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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 14



Brandon looked up again in his surprised state but Nirvana is gone, only Grayson stayed there, looking as if someone took his possession away from him

The ringing of his doorbell made him drop his smoke in the ashtray, he got his gun and went downstairs

He opened the door with his gun behind him, ready to fire in case of any mishap but he was surprised to see Nirvana

“Doctor Brandon, please can I come in?” She asked

“Why?, And what are you even doing here” he asked

” I’m…I’m….I don’t want to stay in my room tonight” she said

” Why?, Because of your so-called brother?” He said and her eyes widened

“You saw. Us?” She stuttered

” Go back home” he said and shut the door

He went back upstairs but Nirvana never left, she sat by his doorstep in the cold and wrapped her arms around herself, she had to tiptoe out of the house and the fact that Kara is already asleep covered her up

Grayson has an extra key to her room and it was her who gave it to him, Kara always told her to lock her door while sleeping but Grayson will always tell her he wants to watch her sleep so she gave him the spare key to her roon and he comes most night to pass the night in her room on the same bed with her

Tonight she felt uncomfortable with the hug and the kiss he gave is still a shock to her, she wasn’t expecting it and that’s why she rushed out cos if she decides to wait till he leaves and then lock the door, then he might come at night

“I can just sleep here, it’s better” she thought, still sitting by his doorstep

The door opened and when she saw Brandon, she spranged up

“Come in” he said, leaving the door open as he went back in

Nirvana smiled and went in then closed the door after

Brandon sat on the couch, she has resumed smoking and the whole living room smells of smoke

She sat on the couch across him and watched him smoke

“He smokes like a model” she thought

“Oh Nirvana you’re crazy, models don’t do smoking shows” she said to herself

The cigarette smokes became unbearable and she started coughing as she inhaled

“I can’t stop smoking just because you’re here” he said

“I….I.. understand,… please go on” she coughed, covering her nostrils

” Ok Nirvana, you’re in shit” she thought as he continued smoking

He made sure he finished smoking that stick before talking

“So, you and your brother kissed?” He said, dropping the smoke on the ashtray

“he kissed me but I pushed him away, he pecks me before but it suddenly graduated into a kiss today, he loves hugging me tightly too” she replied

” Pecking is normal” Brandon replied

” On the lips” Nirvana smiled

” On the what?” Brandon replied and her smile dissappeared

” My…my lips” she stammered

“What in the bloody fck!, Is he fcking kidding me?, No wonder I don’t like him at first sight, how on Earth can a brother take advantage of his own sister” he said

” Huh?” She replied

” And you, you’re just so naive and your naivety is reaching the heavens” he said

” I’m sorry, thought it was normal to allow him peck my lips” she said slowly

Brandon stood and started walking upstairs

He suddenly looked back. “I can’t give my bed up for a lady, talk more of a little girl…. decide for yourself if your night will be good or not” he said and went upstairs

” How uptight, but he’s kind enough to let me spend the night here” she said, smiling as she stood

She felt her throat parched up so she went to the freezer to get water which she gulped down her throat

She finished up and sighted the cellar

She smiled and went there, she got herself a bottle of wine and emptied it into a cup, she finished the wine with just four gulps then poured another one

She did that till she finished two bottles of the most expensive wine in the cellar then she found herself dozing off

She placed her head on the cellar stand since the stool is so tall, she slept off immediately

Brandon is busy reading a medical journal in his room though not all his mind is there, he’s busy wondering why a brother will peck the lips of her sister and also kiss her

“Is he not her brother?, Is he her brother?, How can a brother get obsessed with her sis?” He thought, dropping his laptop

He lightened a cigarette and puffed on it for long before blowing out smokes

He stood up from the bed paced round the room then he remembered Nirvana is in the living room

He went there and is surprised that she’s not on the couch

“Did she leave?, That troublemaker” he said to himself

“Maybe she left” he said and is about to go back upstairs when he saw her sleeping in the cellar room

“Jeez” he said, walking there and he’s not surprised to see the two bottles of wine she drank

“She behaves like she’s fragile but another part of her is fearless, she drank two of my most expensive wine when she’s aware I have a gun in this house” he thought

” Oh, if she’s scared, she wouldn’t have come here in the first place” he thought and sighed

“I told her I won’t harm her” he thought and made to go but turned back

Her sleeping position is very uncomfortable

Stretching herself from the stool to the table and having to use her arms as the pillow

“One of a kind” he thought and decided to overlook it but he can’t

He walked back to her and carried her in his arms to the couch, he placed her on it and went upstairs to get a duvet which he covered her with

“Can’t believe this little thing is making me do this, well it all ends tomorrow morning” he thought and went back upstairs

Next morning**

Nirvana woke up to a tap on her shoulder and when she opened her eyes, she smiled at Brandon’s sight

He’s dangerously handsome even when it’s early in the morning, his tattoos looks like the most beautiful sight

“Time to go home” he said

“How was your night?” She asked as she sat up

” I have no time to decide weather it’s cool or not” he replied

” Oh” she said, standing up

” And thanks for taking two of my wine” he said and she pouted

” I took them because I was so thirsty last night” she replied

“When did wine turn to water?” He replied

” I’m sorry” she said slowly

“You can go” he said and she started heading out but she suddenly turned back and walked up to him then hugged him tight

“Thanks for letting me pass the night here , bye, I love you!” She said and left him then rushed out of the house

” She’s …. Something else” Brandon thought, going back upstairs to take a shower

She removed the bandage from his leg and found out it’s still slightly swollen, he had to treat it and bandage it back, only God knows how he’s managing without limping

He removed his arm bandage too, just redness is the only default left so he never used a bandage on it again

He removed the plaster on his forehead and used a smaller plaster to patch the small wound before starting to dress up for work

Nirvana successfully tiptoed back to her room and quickly took her bath, she dressed up like she won’t leave the house but she knows she’ll surely leave the house

She went downstairs for breakfast and saw Grayson sitting in the dinning already so she turned back to leave but Grayson stood and ran to her, he held her arm and she faced him

“What?” She asked

“Nirvana I’m so sorry, I never knew it’ll annoy you I just love you so much” he said

” You’re my brother, how could you…” She said

“I’m sorry, I promise not to do it again” he replied hastily

“And no more pecks on the lips, you can peck my cheeks but my lips is not for you” she said

” Will you forgive me if I abide by that?’ he said

“Of course, and no tight hugs anymore, light hugs only” she said

” Sure, but where did you sleep last night?, I came back to check on you at midnight but I couldn’t find you” he said

” No need for you to know” Nirvana replied and went downstairs for breakfast

Grayson stood still on the stairs, wondering why she suddenly changed

“Are you planning to turn to a statue?” Grandma Kara asked, coming downstairs

” Oh, morning grandma” Grayson said and Kara went downstairs

“Morning” she replied, sitting on the chair beside Nirvana

“Morning grandma” Nirvana greeted, standing to give her a peck on the cheek

“Morning sunshine, I know you slept well” Kara replied

” Sure grandma” she said and sat slowly as the maids started serving

“Have something to ask me?” Kara said

“Grandma I beg you I want to take a walk round town today, allow me please” she said

“,You already know my answer” Kara replied

” But grandma…”

” Shhh….eat” Kara interrupted

She knows it’ll be useless so she just kept shut

Grayson sat adjacent her and ate slowly too, stealing glances at Nirvana till the end of the meal

Nirvana went back to her room and started devising means to leave the house

She opened the window and looked down… “I can’t jump, it’s freaking high, I can imagine my head breaking” she thought and sighed

“Wait!, We were told to get an history journal, yes!” She said, getting her phone and fishing out the information on the department WhatsApp group

She rushed downstairs and met Kara in the living room, watching the news

It’s about Zelda Greg’s son, his hidden weapon who kills mercilessly

Zelda had no record of killing even with the fact that he kills everyday…. using his son

Who’s he?, The unknown masked culprit

“Even if they know him, they won’t be able to do anything, why haven’t they done anything since they know Zelda is the toughest mafia here” Nirvana thought as she walked to Kara

” Grandma” she said, adjusting her glasses

“Yes daughter” Kara replied, looking up

“I need to go get an history journal at the central library, there are limited copies so I have to go now” she said, showing her the message on the group

Kara sighed and faced her again

“You’ll always find a way…you can go but with your driver” Kara said and Nirvana brightened up

” Yay!, I promise not to take long ok grandma?, I love you!” She said and rushed upstairs to take her bag

She left the house with her driver and drove straight to the museum


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