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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 6



All eyes went wide as it hit Brandon’s face but Nirvana’s is the widest

“What the f*ck!” Brandon yelled, unable to open his eyes cos of the pepper

“What have you done” Kara said

“I’m so sorry, I never knew it’ll spill” Nirvana quivered

” Shut up! This is my house and you came here just to disfigure my face?, How fvking rude!, My fck!” He yelled and started finding the way back in with his hands, he almost fell most times but held himself till he got to the bathroom and washed his face

“Why must you show your clumsiness everyday, why must you always be clumsy! ” Kara yelled

” I’m sorry grandma, I’m so sorry, it’s not my fault, I just… I..” she said, about to start crying

” Don’t cry please” Grayson said, holding her till Brandon came back

” And who the hell are….”

He stopped halfway when he finally saw Nirvana

” You again little stalker?, So throwing an handkerchief you blew your nose on isn’t enough and now you came to my house to do this shit?, Why are you always like this? ” He demanded

He looks scary to Nirvana so she held tightly to Grayson

Brandon looked at grandma Kara and tried hard to calm himself down

“I’m sorry about how my granddaughter behaved” Kara said

Brandon looked at her and heaved

” I’m sorry on her behalf too, so sorry” Grayson said

Nirvana found it hard to look at Brandon in the face so she buried her face in Grayson’s arm

“Goodday” Brandon said to Kara

“I’m sorry once again, we live in the house next to this so we figured out that this house has a new occupant, we decided to come say hi to you as the new neighbor” Kara said

” Oh” Brandon said, looking at the mess on the floor

” I’ll take care of it, just get me a mop stick and a bowl of water” Grayson said

Five minutes later**

Brandon is sitting on one of the living room couches while Kara is sitting facing him, Nirvana is sitting beside Kara with her face down

Grayson is busy cleaning the mess Nirvana created

“Such a waste, I brought the delicacy for you but too bad this whinny brat ruined it” Kara said

” It’s ok , thanks for coming” Brandon said as politely as he could

” I heard you’re a doctor at Preston hospitals” Kara said

” Yes I am” he replied

” Hope it’s not too stressful over there?” Kara said

“It’s always stressful, I mean… Being a doctor is always as stressful as hell, having unscheduled surgeries, stubborn patients and annoying co-doctors” he replied

” Oh, but you’re coping and that’s just great” Grayson said after finishing the cleaning, he sat beside Nirvana

“I’m slowly losing patient and I might just quit working at Preston hospitals very soon” Brandon replied

” It must be really hard” Kara said

Grayson now has the time to stare at Brandon’s arm tattoos, he’s obviously surprised cos for a doctor, he wasn’t expecting to see that

“I love your tattoos” he said

“Thanks” Brandon replied casually

” But as a doctor, the hospital management aren’t complaining?” Grayson asked

” I own my body and I can do anything I want with it, and besides… I have no future so I’m not afraid of anything that might happen” he replied

” What kind of a human says he has no future” Kara said

” That kind of a human is Brandon Greg” he replied

“You share the same surname with the notorious mafia Zelda Greg” Grayson said

” Anything wrong with that?” Brandon said

“Oh… I mean.. no” Gray replied awkwardly

” Great” Brandon replied

“Can we be friends?, I mean… I can come here when you’re around and we can hang out together” Grayson said

” I’m twenty two” Brandon said

“I’m twenty one” Grayson replied

“Exactly my point, I don’t hang out with younger people” Brandon said flatly

” How straightforward” Kara muttered

“What should I offer?, Just mention anything and I’ll get it cooked” Brandon stood

” You can cook? ” Grayson asked..

” You can’t cook?” Brandon asked

“Well…. I can.. ”

” Little stalker, you aren’t saying anything” Brandon interrupted and Nirvana quickly looked up

” Huh? ” She said sharply

“Should I get you lollipop or candy?, Little girls like you will always love such things” Brandon said

” I’m not a little girl, I’m nineteen” Nirvana replied slowly

” There’s still teen at the back of your age, till you turn twenty, you’ll remain a little girl… To me” Brandon replied

Nirvana adjusted her glasses to stop herself from crying

Somehow, hearing him call her a little girl is sad

“You’ve met her before?” Kara asked

“Yes, though it was an unpleasant meeting, at a museum” Brandon replied

” Oh” Kara replied

” Nice house” Grayson said, looking around

“Thanks” Brandon replied

” Well it’s past seven, we’ll leave now, sorry about the mess earlier once again, next time I’ll make sure to bring a more delicious delicacy” Kara said

” Thanks’ Brandon said as they left the house

Brandon fell back on the couch and inhaled hard. “That was…. great, it’s been long since I had many companions” he heaved

The Merricks**

Nirvana rushed to her room immediately they got home and Grayson followed but she has already locked the door when he got there

“Hey, what’s wrong” he said by her doorstep

“Nothing, I just need to rest” she replied from inside

” Ok, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow morning then, sleep tight and goodnight” he said

” Goodnight’ she replied

“I love you” he said

“I love you more” she replied from inside and Grayson smiled before leaving her footstep

“I’m such a clumsy btch, I embarrassed myself in front of him, I really really embarrassed myself I’m a btch, will he ever like me?, So he’s twenty two and he kept calling me a little girl cos I’m still a teen, that punk” she thought, crying already

She fell on her bed and continued crying loudly

“How do I apologize to him?, How do I?, He’s bad-mouthed so it’ll be hard to get on his good side” she thought and went to her window

She luckily saw him pacing around his bedroom and smiled

“Doctor Brandon Greg” she smiled

He saw him lightening up something, it’s a cigarette and he started smoking

“He… Smokes?, What kind of a doctor smokes?” She asked herself, bewildered at what she’s seeing

“Well maybe that kind of doctor is my crush, doctor Brandon Greg” she smiled, sitting by the window till she slept off


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