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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 17



“Did you later get the journal?” Farrell asked Nirvana on phone as her car stopped in front of the house

“Yes but I nearly didn’t get it, I got the last one” she replied

“Silly girl, Jamison wants to talk to you” Farrell said and handed the phone to Jamison

“Just wait till I see you in school tomorrow, I’ll kill you and fry your body then feed it to the fishes” Nirvana said

” What did I do again?” Jamison said

“You didn’t come to say hi to me after I left the hospital and you didn’t even call, has Rosalind taken over all of your brains?” Nirvana said

” Partly yes, she complains a lot that I don’t give her attention so I have to spend much time with her these days I’m sorry” Jamison replied

” You met me before you met your girlfriend” Nirvana said

” But you’re not my girlfriend, you can’t give what she gives” Jamison replied

” Like love?, That’s true, even the heavens know I hate you” Nirvana replied

” And good s*x” Jamison replied

“Fck you Jami, fck you, give the phone to Farrell, she’s the only friend I have for now I hate you!!!!” Nirvana screamed, coming out of her car

” I hate you more!!” Jamison screamed back

“Are you guys done with your drama?” Farrell said Immediately she got the phone

” He’s becoming a pervert, Rosalind is spoiling him” Nirvana said

” I have a great gist for you” Farrell replied

“Tell me please!” Nirvana replied, opening the door and entering the house

“I’ll tell you in school tomorrow” Farrell replied and hung up

” Farrell it’s unfair” Nirvana pouted and went to Kara who’s at the dinning

” She came early tonight” Kara said as she hugged her

” I smell something really nice” she said, sniffing the air

“Your favorite spaghetti and meatballs” Kara said

” OMG!!!!!, I love you grandma!” She screamed

Kara ordered the maids to start serving and Nirvana noticed Grayson isn’t around

“Where’s Gray?” She asked

“He’ll be sleeping at his friend’s place” Kara replied

” He didn’t tell me” Nirvana said slowly

” Go change and come back before dinner gets cold” Kara said

“Yes grandma” she replied and went upstairs

She changed into simple wear and peeped out through the window, Brandon’s window is still closed

“My Greek god is not yet back from work” she smiled and remembered his smile earlier

She bit down on her small lower lip and smiled wider

“His lips looks more tempting when he smiled earlier, why do I feel like kissing him again” she said, licking her lips

She fell on her bed happily and hope fervently that Kara should sleep early so she’ll sneak out to sleep at Brandon’s again.

Zelda’s cartel**

Brandon located the new cartel with the aid of the card Dolly gave him earlier, it’s located far from the old one and it’s bigger

He used his mask before going in, there are up to seventy hitmen and dangerous ladies walking around the place

Maybe they all live there too cos he can see rooms and people coming out and going in

Some are smoking, some are boxing in a ring, some are having s*x in the open shamelessly while some are drinking

👥 Lord Zelda’s weapon

👥 The heir

👥 Heard he’s hot!

👥 Why covering his face

A slut walked up to him and started caressing him

“Let me make you hard, masked guy” she said seductively

Brandon lost patience and brought out his gun, he shot her in the head without hesitation and she fell down dead

Everyone turned their attention to the masked guy and stared

He oozes dangerousness

He sighted Reagan just coming out of a room, maybe she lives in the cartel now

“This way” a familiar voice said and he looked back to see Dolly

“Follow me” she said and led the way to a corner, the corner led to a different mansion at the back of the cartel, surrounded by over thirty hitmen too

She went in and he kept following till they got to a place with a chair

Brandon can hear loud moans coming from one of the rooms

“Ouch!, I’m your btch!, Yes Lord!, Aarrgh!, I can’t take it anymore!, My fck!, I wanna die!, I’m gonna die!, Ouch!”

Zelda is obviously f*cking a whore

” You can sit if you like” Dolly said, bringing out a cigarette to smoke

Brandon walked to her and pushed her to the wall but she was fast too, she retreated and tried to punch him but he grabbed her punch and twisted her arm

“Aarrgh!” She winced, trying to punch with the second hand but he caught it too .

“Do you know why I’m called Brandon?, Cos no matter who you are, your life is just at the tip of my finger and I can decide to take it anytime!” He spat

” Aarrgh!!!” Dolly winced again and he let her go, she fell and looked at Brandon defiantly

“I didn’t call you here to do this” Zelda said, coming out of his room

The btch he just fcked is following him behind but she left the room and Zelda sat

“Lord Zelda” Dolly bowed

“She’s my newly recruited hit woman, the strongest” Zelda said and Brandon smirked

” She’s no match for my fist” he said

“Harris Millions son is back, he’s Stone Millions, Stone landed in Italy last night and is here to tackle us as his father killers, he formed a large syndicate called Code Millions already and things will start getting rough, that’s why I enlarged my coast as you can see, I don’t want no f*ck up” Zelda said

” Our cartel name is The Vikings, just so you should know” Dolly said

” Dolly will be your secret guard and will always be around you” Zelda said

” I never said I needed a guard” Brandon said

“I decide!, Not you!” Zelda said

“And you’re nothing but a bloody bastard!” Brandon yelled back and Zelda picked his gun beside him

He shot at Brandon but Brandon ducked and the gun hit the wall instead

“Bloody motherf*cker! You have to obey me if you wanna be safe!” Zelda yelled and went to him, standing in front of Brandon

” And that little girl that’s following you around, if you still want her to live, cut all ties with her cos at the snap of my fingers, Dolly won’t hesitate to waste her” Zelda said

Brandon kept in a his anger, deciding not to make any move

” I told you no friends cos friends are distractions, Paxton has been your friend since childhood and that’s why I left it like that but now a little girl?, You’re f*cking annoying and you know what?, Anytime you’re seen with her again, she’s dead, next exchange tommorow by 9pm, Reagan and Dolly are coming with you” Zelda said and went in

” Mouth got gummed huh?’ Dolly said

Brandon left the cartel without uttering a word

He poured all his anger in driving home roughly

He got home and met Nirvana waiting in front of his house already

“Doctor Brandon…” She said, standing from where she was sitting

“don’t come near” Brandon said and she stood frozen

” Huh?” She said

” And anytime you see me, run and avoid me” he said

” What?, Why?” She asked, feeling her heart breaking

“Just do as I said are you deaf!” Brandon yelled

“Please don’t shout again, it freaks me out” she said slowly

” Then stay away from me” he said and made to go in but she held his arm

He roughly jerked off his arm from her and she fell, hurting her wrist

“Ouch!” She winced, tearing up already but Brandon doesn’t seem moved by it

“If you don’t want to die, run when you see me” he said and went in, slamming the door behind him

Nirvana sat on the ground and let her tears fall more

“My Greek god…” She cried, holding her chest



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