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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 13



( All I Want Is You… )


By, Naomi Cindy B


Unedited, beware of errors


The shock won’t let Nirvana close her eyes, it kept widening and widening as if to allow the balls to leave the sockets

Brandon kept his eyes wide opened too as he kissed her, making sure the eye contact is intact throughout, he can feel the fear in her bones melting out in his hands cos her shivering is slowing down

He rubbed her earlobes with his thumbs, trying to reduce the tension with that

He slowly broke the kiss and she started hiccuping, not believing what she just experienced

He’s still holding her face and he stared deeply into her eyes. “What’s your name?” He asked

“Nirvana, Nirvana Merrick” she replied and is surprised that her voice is not shaking

” You attend what college?” He asked

“Bliss college” she replied, still staring at his eyes

” Your course?” He asked

“History” she replied

“Cool, any friends?” He asked

“Two, Farrell and Jamison” she replied

“Any crush?” He asked

“Yes, you” she replied without hesitation

“I know” he replied

“Huh?” She said

“Yes I know you have a great crush on me, I mean,… Why will you be stalking me if you don’t have a crush on me, I’m the only guy in your gallery right? ” He said and she nodded shyly

He smiled and let go of her face, she held his hands tightly. “Doctor Brandon, I promise to keep your secret ok?, Promise not to harm me” she said

” I can never harm you” he replied

“Really?” She smiled and he nodded, she hugged him immediately and he smiled

“I love you so much doctor, I love you a lot, I don’t care if you don’t feel the same way but I’ll just continue loving you, can’t believe I had my first kiss with you” she said

” That was your first?” He asked, breaking the hug

“Sure, and I love it” she smiled, licking her lips

Right now it’s like all the memories of the incident got erased from her head, all she can think of right now is the kiss

Brandon stood and made to go but she quickly stood and held him, looking at his plastered head and bandaged arm

“You’re hurt?, How?” She said with concern

” I got the injuries somehow, you don’t have to worry about me” he said

She stood on her toes and touched the plastered head slightly

“It must hurt a lot” she said sadly

“Don’t tell me you’ll start crying because I’m hurt” he said

” It hurts to see you hurt” she replied cutely

“Somehow sweet” he said and started leaving

“You’re leaving?, Please stay” she said

“No little girl, I have other patients to attend to” he replied

” Now you know my name, do you have to keep calling me little girl?” She said

” ok little Nirvana, take care of yourself and don’t you dare pass out again” he said

” Little Nirvana?, Gosh it’s unfair….by the way I’m hungry, I want two plates of creamy ricotta spaghetti, I’m so hungry” she said

” Two plates?, As in two?, Which stomach will you eat it into?” He asked

” This” she replied, pointing at her stomach

“Lord of mercy” he replied and the ward immediately

Nirvana licked her lips and continued thinking about the kiss till everyone came in again

“My baby!” Kara gushed, rushing to hug her

“Grandma!” She said, hugging her back as tightly as she hugged her

“I missed you so much baby, please don’t scare us like that anymore” Kara said

” I won’t grandma, I’m back now” she replied and Kara broke the hug

Grayson made to hug her but Kara stopped him

“Not allowed” she said and Grayson stepped back

“Grandma why?” Nirvana said, feeling uncomfortable with the hurt on Grayson’s face

“Not just allowed” Kara replied as Farrell hugged her

” You scared me Nirvana, I thought I was gonna lose you when you just slept on that bed without saying anything, it was damn scary” Farrell said

” I’m so sorry dear, I won’t do it again’ Nirvana said and Farrell broke the hug

“Where’s Jamison?” Nirvana asked

“He left a while ago, his girlfriend called him you know” Farrell said and Nirvana

One of the interns came in with a tray of food

“For me?” Nirvana said happily

“Sure” the intern replied, placing the tray in front of her

It contains two plates of what she wants and her Joy knows no bounds as she started eating

“My sweet doctor” she smiled, eating heavily

“That doctor bought this?” Kara asked

“Yeah, grandma isn’t he nice?” Nirvana replied

“Everyone who gives you food is nice” Farrell said

” No, apart from that, he’s just my type… I mean, his kindness is one of a kind* she smiled

Grayson stayed quiet in his corner and later left the ward

Brandon’s ward**

“Last minute rescue tactic?, What’s that?” Reagan asked when Brandon said it

” A kiss” Brandon replied

” You mean…you kissed….” Reagan said with widened eyes

” Yes I kissed her” he said

” Since when did kissing become a tactics in saving?” Reagan said

” I mean, in her case, that’s the only solution I could think of and that’s because she has a huge crush on me” Brandon said

” Crush on you?’ Reagan said

“Sure, that’s why she’s always stalking me, I can just feel it, and that’s why I employed that means, I made her experience that trauma and I’m the only one who can make it go, as a guy she loves, I applied the kissing of her lips while looking deeply into her eyes

All her fears would have melted away during the kiss and the only thing that’ll be in her mind right now is that her crush kissed her, she got her first kiss from me so she won’t be able to think of any other thing except that” Brandon said

” Kissed her?” Reagan said

” Any problem with that?, it means nothing to me anyways” Brandon asked

” It’s your first kiss too if I’m correct” Reagan said

” Why take it do serious” Brandon said

“I just…. it’s ok” Reagan replied as Heather came into the ward

“Whichever way you used in saving her, it’s the best” she said.

“Thanks, I need to go home now” Brandon replied

” Why don’t you rest a while here?” Heather said

” No, I need to go” he replied

“Ok, sis, take care of him” Heather said

“Sis?” Brandon said

” She’s your big sis from UK, we talked a lot already” Heather said and Reagan giggled silently when Brandon looked at her

“See you around” Brandon said and left the ward with Reagan

“So now you’re my big sis from the UK?” Brandon said when they got to the car

” It was the only lie I could think of, her questions are too much” Reagan replied

“did Zelda call?” He asked..

“Yes,he asked about the cash” Reagan replied

“Where’s it?’.

” It’s in the damaged car and it’s already with the road maintenance agencies, we need to go get it” Reagan said

” That’ll be done tomorrow, drive me home” he said and Reagan pressed the ignition before starting the drive to his house

They got there and he got down from the car, limping slightly

“Will you be ok?” She asked

“Sure” he replied

“By the way, your masked face appeared in the news some hours ago” Reagan said.

“It’s normal” he replied and she nodded as he went in

“He kissed her?* She thought, not able to take the thought off her head as she drove away

The Merricks, night**

“Eat a lot, eat well my baby” Kara said, serving more food on Nirvana’s plate during dinner

“I’ll eat well grandma” she smiled, Grayson is in his room and has refused to come downstairs for dinner though she’s greatly worried but the kiss is the most important thing to her right now

She ate happily and went upstairs after dinner

Getting to her room, she opened the window and the moonlight slithered into her room

She’s overjoyous when she saw Brandon’s window opened and he’s standing beside his window with his elbows rested on it, he’s smoking

She waved maybe he’d see her but sadly he didn’t

She’s about to call his name when her room door opened and Grayson came in

“Sugar” she smiled

“Do you really care about me?” He said hurtfully

” Why?’ she asked surprisingly

” Grandma was being harsh and you couldn’t even do anything” he replied

” I’m so sorry Grayson, you know grandma can be strict sometimes” she said and he took few strides towards her before hugging her tightly

“I missed you greatly, when you were on that bed unconsciously, I was so scared, if I lose you I won’t be able to survive it, I love you so much” he said, kissing her hair

” Grayson” she said, feeling uncomfortable at how tight the hug is

” I love you so much Nirvana” he said, breaking the hug

She tried to look out of the window and see if Brandon is watching but Grayson turned her face to himself and kissed her hard

Her eyes widened as he fed on her lips hungrily

That same time, Brandon’s eyes caught the scene across his window and his eyes widened

“F*ck shit, her brother?” He said shockingly

Nirvana pushed Grayson away from herself and he staggered, breathing heavily

Her lips is swollen as a result of the hard kiss

“Nirvana” he said, surprised that she pushed him away

She looked at him somehow before rushing out of the room



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