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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 3



Nirvana’s eyes won’t stop bulging, trying to fly out of their real position as she stared at this guy holding her backpack

“You… knew?” She said embarrassedly

” Of course, I’m really more sensitive than you think, I’m not a daft doctor little girl, I always see you snapping me secretly in the hospital and I’m sure your gallery will be occupied by me right now” he replied

Embarrassment wrapped itself round her like a blanket and she found it hard to look at his face again

“Gosh, I got caught, I wish Farrell is here to save me from this” she thought, closing her eyes and breathing hard

Her heartbeat became abnormal and when it felt as if her heart will jump out of her chest, she ceased her breath

“So little girl, why are you stalking me?” Brandon asked

She decided not to talk cos she’s not ready to talk

“It’s because I’m crushing on you” she thought in her mind but dare not say it out

She’s still holding her breath and might just die anytime soon

“Why are you stalking me?” Brandon asked again, studying her facial features as she closed her eyes

Her cheeks are red with artificial blush and her lashes is naturally long and even visible in her glasses, her hair is full to the edge and all this makes her look babyish, a complete little girl, he concluded that she’ll be around seventeen or eighteen

“Little girl, if you decide not to answer me, I’ll kidnap you right here and now” Brandon said and that made her open her eyes quickly, she let out all the breath she has been holding and the fresh breath hit his face rebelliously

“I’m so sorry… I just, I love doctors and…

“You decided to choose me as a case study” Brandon interrupted

” No I actually….

“I know you’re telling lies little girl” he interrupted again

” Gosh!, Is he a wizard?” She thought as Paxton came finally

” Pax you need to save me from him” she said

“You know her?” Paxton asked

” Yes, she’s my… little stalker, the girl who’ll always follow me around in the hospital just to snap me” he replied

” You stalk Brandon?, Why?” Paxton asked

” Oh, so his name is Brandon, nice name, the name is Just as handsome as the owner” she thought and wished she can pinch herself that instant

“I…I…I just love doctors” she replied, blinking like a programmed doll

“The last time I checked, you wanted to become a curator at a museum cos you love history and that’s why you’re a student of history, you’re in arts, what’s this sudden involvement in science” Paxton said

” Idiot, must you implicate me?” She thought, closing her eyes again then an idea popped up in her head

“He’s holding my backpack, i can just slip out my two hands and run out” she thought, calculating the distance between her spot and the door

“I’ll be out in a minute,… one, …two….three” she counted in her mind and slipped off her arms from the bag straps, leaving the bag with Brandon then she started running out but she’d barely taken three steps when her legs collided with each other and she started going down..

“Oh no I’m dead!!!” She screamed and imagined her glasses broken, nose bleeding, face swollen already but a hold on her arm stopped her from falling

Brandon held her and made her stand straight again

She’s breathing heavily and has a shocked look on her face as he let go of her hand

“He just…saved me, my knight in shining armor” she thought and smiled sheepishly

” You’re clumsy, babyish and also funny” Brandon said

” You just defined her, that’s the pure definition of Nirvana…. clumsy,. babyish, funny but you forgot to add two….cute and food loving” Paxton said

“she might be a foodie, but to me… she’s not cute, ..she looks like an unwanted doll” Brandon said and Nirvana’s heart fell, she can imagine him marching it with his two legs

“How could you say that to this cutie” Paxton said

Before Nirvana could control her tears, it fell

“Tears?” Brandon said

*I’m not a little girl, I’m nineteen” she said, wiping her tears

” I hate crying little girls cos they mostly cry cos of candies or lollipops and I don’t have one to give” Brandon said and more tears fell from her eyes

” And also, grandma says I’m cute, my Grayson says I’m cute too, Paxton here says I’m beautiful, Farrell says I’m adorable and Jamison says I’m gorgeous, i don’t know what’s wrong with your eyes cos you’re saying nonsense” she cried

“maybe all those people you mentioned needs to get recommended glasses like you, they all need one each” Brandon said

Nirvana brought out her handkerchief and wiped all the tears in her face then blew her nose on the handkerchief before throwing it at Brandon

“Eew!” Brandon remarked

“I hate you, I hate all doctors” she said and grabbed her bag from him then ran out of the place

“Now why do you have to be so harsh” Paxton said

*I just felt like teasing” Brandon smiled lightly

” Rookie, what do you want?” Paxton asked

“Nothing, just came to say hi” Brandon winked and left

” That nasty dude” Paxton smiled

Nirvana rushed past grandma Kara and Grayson in the living room and never bothered to answer when they were calling till she got to her room

She fell on her bed with her eyes wide opened

“So I’ve been falling for a nasty Greek god all this while, bad guy” she thought

” I really really hate him now” she thought

Grayson entered her room and she kept laying down like that till he sat beside her and stroked her hair

“My Grayson” she said slowly

“Nirva, why did you run in like that, is something wrong?” He asked

She spranged up and stood in front of him, adjusting her glasses

” How do I look?” She asked

“You always look adorable baby sis” he replied, looking at her interestingly

“I knew it, but why is he so blind to…” She stopped halfway

Grayson has always told her to steer clear of guys, always saying she’s too tender for any relationship right now and grandma Kara will always say she must not be caught going out with any guy till she turns twenty but is it her fault that her heart is falling helplessly for the rude doctor?

“Oh I forgot, I hate him now” she thought

“What were you saying?” Grayson asked, pulling her to his laps

She sat on his laps and pecked him

“I’m saying, you’re right!, I’m adorable” she replied and Grayson smiled, touching her hair again

“I love you” he said

“I love you more big brother” she replied and he immediately pecked her on the lips.

It’s not the first time he’ll be pecking her on the lips and she has gotten used to it, counting it as it’s normal

“I love you” he said again

“Love you more my Grayson” she replied and hugged him

Grayson kissed her hair and hugged her back tightly then grandma Kara opened the door and peeped in

Grayson gently pulled her up from his laps. “Why the run?” Kara asked though her eyes is on Grayson

“I was purging so I had to rush here to use the restroom” Nirvana replied

“Come downstairs for dinner then” Kara said

” Grandma I need to…

“Now!” Kara said sternly and Nirvana slowly left the room

“Grandma” Grayson said

“Don’t cross your boundaries” she replied and left

Grayson sighed


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