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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 4



A private restaurant***

Heather is sitting on a table for three with her dad president Remington, they’re obviously waiting for Brandon to show up, it’s past seven already

“You think that difficult to predict guy will come?” Heather asked

“Of course he will, I already know he’ll be late” president Remington replied

“oh, and here he is” Heather smiled immediately Brandon entered the restaurant

He sat without bothering to apologise for lateness

“Always like this huh?” Heather said

“Good evening president” he bowed, ignoring Heather

*Welcome and I hope it wasn’t stressful finding this place” president Remington asked

” At all, this place is popular so it was easy” he replied

“Let’s eat, it’s caprese steak and Heather said you enjoyed it when it was prepared during the doctors dinner last month, that’s why I ordered for it to be made” president said as the servers served them

“It’s ok’ Brandon said and digged in, eating stylishly

His style of eating will make you think he’s a model

Heather kept stealing glances at him and barely touched her food

“Doctor Brandon” president Remington suddenly said and he looked up

” Yes president?”

” Can you be more free with my family a little bit?, I mean, especially Heather, I was expecting you guys to be in serious friendship by now” he said and Heather smiled, looking straight at Brandon

” We’re friends already, I mean..if she’s my enemy, I won’t be here now” he replied simply

” I know you understand what I mean” president Remington said

Brandon is about to reply when Reagan’s message beeped on his phone, he checked and faced the president

“Time to attend to something, I’ll be on my way president” he stood

“Ok doctor Brandon, be safe” he replied

*See you!” Heather smiled as he left the restaurant

“That old man trying to set me up with Heather huh?, How obvious” he thought as he entered his car

He put a call through to Heather and plugged in his ear pods, it’s ten minutes to eight already

“I’ve been waiting since forever, you have just three minutes to get here” Reagan’s voice said

” F*vk you Reagan” he replied and pressed the ignition, his tyres screeched as he zoomed down the road fast

He drove roughly till he got to where Reagan is waiting at after five minutes

Reagan entered his car and squinted

“Ass.hole” she said

“Should I call you pussy.hole?” Brandon said and Reagan smiled

” You’re always an ass.wipe” she said

“And you’re always a fcking btch” he replied and drove down the road

The short five minutes drive brought them to freedom shore and it collided with just when the Pakistani are just getting out of the ferry

“Right in time” Brandon said, getting out of the car with Reagan after using his mask as usual

” Thank your boss for doing business with us, it’s a privilege” one of them said

Reagan took the money and handed the drugs to them without uttering a word

Brandon flashed his gun in front of them all, meaning, mess and die

They walked back to the ferry without trying shit and the ferry rode away on the water

“Shit! , I was in the mood to shoot a bullet tonight, too bad they didn’t pull dangerous stunts” Brandon said

“Get your f*cking ass into the car” Reagan said

” Like we’re driving home together?’ Brandon said

” Whatever” Reagan replied and Brandon entered his car, another car came for her immediately and the two cars drove off at the same time.

Brandon’s house**

Getting home, Brandon had a long smoke before reading some medical journals while drinking liquor

He covered a lot before deciding to take a walk around the house once again though he has done that countless times

He smoked as he walked around the whole house, it’s big and spacious, not tacky and not too flashy, just exactly what he wants

“My body feels gummy, I should take a shower” he said and went to his room then took off his clothes before entering the bathroom

The Merricks**

Nirvana is just finishing her summary, it’s actually an assignment by one of her lecturers and it has been tiring

She did it in her room cos there’s actually a reading table and chair in a corner, the room is quiet big and colourful

Pictures of Tatiana Manaois was pasted on the wall, she’s her favorite singer, then pictures of her and grandma Kara and many pictures of her and Grayson and her personal pictures

Kara says her room looks childish but she loves it like that

She stretched herself and her mind went to Brandon

“He’s rude, he’s harsh, he’s too serious for my liking, I don’t love him again, I hate all doctors” she said to herself, walking to her window

She loves staying by her window at night, watching the shinning beautiful stars but when she got there, she noticed the windows of the next house is all opened

The house is one of the most magnificent is the street and has been vacant for more than three months now so she’s surprised

“A new person moved in?” She thought

But all the lights inside are off, only the lights surrounding the house outside are on, more suspicious, and as if to affirm her suspicions, the light of a particular room in the house came on and she looked at the room more closely

Little did she know that she’s about to see the most beautiful view of her life

Then the last person she’s expecting to see came to view in the room with only a white towel on his waist, his arm tattoos are so gorgeous and his abs are beautiful, then his face, though it’s far but she knows it’s definitely him

She found it hard to say anything at first cos all the words got stuck in her throat, it’s too shocking!

“Doctor… doctor Brandon?, My crush?” She stuttered

Right now it’s hard to say she doesn’t love him anymore with the handsome view she’s seeing

“It’s really him!, My new next door neighbor!, My handsome crush!”

” I love him, doctor Brandon I love you so much, I love doctors please..” she said, holding her chest as she watched him

“Yes, I’m an unwanted doll, tell me any harsh word and I’ll take it, I’m choking with his gorgeousness… Nirvana you’re chocking I need water” she said, holding her chest tighter as she watched her crush

Then he made for remove the towel from his waist and her eyes widened

“Aarrgh!!’ she screamed and knowingly fell down

” I didn’t see anything I swear….my Greek god* she said and pretended like she passed out.



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