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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 7



Next day, Preston hospitals**

Brandon is just concluding the second surgery for today and he’s greatly exhausted as he came out of the theatre

“Hey you must be tired” Heather said, rushing beside him to keep up with his pace

” Of course, two tedious surgeries is no joke” he replied

Heather suddenly took his hand and squeezed it lightly

“Should I give you a massage in your office?’ she asked

Brandon smiled, looking at her closely but he removed his hand from her hold before answering


“Why?, You said you’re tired” she replied

” The last time I checked, you’re a doctor, not a massager” he replied flatly and left for his office

” He’s always so uptight, no space for penetration” Heather heaved and Mateo’s call rang on her phone

She picked and waited for him to speak

“Let’s meet in front of the hospital” his voice said

” For what?” She replied

” Just come already, it’s a surprise” he replied and she hung up

” Hoping to see something worthy of surprise” she thought as she walked out of the hospital

She met him outside the hospital with several other doctors and interns, they’re admiring a car and the car is just new

“Meet my new baby!” Mateo said, gesturing happily at the car

” What!” Heather said

“I got it just this morning, what do you think” he said

” I think you’re in need of a psychiatrist, are you insane?, Why are you always in love with material things” she replied

” Cos material things are the best!, Call Brandon and inform him, he’ll almost die” Mateo said and a crashing sound can immediately be heard

Everyone turned their attention to the car and found out the rear glass is broken, someone definitely threw a stone at it

Mateo rushed to it and screamed

“My baby!, Who the hell did this!”

“Hot doctor” the others started muttering as Brandon entered their midst

“So it’s you?, I knew it, you’re jealous and that’s why you freaking did this!, Do you know how much it’s worth?” Mateo said

” It’s the latest model so it’s definitely twenty million dollars, send me your account number, I’ll wire you the money and also a bonus for lollipop” Brandon said

” What the hell” Mateo said

Heather smiled on her spot

” The fact that I always come to work driving just one car everyday doesn’t mean I’m poor, my account balance will drive you into coma” Brandon said and left immediately

“So now Mateo, I hope you’ve learnt your lesson” Heather smiled and went in too

” That rascal….damn it!” Mateo ranted

An Ice cream shop**

Nirvana suddenly raised her head from the table and faced Farrell who’s sitting across her

“I’m screwed, can you advise me?” She said

” I’m always here for you silly girl, what’s up this time around” Farrell replied

” I’m so dead Farrell, I got in the black book of my crush during our visitation yesterday, I really need to apologise to him” she replied

” Then do it” Farrell replied, eating her ice cream slowly

” He’s not an easy one, he has a very bad mouth you see, I’m so embarrassed to face him, what do I do” she replied

” Our dear Nirvana is lovesick, sorry baby but you deserve it, you’re too clumsy and trust me he can never love a clumsy girl like you” Farrell said

” I’m screwed” Nirvana said

” Don’t start crying here” Farrell said, patting her back


Brandon is driving home from the hospital silently as usual when his phone rang, it’s Reagan

“Hey b*tch” he picked but when he heard gunshots in the background, he knew everything is not ok

“Brandon over twenty hitmen are surrounding my house right now, they were even more than thirty before but I managed to bring down ten already, please come and help I beg you, I might not be able to handle the rest alone” she said

” You should be calling Zelda instead, I’m not your boss” he replied

” Stop talking and get here this instant!, You have just five minutes!” She replied and hung up

Brandon turned his car around and zoomed down her street, it took him only five minutes till he got there, he masked up and got his gun before entering the house as slowly as ever

He can hear the gunshots as he climbed up the fence and jumped down, he came across one of them who tried to shoot him instantly but he was faster, he raised his leg and kicked his gun off his hands before shooting him

Seems the others got alerted by that gunshot cos the gunshots died down immediately

He started tiptoeing towards the main house till he got attacked again by another who grabbed his neck from behind, trying to strangle him but he hit him with his elbow and he let go of him

He punched his face and made him stagger before he tried to retaliate but Brandon dodged and his punch hit the wall hard

“Bloody bastard” Brandon said and gave him just a punch on the nose which made him stop breathing, he fell down lifelessly and immediately, massive gunshot started

Brandon rushed to guide himself with the available shields while he shot anyone he sights

It went on like that for almost tweny minutes and the whole house is clouded by gunshots

He kept shooting, bending, jumping and rolling on the ground when necessary and he combated a lot, killing them mercilessly till he got into the house where more than fifteen hitmen are lying lifelessly

Reagan is sitting on one of the couches, smoking rebelliously but Brandon can’t help but sense there’s still one of the hitmen in the house

“Trying to be like me huh?” He said

“There’s no problem with that is there?” She replied

” Of course there isn’t” he replied and heard movements behind him

” Watch out!” Reagan said and Brandon ducked as a gunshot sounded

“Ou!” Reagan winced, the bullet actually hit her arm

Brandon swiftly turned back and didn’t hesitate to shoot the bastard, he made him go down instantly before rushing to Reagan

“Are you ok?” He asked, holding unto her

“I’m ok jerk, just remove the darn bullet from my arm” she replied

” Where did you put your medical equipments?” He asked

” I don’t remember” she replied

” Your arm is bleeding greatly, do you wanna die?’ Brandon said

“No” she breathed

“You’re just…I dunno” Brandon replied and guided her out of the house

” Where are you taking me to?” She asked

“My house” he replied and she smiled secretly

” Those are surely Harris men” she said

“You recognize one of them?” He asked as she entered the car with him

” No, but they’re all wearing black on black, that’s the Harris code” she replied

” I’ll send someone to dispose their corpses off” he said and started the drive to his house

” Good Jesus, give me the strength” Nirvana thought as she made to ring Brandon’s doorbell for the fifth time but she stopped, losing courage

She really wants to apologise but she’s losing courage like hell

“When I get in, I’ll just say… doctor Brandon, I’m sorry for how I behaved yesterday and the last time at the museum, forgive me and let’s be friends” she memorized and made to ring the doorbell again but the zooming in of a car made her stop and look back

Brandon’s car stopped in front of the house and he came out of the car with another girl

Immediately Nirvana saw the girl, she felt heartbroken

“Little stalker?, I guess you’re here for your lollipop” Brandon said

Tears welled up in her eyes as he watched him holding Reagan by the arm

“Is she your girlfriend?” She asked, crying already

” What the heck” Brandon laughed



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