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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 16



“Buddy” Paxton said amidst his heavy laughter

“So you’re laughing when she’s badmouthing me” Brandon replied

” Well it’s funny” Paxton replied and Brandon came closer, staying behind Nirvana who’s still closing her eyes

“Repeat what you just said little girl” he said

Nirvana pinched herself again

” Now you’re in for it b*tch” she said to herself

” Open your eyes, face me and say it to my face” Brandon said

” Can this get any worse?, Gosh I’m done for” she thought, slowly facing him

She opened her eyes and when they met those piercing dark enticing eyes, she melted into jelly and lost control

“What did you say?” Brandon asked

“I said…. you’re my .. Greek god, my only crush, my dream man, the one I can do anything because of… The …. The man I love” she said and bit her lips before trying to run out but Brandon held her arm, stopping her

“Heard that?” Brandon said, facing Paxton who looks surprised

*I heard right” Paxton smiled

” I came to see your face and now that I’ve seen it, bye” Brandon said and left the museum with Nirvana

” You love saying what you don’t mean right?, You were in the hospital bed for days just because you saw me killing and now I caught you saying you want to kill me?, Do you even know how to handle a gun?” He said

” I’m sorry, I never meant any of it I just don’t want Paxton to know I have feelings for you” she said slowly, facing the ground

” So now that he has found out?” Brandon said

” There’s nothing I can do” she replied

“Hungry?” He asked and she quickly looked up

” Yes!, I’m starving so much!” She said fast

“You’re always hungry, I wonder where all the food you eat go to” he said

“My beauty, I’m pretty” she said

” Says who” he replied

” To you, I’m ugly and that’s because you need recommended glasses like me” she said

” F*ck you” he said

” F*vk you too too and too” she replied and he’s unaware of when he smiled

” You smiled!” She said fast

“Why would I” he said, leaving the place while he followed behind

“Doctor, am I really not pretty?, Tell me the truth you’re the only one saying different thing, I’m really pretty right?” She said

” No” he replied without looking back

“Come on…” She said

“I’m saying the truth” he replied

” I feel like crying” she replied, stopping abruptly

“I have an handkerchief to offer” he said

“I was right, you’re nasty” she said

” That’s coming out from a girl who drank two of my most expensive wine last night” he replied

” You’re gradually turning that fact to a blackmailing tool” she replied

“Good for me” he replied, entering an ice cream shop

She entered with him and they sat

“Twelve cones of ice cream” he said to the man

“I want strawberry flavour….wait…twelve?” She said

” All for you since you’re a glutton” he replied

” Whatever” she replied, rolling eyes at him

” You’re losing respect, I’m three years older” he said

” Ok handsome doctor Brandon , I won’t roll eyes again, ok?” She said though she’s still rolling eyes while saying that

“You’re so naughty” he said and smiled widely in front of her

“I know, thanks for smiling for me” she replied as the ice creams arrived

” It’s not for you, it’s been years since I smiled so it’s for myself” he replied

” Years?, Are you a sadistic man?” She questioned, eating the ice cream already

He’s about to reply when a girl sat on the chair beside Nirvana

She looks dangerous and her face looks like it has never smiled, her red lipstick added to her dangerousness

Nirvana looked at her questioningly and squinted

“You are?’ she asked

” Shut up little b*tch” the girl replied

“Who are you grown up b*tch?” Brandon said

“You’re just as arrogant as he described but Lord Zelda didn’t tell me you’re into little girls” the girl replied

” New recruit?” Brandon said

*Nice guess” she replied

Nirvana just watched the two of them like a movie

“Watch your mouth, I can decide to cut it off your body” Brandon said

” Lord Zelda orders to see you tonight at the new cartel, 8pm” she said and dropped a card on the table before standing

She looked at Nirvana and smiled, her smile is just as dangerous as she looks

“You must have exceeded my expectations, …. Taking in his whole size will be an hard task unless he’s small” she said and looked at Brandon again before leaving

” What was she saying?” Nirva said

The only thing she understands was what she said about Lord Zelda

“Go home” Brandon said and took the card on the table

He left the place Immediately after paying for the ice cream

Nirvana looked at the remaining eleven ice creams, they’re already melting away

“What a waste” she muttered

Brandon got home and met Reagan waiting already

“Brandon, Lord Zelda wants to see you tonight” she said Immediately he came out of the car

” Why the unnecessary hassles?, He sent a b*tch already though I’m still gonna teach her something unforgettable for messing with me” Brandon said

” That must be Dolly, one of the new recruits, boss recruited over fifty new workers through kidnapping, they were kidnapped from San Francisco and sent here, boss has been training them secretly for the past three months but he decided to make them join the new cartel today cos of a reason” Reagan said

Brandon looked at her questioningly

“Harris Millions son is back to take over his father’s cartel, he returned from Mexico last night and news has it that he’s one of the hard core mafia boss in Mexico, he came with his syndicate and their main target is Lord Zelda and….” Reagan said

*And me, for killing his dad” Brandon smiled

” Yes but we still have an ace , he doesn’t know your face and no one in our own cartel has ever seen your face except I and Lord Zelda” Reagan said

” And the b*tch he sent to me earlier, he must have shown her my picture and that’s why she recognized me” Brandon replied, going in

” The name of Harris Millions son is Stone, Stone Millions…. and his cartel name is “Code Millions” and I think they’re ready for us, things are gonna get hot from now on” Reagan said

” Are you scared?” Brandon said, facing Reagan

” I’m just scared for you” Reagan said


“I feel like you’ll soon get revealed” she replied

“How many times will I tell you that I have no future and I don’t dream of one, even if I get revealed tommorow, what would happen will happen” he said

” Brandon I don’t want to lose you and…”

Brandon cut him off by going upstairs

She ran after him and hugged him from behind before realizing she made a mistake but she doesn’t regret it

“What do you think you’re doing” Brandon said, not moving an inch

” I’m sorry it’s a mistake but…

Brandon removed her hand from his tummy before she could finish

He faced him and held her chin up. “I hate mistakes” he said seriously and went upstairs

Reagan left the house dejectedly and drove back to the cartel


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