugly” she smiled

Reagan’s car is already waiting outside to pick Brandon up when she got out of the hospital

“Oh, you’ll be saving me from the pain of driving” he said when he got in the car

” Ass.hole” she smirked

“We have just twenty minutes left, drive” Brandon said

” Sure” Reagan said and drove off

They got to the exchange point beside a silent road after fifteen minutes of driving, they got their guns and came out of the car then strapped it with their gun straps in their belts

Brandon used his mask before coming out and they both stood fearlessly beside the car, the drugs is with Reagan and soon, the Harris car stopped beside them in the road and Harris Millions himself came out of the car with three hitmen

“Thanks for coming” Harris said and one of his hitmen went to Reagan with the money bag,he took the drugs bag and he’s about to handover the moneybag when gunshots rented the air from every angle

So he planted his guys around already…

Brandon and Reagan ducked behind the car at first but even the car was bombed and that sent them flying far away

They landed on the ground and sustained injuries before standing up again

“He’s bad, but I’m worse” Brandon said and gave his gun to Reagan, making two guns with her

He brought out two loaded guns from his strap and bent down, Reagan climbed on his back and started shooting, he shot viciously too and the Harris met kept pouring down bullets on them but none hit them

Reagan jumped from his back to the car bonnet and continued shooting at every angle

Brandon tackled the shooters one by one and they started falling from their hiding placed

Blood flowed and hitmen fell in the process

It got to a point and Brandon took off his shirt, throwing it away then he grabbed flame bombs from his trousers pocket which he started throwing and everywhere it hit got bombed

“Harris Millions!, I’mma shoot your ass myself!” He yelled, jumping on Harris car

Harris is not there anymore but he saw him escaping with four of his men

He smirked and loaded his gun again before running after him

Farrell’s house**

“Grandma told me not to come home late, this is past eight already, just give me the handkerchief” Nirvana said to Farrell who’s busy eating dinner

“Why is it so precious to you?” Farrell said

“Someone special gave it to me” she replied

” Your crush?’ Farrell said

“Farrell..’ Nirvana said and her phone rang

Grandma Kara is calling already

“Farrell this is unfair, grandma will be mad at me if I’m late, please give me the handkerchief” she pleaded

Farrell brought out the handkerchief from her pocket and gave it to her

“Bad girl” she remarked and ran out of the house

“Be careful!” Farrell shouted, thinking she came with her driver

Nirvana got out and remembered she didn’t come with her car

“Oh no it’s dark, the walk to the main road is almost tweny minutes, I can do it” she thought and started the trek

She plugged in her headphones and listened to Tatiana Manaois songs as she walked but even that did not stop her from hearing gunshots

She froze on her spot and slowly removed her headphones then she clearly heard the gunshots

She became really scared and started running but it’s like the gunshots is becoming louder and louder, meaning she’s getting closer and closer to it

She stopped fearfully, shaking visibly

“You think you can escape my bullet?” She heard a familiar voice say

She took few steps forward and turned right, just where she heard the voice from

Her heart skipped beats when she saw a masked man pointing a gun at a man who’s pleading not to be killed

“How dare you try to kill my partner!’ the masked man said, not taking the gun off the man’s head

The voice is damn familiar

Dead bodies are lying around and Nirvana almost died at the sight

“Just don’t kill me, I can give you all my empire and you’ll rule it as the Lord, I’ll treat you well, not like your father who treats you like a slave, I promise” the trembling man said

“I don’t take bullshit offers because I’m Brandon Greg! ” The masked guy said and furiously took off his mask

Nirvana’s heart almost jumped out of her chest when he saw the face of her crush

Her eyes bulged and shock streamed down her nerves

She broke cold sweat on her spine and started shaking more

“The merciless killer, the sharp shooter, Zelda Greg’s secret weapon!, I don’t spare those who see my face and that’s why you’re dying now!” He roared

” Bran….don.. Brandon..” Nirvana quivered

” Don’t… don’t kill … Me… please don’t..”

The man was interrupted by a bullet in his forehead and he fell down dead

The girl she saw with him the other time came to view and shot the dead man on the head again

Nirvana can’t help but gasp and that attracted attention , Brandon looked that way and Nirvana’s eyes widened

Tears came out of her eyes as she ran but she had barely taken up to ten steps when her glasses flew off her face and she fell

She started searching the ground with her hands while crying

“I don’t want to die,…where’s my glasses, my glasses where are you” she said, unable to see anything as she searched

Suddenly, she heard slow footsteps and she soon felt something on her forehead, the coldness tells her what it is

“Please don’t kill me… Please I’m begging you… please don’t kill me…I’m begging you please” she cried loudly

” Brandon wait… ” Reagan said but he replied with pulling the trigger…, A gunshot sound followed…



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