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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 15



Preston hospitals**

Mateo smirked arrogantly when he saw Brandon coming out of the theatre after a surgery

He walked up to him and blocked his way

“A lame talk again?” Brandon said

“You once called me a quack” Mateo said

Brandon made to go but Mateo held his wounded arm, triggering Brandon’s anger in the process

Brandon grabbed him by the neck and pinned him to the wall violently, making a dangerous eye contact with him

“I can kill you within seconds, I don’t hesitate to kill those who are serve as an obstacle, you just got lucky but be careful, I’ll get more dangerous from now on, if you love your life, stay off my lane!” He said seriously and released Mateo before leaving furiously

Mateo adjusted his shirt and sighed

“Let’s see how things go, so far I still remain the son of the great Klein, I’ll be the one to end your medical profession” Mateo said bitterly

Past twelve**

Heather knocked on Brandon’s office door but got no answer so she opened the door and went in

She met him resting back on his chair, sleeping

She smiled and walked in then sat on the table in front of him, looking at him with great admiration

“Brandon Greg” she said

“The most upright bad-mouthed doctor in Preston hospitals, the most handsome and hot doctor at the same time, the most professional too” she said slowly

She tried not to look him in the face but that seems Impossible cos when her eyes caught his lips, the resisting spirit left her and she lost herself, wanting to taste it

She started moving closer slowly and when she’s just inches away from him, he opened his eyes and she froze

“What are you doing?” He said

“I …. There’s something in your hair” she said awkwardly and stood upright before rushing out of the office, holding her chest till she got to her office

She closed the door and stood behind it

“That was close” she thought

Brandon’s phone rang immediately Heather left and he never bothered to check, it’s surely Reagan

He left his office and can’t find her car outside

“Where the f*ck are you?” He said, plugging in his ear pods that has been connected to his phone

“Take ten steps out of the hospital and enter the black Benz” Reagan replied and Brandon walked out of the hospital

He saw the black Benz from afar and walked to it, taking more that thirty steps before he could get there

“You said ten steps” he said, getting in the car with her

” I tricked you” she replied

“F*ck you” he replied

” I got you another mask and I got guns from boss” she said, showing them to him

” Cool, start the drive” he said

“How’s your arm and leg doing?, You’re not limping” Reagan said, starting the drive.

“I’m fine” he replied and Reagan smiled

The drive was fast and smooth so they got there faster than expected

They parked somewhere far from the agency office before trekking the remaining distance

Brandon is using his mask as usual and they have their guns in check as they searched for the car amongst the damaged cars In the place

“I don’t think it’s here” Reagan said

“We’ve only started searching” Brandon replied and continued searching but they suddenly heard approaching footsteps and hid behind one of the cars

“The cash is much, I can never hand it over to the corps, it’s something we can easily share, the three of us” a voice said

” Sure, only an idiot will return that huge amount to the cops” another said

“Guys!, There are four guns in the car drawer and a mask” another voice said

” Thought you said it was locked

“Well I broke it” another voice said

“A mask?” Another one said

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Zelda’s weapon!” They all chorused

Without wasting much time, Brandon came out of his hiding place with Reagan, bringing out his gun

The three agents shivered at their sight, seeing masked Brandon sent more shivers down their spine

“Zelda’s weapon!!” They quivered

Brandon pointed his gun to them and they shifted back in horror

“Where’s the cash?” He asked

“The.. the cash…” they shivered and Brandon shot the first one in the arm

“Aarrgh!!!” He screamed out as he fell

Brandon faced the second one and he started shivering

“The cash” he said and he pointed at the car fearfully

Reagan went there to get the money and Brandon’s mask with the guns

Brandon bent down in front of the three men and removed the mask from his face

“Yeah I’m Zelda Greg’s weapon, his only son, what do I do now that you’ve seen me” he said, playing with his gun

” Please…. please spare us, please don’t kill us..” they pleaded vehemently

Brandon smiled dangerously and stood then pulled the trigger, in the twinkle of an eye, he planted bullets on the forehead of the three then led the way out of the place

“Take the money back to Zelda” he said as they entered the car, he lightened a smoke and started smoking

“Sure, are you going back to the hospital?” She asked

“I’ll drop at the museum, I need to see Paxton” he replied

” How’s the girl doing?” Reagan asked

“She’s ok, she slept at my place last night” he replied

” What the f*vk” Reagan said

” Not like I f*cked her, you’re always overreacting” he replied and Reagan can’t take it off her mind till he got off at the museum

Vincenzo folklore museum**

“I’ll soon be leaving” Nirvana said to Paxton who’s taking her around the museum

” You spent two hours already, you tried” Paxton replied

” I know right?, I’m so hungry” she yawned

” You ate two plates of mashed potatoes” Paxton said

“Two plates is just my normal meal” she pouted and Paxton smiled

” Are you close with Brandon?” Paxton asked

“Oh, my Greek god?, Of course he’s….” She stopped and looked at him, biting her tongue for the slip of it

” I mean …. that nasty doctor?, I hate him he’s too wicked, he’s the most wicked person I’ve ever come across and I just wish I can punch him hard right now and send him flying to heaven, I hate him with passion!, Paxton if I see a gun, I’ll kill him and just…..feed his body to the fishes…” She said seriously and Paxton started laughing

” Really?” Brandon’s voice said from behind her and her heart almost jumped out of her mouth

She closed her eyes and pinched herself hard

“Someone shoot me” she muttered



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