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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 5



( All I Want Is You… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



Next morning**

Nirvana woke up to a beautiful Friday, the sun is already flashing it’s gracious rays through her window into her room

She smiled, used her glasses then rushed down from the bed, she went to her window and stood there to watch the beautiful view again but his window is still closed

She pouted childishly and continued staying there, resting her elbows on the window as she fixed her eyes on his window

“Is he off to work already?, Does he go early to work?, Or was there an emergency last night?, Maybe he later left for the hospital and passed the night there”

Various thoughts waved through her mind as she watched his closed window

“I have a class by nine, this is twenty minutes to nine, but I want to see him before going to school” she said

She waited for five more minutes and made to go but the corner of her eyes caught how his window opened and she swiftly turned back to see her dream man opening his bedroom window

She bit down on her lip and admired how gorgeous he looks even early in the morning, his hair is scattered all-over is head and strands of it spread out to his face but that only made him look more hot!

“My Greek god , my dream man” she gushed, feeling her thudding heart

She took in her pink lips and licked on them like lollipop

“It’s good to be the first person I’ll see this morning” she smiled

He left the window after opening it maybe to take his bath

The alarm sounded, signifying that the time is nine on the dot

Her eyes widened and she rushed into the bathroom, almost falling as a result

She had a quick bath of eight minutes then rushed out of the bathroom too

She wiped the water off her body with the wiping towel and cream her body fast, then she dried her hair for two minutes though it’s still wet but it stopped the water in it from dripping

She put on a jean trouser and a white bra top then a jean jacket

She attached a flower hairpin to her hair and never bothered to look at her face in the mirror, she changed her glasses cos she has many recommended glasses

She checked the time and it’s twenty minutes down nine

“Professor Varun will skin me alive, he hates lateness, I’m so dead! ” She said and rushed out of the room

She rushed downstairs and ran past Grayson and Kara in the dinning

“Eat breakfast!” Grayson shouted

“No, I’m freaking late!” She replied, holding the doorknob

” Make sure you eat after your first class” Kara said

“Sure grandma, I love you!, I love you my Grayson! ” She said loudly and rushed out

” That silly girl” Kara said

” I heard a new neighbor moved into the house next to us” Grayson said

” Yes, I heard he’s a doctor at Preston hospitals” Kara replied

” Oh cool!, We can go say hi to him in the evening right grandma?, As neighbours… I want to see what he looks like” Grayson replied

” I was planning that too, Mr and Mrs Dolph who are the former occupants were our good friends,. I won’t mind extending arms of friendship to him if he’ll take it, what are neighbours for” Kara replied

” I can’t wait” Grayson replied

” You don’t have class today?, don’t tell me final year students are always like this” Kara said

” I don’t have classes today, I’m free, I was supposed to have one but the lecturer shifted it so I’m free like a bird, I’m hanging out with a few of my friends” he replied

” You’ll be following me to the company” Kara said

” Huh?, Why? ”

” You’ll be taking over very soon, shouldn’t you start getting to know how it works?” Kara said, raising a brow

” Oh, I get it grandma, I’ll get ready” he replied

“Good” Kara replied, drinking from her coffee

Bliss college**

Nirvana stayed by the door, hoping that she won’t get embarrassed this morning

Professor Varun is already teaching and it’s 9:50 already, ten minutes left for him to end his class

“Sweet Jesus, lord of the innocent, please help me” she said and inhaled hard before entering the class.

Students turned their attention to her immediately she entered, she stopped on her spot as professor Varun’s eyes fell on her

“Nirvana Merrick, you’re fifty minutes late, I have just ten more minutes to spend, we’re almost done with the class and you’re just coming, to do what?, Are you the lecturer taking the next course?” Professor Varun asked and the whole class laughed

Nirvana fondled with her backpack strap and made faces

Jamison’s laughter is the loudest and she’s already planning on how to deal with him

“Any excuses miss Nirvana?”

“I…I… our maid finished making breakfast late” she replied and the whole students laughed again

“Can you ever stop being babyish?, I guess no” Varun said

“I’m so sorry” she replied, bulging her eyes

Professor Varun faced the class

“That’s all for today, everyone should make sure to attempt the assignment, it’s your continuous assessment” he said and left the class

Nirvana rushed to her seat and hit Jamison on his back hardly

“Ouch!” He winced

“Your laughter was the loudest” she said

“You mean I should have cried?” He replied

” I hate you” she replied and sat in their middle

” What did he teach?” She asked

” Relevance of history to the world at large” Farrell replied

” I’ll borrow your note and jot down the points but right now,I need to go to the cafeteria, I’m f*cking starving” Nirvana said

” I’m not following you” Jamison said

“Neither am I” Farrell replied

“But I have a sweet gist, it’s ok if you guys don’t want to follow me” Nirvana replied and flaunted her hair before leaving the class

Farrell looked at Jamison and they both rushed after her at a time, sprinting behind her till they got to the cafeteria

Nirvana ordered two plates of garnished noodles and ate a fork

“The gist” Farrell said, drawing closer to her

” Guess” Nirvana replied

” Your crush asked you out” Jamison said

“Are you daft?” Nirvana said, eating another fork of noodles

“You met him?” Farrell said

” Well…yes” Nirvana smiled

” Really?” Jamison said

” Of course, I met him at the museum yesterday though our first meeting wasn’t very pleasant” Nirvana said

” I knew it, you must have f*cked up” Farrell said

“Big time” Jamison added

Nirvana rolled eyes at them

“Well there’s more” she smiled

“What is it?” Farrell and Jamison asked, drawing closer at a time

She dropped her fork and face-palm herself

“Actually, he’s my new next door neighbor” she said

” OMG!!” They both screamed

Preston hospitals**

Brandon is in his office, smoking and browsing when a knock sounded on his door

He dropped the smoke on the ashtray and sprayed his office with air freshener to make the smoke smell leave before hiding the tray

“Yes?’ he said and the door opened, an intern came in

“Doctor Brandon, we need you at ward 197, the patient that was operated upon by doctor Mateo yesterday is losing breath” the intern said

” You should have called me on phone, why the f*ck are you running here” he said, picking his coat

“I called but you weren’t picking” he replied

Brandon remembered his phone is on silent and sighed before leading the way out of the office

The intern followed behind

“And where the hell is Mateo and the other doctors” Brandon said

Doctor Mateo and doctor Heather are performing surgery right now” the intern replied

” Oh, I forgot” he replied, entering the ward where one of the doctors is giving shocks to the patient already

“His vitals went down completely?” He said

“Yes doctor” the doctor giving the shocks replied

” He was suffering from thyroid disorders before he was operated upon” the intern said

Luckily his vitals came back and Brandon sighed

“Show me the screenplay of his system” Brandon said and a tab was handed to him

He looked carefully at it and smiled

“Mateo only knows how to brag, he f*cking made a big mistake!” He said loudly and made everyone tremble

He looked at the patient who looks pitiful and nodded

“Prepare him for surgery” he said and they obeyed immediately

Some minutes later**.

Brandon entered the theatre and he was dressed up, the female nurse who dressed him up kept looking at his arm tattoos cos he’s the theatre uniform is short sleeved

“Will you stop trying to bore holes in my body with your eyes?” Brandon said and she snapped out of it

” I’m sorry doctor” she said and Brandon moved to his right position

” Scalpel” he said and he started the opening up immediately it was handed to him

Thirty minutes later**

He’s done with the surgery and he went to the washroom to clean up

Heather rushed in

“I heard the patient with thyroid disorders almost gave up, Mateo made a mistake in the surgery yesterday right?” She asked

” You should know that’s the case by now, that bastard made a freaking big mistake that could have killed the patient!, How could he?, Is he a medical doctor at all?” Brandon said

” Calm down doctor Brandon” Heather said but he walked out immediately, meeting Mateo in front of the washroom

“It was a mistake, anyone can make a mistake” Mateo said

“Really?, And you call yourself a medical doctor?, A first class medical doctor?, All the professors that gave you the medal are all sick, you’re not fit to be a doctor” Brandon said

” Is this because I’m richer?, Are you intensionally pouring out your anger on me because you feel this is your only chance?, This is just jealousy for crying out loud!’ Mateo replied

Brandon looked at him and decided not to talk, he walked away

Heather made to follow him but Mateo held her back

“Don’t go, don’t follow him” he said

“Do you need brain transplant?” Heather said

Evening, the Merricks**

“Going to visit the new neighbor?” Nirvana repeated as if she didn’t hear when Kara was saying it

“Sure” Grayson smiled

Nirvana stood from the couch she’s sitting on

She was actually watching film

“Like… We’re going to visit him?, OMG!!!” She screamed

” Why do you look so happy? ” Kara said

“It’s nothing, I’m just so eager to know if he’ll be as friendly as Mr and Mrs Dolph” she replied.

” How did you know he’s a guy?* Grayson asked and her eyes widened

” Slip of… Tongue” she replied slowly

“Take this package with us, it’s a delicacy I made for him” Kara said, pointing at the food warmer on the dinning

Nirvana went there and opened it out of curiosity to know what’s in it

“Caprese chicken, it looks appetizing” she smiled, covering it back but unknown to her, she didn’t cover it well

She carried it to her chest and they all left the house

Getting to his house, Grayson made to knock but Nirvana stepped forward

“I’ll be the one to do that” she smiled and made to ring the doorbell but her hand has barely touched it when the door opened and that made her lose stand

Brandon came to view but the warmer has already fell from her hands as she’s struggling to hold herself

It hit the ground and the cover flew off, making the contents flow up too and it splashed directly on Brandon’s face..



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