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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 8



( All I Want Is You… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



“Who’s she?” Reagan asked, looking at crying Nirvana

” A crybaby who’s always stalking me, my little stalker” Brandon replied, still laughing

Oh..” Reagan replied, waiting for Brandon to answer Nirvana’s question

She’s wearing a black jacket so it covered the blood coming out of her arm

Brandon left Reagan and went to crying Nirvana, he gave her an handkerchief

“Wipe your tears little girl” he said

“I’m not a little girl” she replied

” But you behave like one, I mean.. who cries at every situation” he replied

Nirvana wiped her tears and started hiccuping

“Ok girl, she’s not my girlfriend, she’s my coworker” he said

“Really? ” Nirvana asked slowly, looking up at him

“Sure, now can you stop crying?, It makes you look more ugly” he said

“I know, you once said I look like an unwanted doll so I already know I’m ugly” she replied

“Really? ” Brandon said and she nodded

” What are you doing here by the way? ” Brandon asked

“I came to apologise” she replied, facing the ground

” For? ”

” Back then at the museum and for yesterday, I’m sorry for my clumsiness and I hope we’ll be good, I’m really sorry” she said and smiled before leaving

Brandon smiled before facing Reagan. ” Wait…. Must you always bad-mouth everyone?, You made the poor girl cry” she said

” I never said anything to her before she started crying” he replied

Reagan rolled eyes at him before he opened the door and they both went in

“She’s cute I swear” Reagan said

“I know” Brandon replied

” But you f*cking told her she’s ugly” Reagan said

“I love teasing her, anything wrong with that?” He replied, getting his box

Reagan sat and he sat in front of her then she pulled off her jacket, leaving her in only her bra top that’s leaving out her navel

“Trying to seduce me?, I’m a rock” he said

“Remove the bullet blockhead” Reagan smirked

“Don’t scream” he replied and shoved the scalpel gently into her arm

“Ashhhh” she winced as the bullet fell on the ground

Blood oozed out of her arm and Brandon had to stop it with gauze first before bandaging it

Reagan stole glances at him as he bandaged her arm with care, though he has a bad mouth and might be harsh despite his gentle face but… Reagan knows that somewhere inside him, he has a soft spot if not weakness, but the soft spot is even hard to get

He’s too hard to figure out

“I know I’m handsome but can you stop staring?” Brandon suddenly said

” You have eyes on your forehead?, Geez!” Reagan replied as he finished the bandaging

” I’m…super sensitive, it’s one of my rare talent so I’m aware if someone is staring like you or stalking like that little girl” he said

” And you also know if someone is in love with you” Reagan said and Brandon went quiet for a while

” Who knows” he said

“Ass.hole” she said and he entered the kitchen

” Are you planning to pass the night here?, I don’t give my bed to ladies, get ready to crash on the couch” he said from the kitchen

Reagan smiled and stood then walked to the kitchen, he’s already smoking when she got there and he’s picking a plate from the shelf

“Whatever, what are you planning to make?” She asked

“Omelette” he replied

” And what’s that going with?” She asked

“Nothing, just simple omelette, you can decide to take it with wine” he replied, picking four eggs from the freezer

Reagan went closer and took the cigarette from his lips then started smoking it instead

“You’re a b*tch” Brandon said

“F*ck you, I’ll make the omelette” she replied and took the plate of eggs from him

“I hate salty omelette so be careful” he said

” Shut up” she replied, breaking the eggs and adding the necessary ingredients before lighting the gas cooker

Brandon left the kitchen immediately and within minutes, the omelette is ready

She served them in the dinning table and they ate together, Brandon ate just little before standing to go upstairs

“Should we strike the Harris tommorow?’ Reagan asked

“No delivery tommorow?” He asked

“There is, and unfortunately for them, their boss is the one we’re delivering to, I guess that’s their plan B” Reagan replied

” How clever, but Brandon Greg is more clever, when is the delivery?” He asked

” 8pm” she replied

” Cool, I can’t wait” he replied and went upstairs

“Harris Millions, you’re so dead” Reagan smiled.

The Merricks**

Next morning**

Nirvana stayed by her window as usual, expecting to see him this morning again but he didn’t appear, his window is not even opened

She barely slept last night, thinking about him

To her, he doesn’t seem like someone who can tell lies so she wholly believes the girl is not his girlfriend

“But did she sleep in his house?, What if she tries to seduce him?” She thought but later waved it off

“He doesn’t seem so easy to seduce” she thought and glanced at her time, it’s past eight

” He’s not going to work today?” She asked herself

“I’m ready to stalk him today again, it’s Sunday and I’ll just tell grandma I’m hanging out with Farrell and Jamison” she smiled

Her door opened and Grayson came in smiling

“My sugar” she said, rushing to hug him

“How was your night?” He asked, tightening the hug

“I’m suffocating…uurg!, My night was fine and yours?” She asked

” Was good” he replied and still refused to let her go even when she tried

” Missed me that much?” She smiled

“Yeah” he replied and broke it then held her face in his palms

“I love you so much” he said, not letting their eyes leave each other

” I love you more” she replied and he pecked her lips softly just like he used to do

“Why do you like doing that?” She asked

“Cos I love you” he replied

“Oh….” She replied

He fondled with her hair and kissed her hair eventually

“Other guys are dangerous ok?, You can’t get too close to them and always remember grandma’s words that you can’t date till you’re twenty ok?’ he said

“Ok sugar” she replied and he hugged her again

” But I’m already in love with the hot doctor Brandon” she thought

” Let’s go downstairs, Celia has finished preparing breakfast” he said

Celia is the maid

” Oh really?, But…I need to .. take my bath and…brush, yeah brush” she lied

She brushed already, just an excuse to stay by the window and see weather Brandon has opened his window already maybe she’d be lucky to catch a glimpse of him

“Ok, I’ll wait till you finish brushing” he replied

“No Gray, I’ll meet you downstairs I promise, five minutes” she replied

“Ok bear” he replied and pecked her lips again before leaving

Nirvana went straight to the window and is disappointed to see that his window is still not open

“How disappointing, I’m sad” she squinted

A knock sounded on her door, she knows Immediately that it’s Celia, Kara must have sent her to call her for breakfast

She sluggishly opened the door and her suspicions were true, it’s Celia

“Madam Kara says you should come down for breakfast now” she said

“Fine, lead the way” she pouted and followed her downstairs

*You never joke with food, what took you so long in coming downstairs this morning?” Kara asked

” Nothing” she replied, sitting beside Grayson who has a big smile on his face

“Eat, it’s your favourite spaghetti and meatballs” Grayson said

Jewel took her fork and ate slowly

” Eating slowly again?, That’s way out of your league, something is wrong somewhere, tell me dear, what’s wrong?” Kara asked

” I’d love to hangout with Farrell and Jamison today” she said slowly

“Is that why you’re being like this?” Kara asked

” Yes grandma, please allow me” she replied

“Ok, but this is your last chance, if you stay out more than past eight, I’ll never allow you to hangout with them again” Kara said

” Clear grandma, I love you!” She said, blowing her kisses

“Silly girl” Grayson said as Nirvana started eating faster

Brandon’s house**

Reagan woke up on the couch and yawned slowly before sitting up

“That ass.hole” she muttered, standing up and entering the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee

She decided to make two and she took one upstairs to Brandon’s room

He’s still sleeping soundly on his bed and he’s dangerously shirtless!, Just his trousers on, he’s devilishly hot!

His tattoos has a way of making her smile anytime she sees them , they’re just too beautiful

She placed the coffee tray on the on the bedstand and sat beside him on the bed

She smiled at his handsomeness

He’s not in any way close to Zelda in resemblance but he’s the carbon copy of his late mother… Maggie Greg

“Madam Maggie” Reagan said, remembering that kind soul

She looked at him again and had the urge to touch his body despite knowing how sensitive he can be.. but she’s just dying to touch it

She started bringing her hand closer and closer till few inches away from his body, his phone rang and that woke him up, she quickly retracted her hand

He took his phone and picked the call, after hanging up, he stood and faced her

“I was expecting you to have left” he said

“Well I’m here to tell you I’m leaving” she replied.

“No need, when you leave, no one will need to tell me you’re gone” he replied

” I made you coffee” she said, gesturing at it .

“You’re behaving kind, I hope I don’t die” he said and took the coffee

” Not like I added poison” she replied and regretted that Immediately

The cup of coffee fell from him and he closed his eyes, fighting back the usual tears that fall anytime he hears poison

“I’m so sorry” Reagan said

“Leave, we’ll meet in the evening, leave before I open my eyes cos if I do and I see you, I don’t know what I might do” he said

Reagan reluctantly left the room and Brandon opened his eyes

“That was close” he said, wiping the small tear that managed to escape his eyes before entering the bathroom

It was Heather who actually called for an emergency

He dressed up after taking his bath and went to the hospital

. Preston hospitals**
“Dr Mateo is in the theatre already, performing the surgery with doctor Heather” an intern told him

” Then why did she f*cking call me!, I hate stress” he said, holding his forehead

An hour later, Brandon’s office**

A knock sounded on his door and he raised his head from his laptop

“Heather?” He said but it was Mateo who came in

“I wasn’t expecting a d*ckhead to enter my office” Brandon said

” Have you heard about the surgery?, It was one of the best surgeries ever recorded in the history of this hospital and president Remington commended me for it, Heather said I did a great job too and all other doctors and interns including the nurses said I’m great” he said

” So?” Brandon said

” Get ready for more, right now I’m changing from the materialistic doctor you knew, I’m changing to a serious one and you’ll be shocked when I start with you, I never joke so be careful doctor Brandon Greg” Mateo said

” You didn’t tell me you have the talent of being a newscaster , I’d have helped you” Brandon replied

” Just…be careful, that’s all I have to say” Mateo said

Brandon stood and walked to stay in front of him, they’re same height so they’re glaring face to face

“Only dullards celebrates over a lame success, let’s watch till tommorow if the patient will survive a surgery carried out by a quack” Brandon said

” Did you just call me a quack?” Mateo said

“Q-U-A-C-K, quack” Brandon spelled and Mateo made to grab his collar but a knock on the door stopped him

“It’s not over, I’ll make sure I destroy your doctor’s license” Mateo said and left the office, Heather came in Immediately

“You guys are at it again” she said

“He’s the one who came to meet me in my office this time around, he crossed his limits just because he did a successful surgery” Brandon said

” He really was a professional back then, he performed the surgery excellently well it was also clean just like your works, a dinner was organized for him tonight” Heather said

“stop feeding me with his rotten success” Brandon said and left the office

Heather followed him and came across Mateo who held her

“What were you talking to him about?” He questioned

” Are you out of your mind?, What has that got to do with you” she replied

” Ok I’m sorry…..I just care to know” he replied

“There’s nothing for you to know” she replied and removed her hand from him then walked away

“Wait Heather!’ he said , running after her

Nirvana checked Brandon’s pictures she has snapped today and smiled to herself , they’re up to twenty and she can’t help but admire her courage

She has been in the hospital since morning

“I’m trying, I’m getting there” she said

But in all the pictures, he looks angry

Not like he has ever smiled in all the pictures she has been taken, he’s always frowning but this time around he’s angry

“Why?, Did someone annoy him?” She asked herself, walking to the office she saw him coming out of the other time

She checked the hallway well and made sure no one saw her when she entered

“His office, whoa!” She said, looking around

It’s big and looks mature, his office even looks like his frowny handsome face

She went to his table and saw the laptop, he’s reading a medical journal cos she found that on the screen but she decided not to pry

She never touched anything, she saw his coat where he hung it at and smiled

“Doctor Brandon Greg” she said, sitting on his chair comfortably, she placed her legs on his table too, feeling too comfortable

“My f*ck, this feels heavenly…” She said, resting back

She yawned just once and five minutes later, she’s in a deep sleep on his chair with her legs on his table…



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