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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 2


( All I Want Is You… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



“Where’s boss?” Reagan asked the gallant guards in the living room when she entered Zelda’s house

“In the power room” one of them replied and she head directly to the power room with the two bags on her hands

The power room is like a warehouse where all the goods, drugs are packaged before they’ll take them for delivery

“You came back early” Zelda said Immediately she entered

She dropped the two bags on the table

One contains the drugs while the other contains the money

“They tried shit but we turned them to shit” Reagan said and Zelda smiled

” So Ben’s men tried to play fck, but it’s great, you did the fcking right thing, they should have known I’m dangerous than trying shit, where’s Brandon?” He asked as he directed one of the hitmen in the room to take the two bags

“He left” Reagan replied

“He’s really one f*vking son, I dunno why a son will be irritated by his dad’s face” Zelda said

” You probably don’t like him too Lord Zelda” Reagan said

“You can say that again, we hate each other but he only obeys me, isn’t that funny?” Zelda said, looking back at Reagan

“f*cking funny” Reagan said, smiling lightly

” Delivery is 8pm tomorrow, Freedom shore, the Pakistani are coming for their goods, inform Brandon” Zelda said, taking a smoke from one of his hitmen

“Yes Lord” Reagan said and took a bow before leaving

Her house is not too far from Zelda’s house so she got there after five minutes drive

She dialled Brandon’s line immediately she came in and he picked fast

“Missed me?” He said

“My foot, well another delivery by 8pm tommorow at freedom shore, we meet at the juncture in your street” she said

” Too bad I’m changing houses tommorow, I’m moving into a new apartment” he replied

” What the freaking f*ck, so sudden” she said

“I hate this too but I gat to do it, I suddenly lost interest in my current house so I’m moving out tommorow morning” he replied

” So what’s your new address?” She asked

“14, Infinity close” he replied, she can almost smell smoke from the phone as he spoke

“Smoking again huh?” She said

“Even if I burn my liver, I ain’t stopping, I don’t have a future so I don’t care if I die tomorrow or the next day after that, I can even die now, I don’t care” Brandon said

” Now I know you’re f*cking senseless” Reagan said

“there’s no f*cking way a professional doctor will be senseless, I cure a lot of diseases and perform countless successful surgeries everyday” he replied cockily

” And you kill everyday” Reagan replied.

“Save and kill, that’s my two speciality, and that’s why I’m f*cking dangerous secretly” he replied

” Yeah I know, I wonder how your hospital president will react when he learns that the best surgeon in his hospital is a mafia’s heir who kills on a daily basis” Reagan said

“where are we gonna meet at tommorow?” He asked, changing the topic

” I’ll stay at the road that leads to your new street, meet me there, need me to come and help you with packing tommorow?” She asked

” No, Paxton and the men I hired will be enough” he replied and hung up .

Reagan dropped the phone and smiled

“He’s, unpredictable and…. even at that I can’t deny the fact that he’s f*cking handsome” she thought, remembering his bare body from the other time as she entered the bathroom for a night shower

The Merricks**

The door pushed open and Nirvana peeped in to see if grandma Kara is not in the living room so she can sneak in but she’s unlucky

Grandma Kara is sitting as sternly as usual in the living room

“Oh gosh, I’m in trouble” she said to herself and closed her eyes, on the count of one to three she rushed in and knelt in front of grandma

“Grandma I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have come home late I know but Farrell needed to change her wardrobe so I had to follow her to the boutique, we spent so much time there and that’s why I’m late, I’m so sorry” she pleaded

” I think I told you you must not stay out till past eight, this is past nine, is Farrell important than me?” Grandma Kara said sternly

” I’m so sorry grandma, I won’t do it again” she pleaded, adjusting her glasses and Grayson giggled from the dinning room

“Your eyes aren’t good enough to stay late nights, and you refused to go for surgery, I’m just, being concerned” Kara said

” Grandma I’m sorry” Nirvana said again

“And in the morning, you refused to eat before leaving for school” Kara said

” I ate at the school cafeteria” she replied

” Of course you’d have eaten,I know you don’t joke with your stomach but this mustn’t happen again, now you need to go freshen up and come back for dinner” Kara said

” No grandma, I’ll eat before i freshen up , I’m starving a lot” she replied and stood, she pecked Kara after hugging her

“Love you grandma!” She said and rushed to Grayson in the dining room, Grayson is her senior brother

She sat on his laps and pecked his chin

“Much love my Grayson” she smiled

“I love you baby sis, how was school?” He asked

” It was fun with Farrell and Jamison, they saved me when a punk tried to disturb” she replied

” You’re too cute for any disturbance” Grayson said, removing her glasses

” Well maybe Shawn is too blind to see that, wear my glasses for me, I can’t see a damn thing” she said and Grayson chuckled before putting on the glasses for her again

He kissed her hair and Kara looked back at them

“Nirvana I think I told you to go freshen up and come back for dinner” she said

” Ok grandma!” She replied and quickly rushed upstairs

Kara gave Grayson a blank look before taking off her glasses

Nirvana got upstairs and dropped her backpack on the bed then changed into comfy woolen sweaters that reached her mid thigh

She’s about to go back downstairs when she remembered her crush

She picked her phone and went to gallery to check his pictures again

That’s what she does almost everytime, staring at his pictures

She stared as usual and admired him more

“Everytime I look at his pictures, I fall in love more and more, gosh!, Age is not a problem, I just love this doctor” she said, blushing heavily at his handsomeness

” His gentle face depicts that he’ll be gentle himself, though I love stubborn guys too but being gentle is not that bad” she thought and hugged her phone, imagining him as the one she’s hugging

“I have only two classes tommorow, I’ll go to the museum then after that I can go stalking at the hospital again!” She said to herself

” Nirvana!” Grandma Kara’s voice called

“Coming grandma!” She yelled and rushed downstairs

Next day, 11am, Preston hospitals**

“I’ve been calling your line but you won’t pick” Heather said to Brandon immediately he appeared in the hospital

“I relocated today so I’ve been busy, no time to pick calls” he replied

” Oh, good job yesterday once again, how was your night?” Heather asked

” Seriously?, I hate that question” he replied

“Why?’ Heather asked

” I feel like it’s a common question for lovers” he replied simply

” Your attitude again” Heather smiled

“What’s up?, Any surgeries today?” He asked, walking on the corridor with her

” Yes two, Dr Mateo handled one while I handled one, but they’re not severe cases” she replied

” Then why were you calling me?” He asked, bringing out his phone and truly he missed ten calls from her

“Dad says he wants to see you in his office” she smiled

” Oh, then I guess I should go, see you around” he said and left

” His personality, he looks careless and careful at the same time, sometimes cold sometimes nice sometimes harsh sometimes kind but even at all of this, he still manages to be handsome, he’s unique” she smiled

President Remington’s office**

Mateo is already sitting with president Remington when Brandon entered the office

“Have your sit” the president said and he obliged

“Good job yesterday, I’m impressed and I’m proud of you” he said

” There’s really no need to praise me, someone might die” he replied, looking at Mateo with the corner of his eyes

“I just have a lot of praises to chant and I might explode if I contain it, I decided to give out a little,good job once again” president Remington said

He only nodded and looked at Mateo who has an hardened expression

” And doctor Mateo, though you were both tagged as the two best in here but he’s actually the best, you come after him, try to imitate him and improve your knowledge” president Remington said and Mateo only nodded

“Why don’t you come for dinner with my family tonight?” President Remington asked Brandon

” I’ll politely reject that, I have something to attend to tonight at eight” he replied

” Then we can make it seven, just an hour dinner at my private restaurant if there’s no surgery that needs to be performed then” president Remington said

” Oh, I can’t say” Brandon stood

“I’ll take that as a yes, you can both leave” he said and they left the office together

Heather is waiting in front of the office when they came out

“What did he say?” He asked both of them

“I got praised but someone got admonished” Brandon said

Heather looked at Mateo and before she knew it, Mateo grabbed her hand and took her away

Brandon smiled. “Arrogant fellow, brain is always better than money”

” What are you doing Mateo, we’re in the hospital” Heather struggled with him till they got to a silent end

He let her go and faced her

“Why are you always supporting him?, I’m the one who deserves your support!” Mateo ranted

” This is the real reason why I don’t support you, you’re so full of yourself, Mateo you’re arrogant” she replied

“like arrogance is a disease?’ Mateo said

” It’s not but it will make you lose a lot!, You’re always boasting of being better than him, having a lot of experience than him, having a lot of cars than him and being richer than him even when your salaries are the same” Heather replied

” I’ve got a rich father and….”

“And so that makes you richer but the fact still remains that he’s more brilliant Mateo, stop this pride it doesn’t suit you” Heather said, breathing heavily and she started walking away

” Do you…feel something for him?, It’s rare to see you standing up for someone like this Heather” Mateo said

Heather left without answering the question and Mateo sighed

Bliss college**

“Whoa!, Two classes done and dusted!” Nirvana shouted, leaving the class with Jamison and Farrell

” What should we do next?” Farrell asked

“You guys should follow me to the boutique, I need to change my wardrobe so I need to shop” Jamison said

” Yesterday it was Farrell so today it’s you, no I’m not interested, have I told you how grandma rebuked me for staying late night last night?, No I’m not ready to follow you and besides, I need to go to the museum, bye!” Nirvana said and walked away fast

” Did she just say that much in one seconds?, Such a talkative” Jamison said and looked at her left side but Farrell too is gone.

“When did she leave, f*ck it! these two devils” He said

Vincenzo folklore museum**

Nirvana entered the museum, skipping her legs in like a kid and her backpack jumped up and down behind her

Her glasses stood cutely on her face and her silky hair flew in the air

“Hey museum!, I’m here again!” She said and picked her book and pen to jot down things again

She got serious as she walked around the museum, everything she sees there everyday is always interesting to her

“Hey girl” a familiar voice said behind her and she looked back to see Paxton

He’s a curator who manages the museum and she’s friends with him, that’s why she has no problem with entering freely though he seems older, maybe around twenty two but they talk casually

“Paxton” she smiled and he came closer to give her a hug which she quickly broke

“You didn’t come yesterday, I missed you” he said, pulling her cheek

” I followed my friend to shop but now here I am” she replied

“What should I get for you?, Or did you decide not to eat today? ” He asked

” Not to eat?, How funny, I’ll take any available snacks and juice, thanks” she said and flaunted her hair stylishly

” How do you manage to be cute even after eating a lot” Paxton said

“I’m Nirvana Merrick, born to eat and glow” she smiled, taking her book again

” Dude” someone said from the entrance and they both looked that way

Her eyes widened and almost left their sockets when she saw who it is, her crush!

She rushed to the back of one of the shelves and hid though she can still see them from there

“Don” Paxton said when Brandon finally got to him

*Thanks for helping me relocate” Brandon said

” It’s rare to see you thanking me, do you need something?” Paxton asked and Brandon smiled with a side of his face

” Nothing much, but you were talking to someone, did she teleport?” Brandon asked and Nirvana’s heart skipped beats in her hiding place

“Nirvana…” Paxton said and looked behind him but she’s gone

“But she was here….” He said

Nirvana tried to hide well but ended up making a sharp sound when she mistakenly hit her elbow on the shelf

Brandon came that way Immediately and she quickly stood then tried to run to another corner but someone held her backpack from behind

Without anyone telling her, she knows it’s him, her heart continued slamming hard on her chest as she slowly looked back at him

It’s the first time she’ll be seeing him up close and she’s not mistaken, he’s really really handsome, just like a Greek god

She smiled sillily before he spoke

“My little stalker?” He said and her eyes widened….



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