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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 23



Next morning**

Nirvana woke up and stretched herself on the soft bed, she smiled and when she noticed she’s in a room, she sat up, thinking he eventually carried her to her house last night but she’s surprised to see it’s Brandon’s room

“I passed the night on his bed, I did it!” She gushed, blushing because of that

She quickly got down from the bed and walked out of the room, surprisingly she can walk with it now though it’s still painful but it’s bearable now,

She got to the living room only to see her Greek god sleeping peacefully on the couch

She walked stealthily to him and hovered above him, wanting to touch his bare body again but too bad he’s wearing a shirt

“My Greek god” she smiled and bent over to peck his lips but he suddenly opened his eyes and turned his face, making her lips land on his cheek

“Nirvana ugly thing” he said, sitting up, pretending not to know she pecked him

“Nirvana Merrick” she replied seriously

“How was your night” he asked, surprising her more

“Did you seriously just ask that doctor?” She smiled

“Forget it” he said and stood

” Ok my night was fine” she replied

He’s heading directly towards the door

” We’re leaving already?” She asked

“Of course” he replied, stepping out of the house while she followed sadly

They got in the car and he took the back road which led to the main before getting to her house, he stopped the car and they both came out of the car

Nirvana opened the door and they both went in

Kara jumped up Immediately she saw her

“My little daughter!” She exclaimed, widening her arms and Nirvana rushed to give her a hug

Grayson smiled widely but when his eyes met Brandon’s hard expression, his smile dissappeared and he wondered the reason for his hard stare

“Doctor?, How did you find her?, What happened to you nirva?, Where have you been” Kara said all at once, still hugging Nirvana

” I was kidnapped by some people but luckily I was saved by doctor Brandon” she replied

” Some people?” Kara said

” I don’t know who they are but they look like mafia gang” she replied

“Oh my daughter” Kara said and hugged her again

Brandon kept standing, glaring at Grayson, he had to keep his hands in his pocket to control his punch

“Thanks doctor, thanks a lot, I don’t know how to thank you” Kara said

“Just be careful of the devil whom you’re living with, not all devils have horns and hornless devils are the worse” he said and left the house Immediately

Kara wondered what it might mean while Grayson got suspicious, thinking maybe Nirvana told him the truth

Nirvana refused to talk to him, rather she went upstairs with Kara.

The Millions cartel in porta Venezia, Milan**

Stone grabbed his gun and killed the remaining hitmen who escaped Brandon at the Fiera cartel last night

He shot them all more than six times each, flooding everywhere with blood

“Shit!, That bastard burnt out the whole cartel!, I built it with trillions of dollars and he burnt it in a night!” He spat angrily, smoking furiously and holding his gun firmly with his right hand, smoking with the left

“He took away the girl I kept as a bait!, Zelda will laugh hard at me that his weapon defeated me!, He burnt down a whole cartel!” He snarled again, sitting frustratedly

The hitmen in the room kept quiet, they know better than to talk cos in his furious mood, death is the answer

“Call Dolly, we’re getting that girl again” he ordered

” Yes boss”

Preston hospitals**

“Please save my mother, a doctor said she can’t be operated upon again cos she has a slim chance of survival, please help me I don’t want to lose my mother” Brandon heard a kid pleading as he passed by a ward

He went back to see the kid in front of Heather , a woman is lying lifelessly on the bed in the ward

“Kid, the surgery is a dangerous one, it might lead to a table death if care is not taken, she has pus in her womb and it’ll be dangerous to operate on, but your mum will be fine” Heather said

” I know she won’t be fine, will I lose my mother and my baby brother that’s in her womb?’ the kid cried

“You won’t” Brandon said, going fully Into the ward

” Doctor Brandon” Heather smiled

“You won’t lose your mum nor her baby ok?” Brandon said, bending in front of the kid

” Will you operate on my mum?” He asked

Brandon smiled and that surprised Heather, first time she’ll be seeing him smile and it’s damn cute!, He smiles like a bunny and it took her breath away

“Sure, I’ll operate on her” he said and the kid smiled before Brandon stood

” Dad ordered that no one should operate on her” Heather said

“Why?, Just watch her die?” He said

“No… She has a slim chance of survival if she gets surgery and also she can’t afford the bills” she said

” Are you really a doctor?” Brandon said

” What!” Heather said

” Have you forgotten the pledge?, That lives comes first before money?, And that slim chance of survival is still something, is that really the issue or you’re scared? ” He said


“How can you be scared to save a life and call yourself a doctor?” He said

” I just thought…I shouldn’t disobey dad” she said slowly

” You’re assisting me, tell the interns to prepare the theatre for surgery, don’t inform the president” he said and left the ward

30 minutes later**

Brandon entered the theatre where Heather and the other interns are already waiting with the patient on table for surgery

He was dressed and he stood on his spot

“Scalpel” he said and it was handed to him

He started the surgery and twenty minutes into it,he succeeded in removing the pus and bring out the child successfully

It’s a baby girl, she started crying immediately she was taken out and handed to the interns but almost immediately..

The vitals of the mother started going down and panic started setting in, president Remington appeared at the viewing spot on the rails with Mateo

Brandon looked up at them and saw an arrogant smirk on Mateo’s face, the look on president Remington’s face is not understandable so he just concentrated back

He go the long defibrillators and started the shocks desperately, Heather hoped fervently that the mother should be fine as Brandon continued

Mateo smiled on his spot and Remington thought maybe this is how he’ll get him

But it all erased when the vitals came back and Brandon inhaled hard

Heather smiled though her nose mask concealed the smile

“Close her up” Brandon said and left the theatre

Heather started the closing up with the interns

“Disobeying me has become your priority ” Remington said when he met Brandon at the hallway

“I did it to save a life and I saved the life, you should be glad instead” he replied

” This arrogance again” Remington smiled

“What if you lost her” Mateo said

“That can never happen cos I’m not a quack like someone” he replied and started leaving

” That bastard* Mateo blurted

” See me in my office for your punishment” Remington said

” I’ll come anytime I feel like” Brandon replied without looking back till he’s out of sight

He got to his office and Paxton’s call rang on his phone immediately

“Don, she’s driving down the dusty Minos road right now, I mean the girl you sent me her picture to track” Paxton said Immediately he picked

” Dolly?”.

” Sure, I knowingly deflated her tyre with a bullet and she’s at a standstill right now” Paxton replied and Brandon hung up

He rushed out of the hospital and drove fast to the road which is not that far from the hospital

He got down the road and truly saw her, she’s kicking her car tyres frustratedly

Brandon came out of his car and drew out his gun then started walking towards her

Dolly saw him and drew her gun too and pointed it at him

“Don’t come closer or I’ll shoot you!’ she threatened but Brandon is not freaked till he got to her and grabbed her hand, turned her back to himself and bent her over to the car bonnet, hitting her head on it

“Bastard!” She yelled

” Your father’s first name right?, Stupid dog!” He said, pointing his gun at her head while she kept struggling

He’s holding her with just one hand

“I know you’re Stone’s spy, I know you work for him and he sent you to The Vikings cartel and you know what?, I don’t care !” He said, seething with anger

” Then why the hell are you doing this you motherf*cker!” She struggled

” The girl who was kidnapped yesterday, had it been she was killed I swear it you’d be twenty feet below the sea right now” he said

” But she was wounded, which is why I came to wound you too” Brandon said

” Let me go!” She shouted

Brandon hit her head hard on the bonnet and her eyes started turning her as her nose and head bleed profusely

He released her and she staggered till she fell heavily

“If you touch even a strand of her hair or her pinky finger again…. I’ll kill you” Brandon said and shot her arm

” Aarrgh!!!” She groaned in pains, holding unto her arm

“You just tasted my little warning, touch her again and I’ll suck life out of your body, b*tch!” He said and walked to his car, got in and drove off



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