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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 18



( All I Want Is You… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



Brandon lightened a smoke immediately he got into the house, he puffed a lot and almost choked on it, holding his head frustratedly

“Damn you Zelda!, Damn you!” He yelled loudly, hitting his palm on the wall angrily

He got himself alcohol from the cellar and gulped it directly from the bottle, he’s seeing Dolly’s face in the process and at the same time, Zelda’s face refused to leave his memory too

He drank aggressively and threw away the bottle

He rushed upstairs and when he got to his room, Maggie’s face appeared in his memory again, he sat on the ground and backed the wall slowly with his face up

“I deserve all of this, I deserve all… of it” he muttered

Nirva sneaked back home and sat on her bed sadly, she’s not crying anymore but she’s hurting, her wrist hurts too

“Why was he so vicious earlier?, Why was he?” She asked herself

“He told me to stay away from him if I don’t want to die, he told me to run if I see him, he told me to avoid him, can I really do all that?, Can I?” She asked himself, trying hard not to cry

” But i guess he meant all what he said, he wasn’t smiling, he meant it, should I really do that?” She asked herself

She felt like her head is pounding and spinning so she called Farrell

“Thanks for picking” she said Immediately Farrell picked

“Your voice is somehow, what’s wrong?” Farrell asked

” I … Want to ask something” she replied

” Yes?”

” When a guy you love tells you to stay away from him, it means what?” She asked

” Maybe he’s going through some things he doesn’t want to tell anyone, give him space he’ll come around, if he tells you to stay away then stay away for the time being, wait are you talking about your crush?” Farrell said

” Oh…yes, thanks for the advice bestie” Nirvana replied and hung up

She dropped her phone and lay down on her bed

” So I really have to avoid him at all costs, I have to run anytime I see him and stay away from him, I’m sad, it’ll be hard.. .but I’ll try” she thought

Next morning**

Gray came back to the house just when Nirvana is coming downstairs for breakfast, she smiled and he hugged her lightly

“You didn’t tell me you’ll be sleeping at your friends place last night” she said

” Are you mad at me?” He said

” A lot” she pouted

” I’m so sorry, I just….I felt like if I sleep here….I might not be able to control…. control myself around you… you know” he said

” How?” She asked confusedly

He won’t stop staring at her lips, her fragility and cute beauty added to her gorgeousness, her lips is small and too tempting, so much that he was tempted to kiss her but he restrained himself

” you won’t understand, how was your night by the way?” He asked

” It was fine, yours?” She asked

” It was ok, let’s eat” she said

” No, I need to shower first” he replied

” Alright” she replied and he went upstairs

She went to the dinning and sat, meal was served but she barely has an appetite, she just ate a little

“Something wrong?” Kara asked, settling down beside her

“No grandma, I think I’m going on a diet” she replied and stood

” Nirvana?, Going on a diet?” Kara said, surprise is written allover her face

“Yes grandma, I need to go prepare for school” she replied and went upstairs

She entered the bathroom immediately for a warm shower

Grayson finished dressing up in his room and thought of going to check if she’s back in her room already

He got there and can’t find her but can hear shower sounds from the bathroom and the bathroom door is slightly opened

He slowly walked there and peeped in, having a full carnal knowledge of her, he saw her stark naked, bathing under the shower

Her body is fresh and innocent, tempting and gorgeous, so gorgeous that it made him lick his lips as if to say he’s licking her, he became hard on that spot and when he noticed she’s done, he rushed out of room and went back to his room, looking at the devil bulging between his trousers

“How do I handle these feelings” he asked himself.

Brandon’s house**..

He planned not to go to work today but he later changed his mind when Heather won’t let him rest with calls

He dressed up and left the house, immediately he came out he remembered how he roughly pushed Nirvana last night and the sound of her painful wince resounded in his ears

He felt guilty but when he felt he did it to make danger far away from her, he stopped himself and got in his car but he kept wondering if her wrist is ok till he got to work

He went straight to his office to smoke a while cos there’s a surgery waiting for him to perform

He left his office and went to the theater, meeting Heather by the door

“Mateo is the leading doctor, you’re assisting” she said

“Are you freaking kidding me?” He replied

” Dad ordered it to be that way” Heather replied

” Fck president Remington!, Fck him!, I can’t f*cking be an assisting doctor in Mateo’s surgery , I don’t do shits!” He yelled

” Calm down Brandon it’s….

“Don’t tell me to calm down and you know what?, I’m outta here!” He snapped and stormed out of the theatre, meeting Mateo just in front of the theatre with a satisfactory smile on his face

“Hop into the theatre, my assistant” he smiled

“Smile all you want now, when time comes to cry, you’re have to google how to cry I swear” Brandon said and angrily went to president Remington’s office

He’s sitting regally as usual

“What’s the meaning of that shit!” He yelled

“You’re pretending as if you don’t get all the passes I’m making” the president replied, taking off his glasses

” To make me end up with Heather?, And what the hell are you thinking?, That I’ll agree?, I don’t have a future!, only those who dream of one will wanna have something to do with some girl!” He yelled

” Shouting at me in my office can cost you suspension but I pardon you” the president replied calmly

“So you want me to go there into the theatre and assist in a surgery with bloody Mateo as the lead surgeon?, I can’t f*cking do that damn thing!” He yelled

” If you agree to marry my daughter, it’s not too late, I can return all the favor you used to get from me” Remington said

” So now getting married to your daughter is the only way” Brandon said

” Of course, Mateo is willing to do that and that’s why you saw changes in my behavior to him” Remington replied

” Well bring it on Mr President, cos no matter what, I’ll forever stand on my ground!, No space for any distraction in my mind, I’m outta here,do what you like” he said and stormed out of the office

Last night was frustrating, but today is more frustrating even early in the morning

“Can this week get any worse?, Can it!” He yelled

“Brandon!” Heather called from behind him and he turned his angry eyes to her, scaring her with even that

“Brandon what happened?, You look too angry” she said

“Go ask your f*cking father!” He snapped and left Immediately

Heather waited for a while before walking angrily to the president’s office

She opened the door roughly and went in

“I already know what you’re here to ask and here’s a straight answer…. Start going out with Brandon,you both will get engaged soon” president Remington said and her eyes widened

” What !, Dad!” She yelled shockingly

Bliss college, cafeteria**

“You’re eating less, are you ok?” Farrell asked sad Nirvana

Her wrist is bandaged already cos she’s feeling much pain from there so she got it treated on her way to school this morning

“I’m just… Sad” she replied

“Is this still about that doctor?” Farrell asked and she nodded

” Just calm down and eat well, your advisor already told you he’ll come around, believe her” Jamison said, eating from his plate of macaroons

” What’s the gist you have for me?, Tell me and make me stop thinking about him a little bit” Nirvana said, finally dropping her fork cos she’s tired of it already, she has only eaten two spoons of it

“Shawn bumped into me in the supermarket yesterday and wanted to play arrogant again, I punched him on the face, you should notice his swollen face, it’s me, it was bomb!” She said loudly and Shawn appeared immediately , truly his face is swollen

Jamison started laughing and everyone started staring at him like a mad personality

He stuck hands with Farrell who’s laughing mockingly too

Shawn had to leave when they’re laughing too much

If it’s on a normal day, Nirvana’s laughter will be the loudest but right now to her, it’s meaningless

She stood abruptly

“Where to?” Farrell asked

“The museum” she replied and without waiting for any word from them again, she left the school

Vincenzo folklore museum**

“You look sad” Paxton said, settling down in front of Nirvana who’s busy drawing jargons in her book

“Yes I am” she replied sullenly


“Nothing” she replied

“It’s strange, how can you be sad without a reason” Paxton said

” I know, but I’m ok, it’ll only last for a while” she replied and smiled sadly

” Want something to eat?, Ice cream?” Paxton asked

“No thanks” she replied

” You rejected something eatable?, Now I know something is really wrong, tell me” Paxton said

She’s about to talk when approaching footsteps stopped her

“Don!” Paxton said radiantly when Brandon appeared

Their eyes met and Nirvana can feel her heart skipping beats, though she still saw him last night but she can’t deny the fact that she missed him so much but his words are still so clear


Brandon’s eyes stood transfixed on her bandaged wrist and right now, guilt overpowered him

Nirvana adjusted her glasses and stood

“You’re leaving?” Paxton said as she packed her book

“I’ll see you tomorrow* she said and smiled lightly before starting to walk out of the museum, passing by Brandon without looking at his face

Brandon is unaware of when he grabbed her other arm and she almost choked with shock as he took the bandaged hand and looked at it guiltily

She took her hand from him and faced him though she had to hold her breath while looking at his face

“I’m trying to do what you said, please don’t make it harder to do” she said and left slowly

Brandon watched her till she’s out of sight, guilt almost kicking life out of him



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