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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 19



( All I Want Is You… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



“What’s happening?, Is something wrong between you guys?” Paxton asked immediately Nirvana left

“Nothing much” Brandon said and sat dejectedly

“You’re not ok, I can smell it” Paxton said, sitting beside him

” Maybe” Brandon replied, heaving silently while hitting his pointer finger slightly on the table, a sign of restlessness

“Is it because of Stone?, The Millions?” Paxton said silently

” He’s a minor case, not him” Brandon replied

“Just be careful, I don’t want to lose you” Paxton said

” I don’t have a future so you can’t be sure if you’ll lose me or not” he replied

” I hate that sentence it’s not making any f*cking sense” Paxton said

” But it’s the truth, I’m the son of a monster and I won’t last” he replied

“Stop talking like this all the time!, You have a future and you won’t die!” Paxton said seriously and Brandon smiled at his seriousness

” Being serious huh?” He smiled

“And what’s going on between you and Nirvana?” Paxton asked

” Look Pax, I’m too frustrated to talk” he replied

“Talk to me already, I offered her food and she refused, the Nirvana I know will jump up at the mention of ice cream but she didn’t, she looks sad too and her wrist is even bandaged, she told me she fell in school and that was why her wrist sprained…. don’t tell me you’re behind it all” Paxton said

” I don’t tell lies, so yes I am” Brandon replied

” Brandon I know you’re always cold but can you please be gentle on her?, She means a lot to me, she’s a girl I take as my little sis” Paxton said

” I did it to protect her” Brandon replied

“Who hurts to protect?, Are you doing it on purpose cos you know she has a big crush on you?” Paxton said

” Just listen Paxton!, Listen it’s not my fault!, Zelda is frustrating the shit out of me and he just recruited new hitmen and women, he enlarged his cartel and moved to a bigger one!, One of the hit women he employed is frustrating life for me too!, She told Zelda about Nirvana and I’ve been told to stay away from her if I don’t want her dead and as if that’s not enough president Remington is trying to squeeze life out of my lungs!, I’m not balanced!” He yelled at the top of his voice

He brought out his cigarette pack from his jacket pocket and got a lighter from his trousers pocket, he lightened the cigarette and puffed for long, standing up

“I’m sorry for my lack of understanding, but please try as much as possible to treat Nirvana with caution, she’s one fragile girl and I’m sure you know* Paxton said but Brandon kept quiet

“And the b*tch you’re talking about, can’t you just kill her?” Paxton said

” Of course I can, but I’m just waiting for the right timing, I sense something about her” Brandon replied

” Oh, I understand, just be careful bro” Paxton said

Nirvana went straight home and met only Grayson at home, Kara is not yet back from work

“You told me you have three classes and it’s ending by 3, this is just past 2″ he said

” I just felt sick, that’s why I came” she replied and went upstairs straight

She entered her room and fell on the bed , thinking about what happened earlier

She almost died when she took her hands from him but she had to do it though

She hugged her pillow and made puppy faces

“I miss him” she said slowly

Her door slowly opened and Grayson entered

“What exactly is wrong?, You can talk to me right?” He said, sitting beside her on the bed

” I’m just concerned about…

” Your wrist!’ he said suddenly, grabbing her hand

He’s just seeing it

“Oh that?, I fell in the school restroom and I sprained it, it’s minor you don’t have to worry” she said

” Please be ok, ok?” He said, raising his hand to her cheek

“I’ll be fine” she replied, smiling lightly and expecting him to take his hand off her cheek but he kept rubbing with his thumb

“Grayson I need to sleep” she said, hoping that’ll make him stop but it didn’t work a bit

He started leaning in for a kiss and she wondered what has come over him again, he has that lustfull look on his mischievous face

“Grayson you can’t….”

“Shhhh” he interrupted, meaning she shouldn’t talk

She watched as he continued leaning in more and more

When his face is just inches away from hers, she tried to push him away but he held tighter and never let go, trying to kiss her forcefully

“No….no Gray stop… Gray stop this no!’ she kept struggling till she succeeded in diving her naturally long nails into his arm and he let her go

She jumped down from the bed and escaped from the room, running till she got out of the house

She felt it’s still not safe outside the house so she rushed into the street till she got to the base of a tree beside the road

She sat on the chair under the tree, watching the cars coming and going

Her neck even got bruised slightly as a result of his tight hold on it and it hurts

“Why is Grayson behaving like that?, I’m scared of him….I’m scared” she thought, deciding to wait there till Kara’s car will pass by but that changed when a car suddenly stopped beside the road…..

Preston hospitals**

Heather met Mateo just in front of her office while going home

“You look like you’re not too ok, is something wrong?” He asked

” None of your business” she replied and made to leave but he held her

” Tell me what’s wrong” he said seriously

“You’re a doctor, you should be able to tell when a person is in the mood to talk or not” she replied and took her hand from him before walking away

Mateo sighed and watched till she’s out of sight

Heather got home and tried Brandon’s line but he won’t pick

A part of her is happy about what her dad said cos she’s really in love with Brandon and it’ll be the most happiest thing she has ever experienced if they date but another part of her is sad about it cos she knows Brandon hates force, trying to use force on him will aggravate his anger and when he’s angry he’s scary ,she doesn’t want that at all

No matter how much he calls, he won’t pick, she almost went crazy cos of that, she scattered her hair in frustration and got alcohol from her cellar, she started drinking and continued dialling his line till she got drunk

The Vikings cartel, past 8pm**

Zelda just finished taking a stroll round the whole cartel with four of his hitmen and at the end he ended up killing three ladies who he suspected to be spies

He got back to his mansion at the back of his cartel and called for Reagan

She came with one of the hitmen immediately.

“What are you still doing here when it’s almost time for the exchange?” He said as he ordered one of his men to light a smoke for him

He took it and puffed, blowing out the smoke rebelliously

“Lord Zelda, I’m still waiting for Dolly” she bowed

” Where’s she?” Zelda asked

” I have no idea and her line is off” she replied

“Fish out that b*tch!” Zelda yelled

A b*tch walked in nakedly and started giving Zelda BJ right in front of everyone

“Sure Lord” Reagan replied and left for searching, she searched the whole cartel for her and almost didn’t find her till she got to the back of the big kitchen

“I have to go now, I don’t want suspicions” Dolly’s voice said and came out from there

She looks shocked to see Reagan who acted neutral

“How long have you been here?” She asked

“I don’t have to tell you” Reagan replied and made to go but Dolly raised her leg to kick her, Reagan ducked and grabbed her leg, pulling her down

Dolly stood and succeeded in throwing a punch at Reagan’s face but Reagan returned it

Dolly suddenly grabbed Reagan’s neck, her back is on her so she tried to choke her , Reagan tried hard to take Dolly’s arm off her neck but the girl is madly tough

Reagan had to hit her elbow on Dolly’s belly before she let her go, she jumped on Dolly and they both went down together, landing In the sharp sandy soil which pierced through their bodies as they combated in the sand, wounding each other

“You both, follow me” a voice said and they stopped, breathing heavily and they’re both bleeding from the mouth slightly

It’s the head of the hitmen, the closest to Zelda, he stood gallantly with his gun, his six packs bulging dangerously like his eyes, his name is Cosby

They followed him till they got to Zelda who’s still receiving bj

“Caught them combatting” Cosby said

“It’s almost time for delivery!, You both want me to waste your lives just like you wasted my time?, You want me to do that?” Zelda said, dangerously grabbing his gun

” Mercy Lord Zelda, have mercy your lordship” Reagan bowed and Dolly did the same

” It’s twenty minutes downside nine, you guys must get Brandon and make the exchange before eight, I don’t have to tell you guys to watch your f*cking asses, The Millions will surely make a move but I don’t care who dies, I just want my cash!” Zelda said authoritatively

” Yes Lord Zelda” they bowed and left

“Choke yourself with my dck!, Choke yourself with it!” Zelda said aggressively, spanking the ass of the btch

Reagan and Dolly got in the same car though they didn’t say a word to each other as Reagan drove till they got to the juncture where they’ll pick Brandon who’s already waiting

He got in the car with them and the silent drive continued though Reagan stole glances at him till they got to the exchange spot

They got out of the car and Brandon used his mask before coming out too

He can hear Dolly grunting but he decided to ignore it,he knows just what he’s doing

The car of their exchange partners arrived and Reagan stayed at alert with Brandon as Dolly made the exchange

They finished making it and the other party left

Then what they expected started happening, gunshots from every angle, Brandon quickly snuck beside the car

Dolly somersaulted and shot viciously with one hand, holding the cash bag with the other

Reagan faced every angle and rained bullet though she got shot in the arm but she still kept shooting without stopping

Brandon looked at the two guns with him and smiled inwardly

“Let’s go to work babies” he said and left the back of the car, he joined in the shooting and brought down many

Dolly got shot in the arm too but she still stood her ground

The place soon got flooded with dead bodies of the millions gang

Brandon smiled as the time bomb he told his hitmen to plant earlier started exploding all round the place, bomb exploded in their own side too, seems The Millions are prepared too

The three of them landed on the other side of the road and the war died down, Brandon sustained an injury on his arm but it’s minor

His phone rang in his pocket immediately and he hesitated before picking the call from the unknown number

“Doctor…. doctor please I don’t want to die!, Doctor they’re torturing me please I don’t want to die!!!, I can’t see a thing please give me my glasses!, Doctor Brandon they’ll kill me!, Please save me!, I don’t want to die please!!!” Nirvana’s voice said on the phone

Brandon’s eyes widened, for the first time in centuries he’s shocked

“Nirvana…. Nirvana” he said impatiently

“This is the head hitman of Stone, she’s dying tommorow morning and that’s the beginning of Stone’s payback!” An husky voice said and hung up

” Fck!, Fck!, F*ck…. Nirvana… Nirvana” he said and rushed into the car, driving off roughly



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