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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 12



( All I Want Is You… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



The loud emergency sirens can be heard as the cars came to rescue the people involved in the accident

The truck driver got hit in the head while Brandon injured his right leg and right arm then a part of his forehead is wounded too

Reagan got only a cut on her arm and she’s still conscious, she had to lock the safe in which Brandon’s mask and their guns were kept, she locked it and kept the key before the rescue team came and they were rushed to the hospital by the paramedics

Oxygen was given to Brandon throughout the drive so he’d be able to survive through

They got to the hospital and he was quickly pushed on a stretcher into a ward

Heather got to work with Mateo immediately in saving him

He was given shocks first to bring him back to life and luckily he responded fast

His vitals came back to normal but he still stayed unconscious after his wounds has been treated and bandaged

Heather breathed heavily after everything

Reagan’s arm was treated though she’s weak but she still stayed by Brandon’s side throughout

“You should lay on a bed and rest too” Heather said

*I’m ok, I have to stay with him” she replied

” Oh, ok” Heather replied

” What about the girl that was brought here last night? ” She asked

Brandon actually told her on phone

” Oh, Nirvana Merrick?, Who are you to her?” Heather asked

“Brandon here is her… Friend so I know her too” Reagan replied

” Brandon’s friend?, Since when did doctor Brandon started making female friends?, Strange” Heather said

” I know, but how’s she doing?” Reagan asked

“Who are you to Brandon? ” Heather asked, getting suspicious

” Why do you want to Know? ” Reagan asked

“I just care to know, he has no friend besides Paxton so seeing a girl with him is quiet somehow” Heather replied

” Ok, I’m his sister* Reagan said and Heather’s eyes widened


“His elder sis, I arrived from UK and he came to pick me up from the airport when this happened” Reagan replied.

” But you look so…

“Young to be his sister?, Well maybe because I take care of myself a lot, I hate growing old” Reagan replied

” I’m so sorry miss, never knew he has a sis, I’ve always asked him about his siblings but his answer is always that he has none, he says his parents are dead too” Heather said

” That’s true, they’re dead, but you see….. I think there’s a reason why he told you he has no siblings, you know how secretive he can be” Reagan smiled

” Yeah… I get that, so about the girl you asked about, she’s in the critical stage and if she wakes up again and gets shock then passes out again, I’m afraid it’ll be forever, she’s too fragile for whatever is giving her that kind of shock” Heather replied and Reagan’s eyes widened but she tried hard to hide her shock

“You mean… If she wakes up now and probably remembers her trauma again then pass out, she might never wake anymore” Reagan said

” Exactly, but we’re still hoping for the best” Heather replied and her phone rang, a call from Mateo

*Ward 10, you’re needed there” Mateo’s voice said

She hung up and faced Reagan

” I have to go, Take care” she said

“Sure” Reagan replied and Heather left the office

Reagan looked at unconscious Brandon and smirked

“It’s better you wake up fast and save that girl, if she dies, you know you won’t be able to forgive yourself for the trauma you made her go through, look at him lying there like a rock, wake up fast and save her, acting all tough and wicked but you’re actually easy, I even have to tell the nosy doctor that I’m your big sis, how funny” she thought and her phone rang

It’s Zelda calling, she had to leave the room and go to a silent place to receive the call

“Lord Zelda” she said

“I heard about what happened, how’s he doing?” Zelda asked

” He’s still unconscious but he’ll wake up soon, it happened after we made the exchange” Reagan said

” Where’s the cash? ” Zelda asked

It’s still in the car!, And it has been taken away by the road maintenance agencies

“Boss I’ll get that to you soon” she said

“I trust you, stay gallant” Zelda replied and hung up

” Shit!, The cash! ” Reagan spat and hit her hand on the wall before going back to the ward

“I shouldn’t have joined you in saving Brandon” Mateo said to Heather after they attended to the patient who needed attention

“I know, enemy can’t save an enemy, that’s why I used the defibrillators on him myself” Heather replied

” He’s an ass.hole and that’s why he’ll forever remain my enemy” Mateo said

” I know” Heather replied

” You aren’t arguing with me today” Mateo said

” And that’s because I’m tired of arguing with a dimwit” Heather said and Mateo’s smile dropped

“what! ”

” Shut up” she said and made to go but he held her and caged her to the wall

“Are you sane?” Heather said, looking at him

“You’re so pretty, and that’s why even if you insult me, I’ll laugh it off” he said

Heather smiled and moved her face closer to his

“You’re so annoying, and that’s why even if you say something brainy, it’ll sound like rubbish to me” she said and pushed him off before leaving

” Are you serious right now? ” Mateo said and rushed to block her way

“What again?” She demanded

“Are you on edge today cos Brandon is not ok? ” He said seriously

” Why that question?” Heather replied

“I know you have feelings for him” he replied and Heather swallowed hard

” Out of my way” she said

” Tell me the truth” he replied

“I don’t have to say anything to you Mateo, so you might wanna excuse me” she said and decided not t go to her office again since he’s still blocking the way, she went back to the ward she’s coming from

“Brandon Greg” Mateo said, folding his fist as if to smash it on Brandon’s face


Nirvana’s ward**

“My granddaughter is still not waking up, doctor you said she’ll wake up soon, today will soon end and no positive result, I’m dying to hear her talk” Kara said

Heather inhaled hard after checking Nirvana’s vitals, it improved

“Mr Grayson, you have to make her calm down, she’ll be fine” she replied, feeling guilty that she has to lie

” Are you really sure?, She’ll be fine?, It’s becoming hard to believe that when she’s still unconscious by this time” Grayson replied

Heather looked at both of them and left the ward without uttering a word .

Brandon’s ward, 7pm**

Reagan is still sitting beside unconscious Brandon and a news came up on TV about a group of dead men that were found in a river, their bodies were said to have been deposited there since two days ago but were found earlier in the evening today

“The bodies of the hitmen, Brandon’s guys must have thrown them in the river” Reagan said

Brandon actually has a group of twelve hitmen who clears the bodies he kills and dispose them off, some of the hitmen remove the organs of the bodies and sell it though

“They were said to be the members or Harris Millions mafia gang, one of the most notorious mafia in Italy and they were suspected to have been killed by the hardened mafia, Zelda Greg, using his invisible weapon”

Brandon’s masked face was shown in the TV and Reagan smiled

“He even looks cute in the mask” she said

” Zelda Greg….no evidence has been found against him since he started his operations, his hidden weapon, said to be his only son does everything without traces of suspicions, now who’s the masked guy?”

Reagan laughed after hearing that line from the news

“Never to be caught” she said and suddenly saw Brandon shaking

” Brandon!, Are you awake?” She said quickly, standing quickly to go to him

Brandon opened his eyes and Immediately he saw her, he spranged up

“You’re awake!” She said happily

“Where’s that little girl?” He asked Straight

“I don’t know her ward” Reagan replied

Brandon stood from the bed, pushing Reagan out of the way, with his wounded bandaged leg, he limped to check all the wards he comes across till he saw Heather

“Brandon!” Heather almost screamed, too shocked to see him awake

“Where’s the little girl’s ward!” He asked, his small lips shaking

” Huh?’ Heather said

” Where’s her ward!” He yelled, holding his hurting tummy

“Here” Heather replied, pointing at it

He rushed to it and saw her lying lifelessly on the bed, her vitals are slowly going down

Kara and Grayson with Farrell are beside her

“Brandon” Heather said

“Everyone, out of this ward” he said

“Brandon what are you ..” Heather said

” Take everyone out and shut the door!, I need to attend to her now!, And no matter what you hear, don’t come in” he said

Heather took them out and locked the door like he said

Brandon went to her and sat beside her bed

Her face shows how worse her condition is, it’s so pale and her lips is dried just like his

“I’m sorry” he said and tapped her arm lightly, her eyes opened slowly and he removed her glasses so he won’t see him

He helped her sit up and can feel her body shaking

“Who…who are…you?” She asked

He choose not to talk cos she surely recognize his voice

He put on her glasses for her and Immediately she saw her, her chest started rising and falling like she wants to faint

Tears came out of her eyes but he quickly grabbed her hand

“Look at my eyes” he said but she closed her eyes

“Open your eyes” he said

” No …. I… I… Can’t” she cried, hiccuping badly

” Please…I’m assuring you, nothing will happen, please” he said

She slowly started opening her eyes and Immediately she opened it widely, she started gasping for breath

“Don’t take your eyes off me,look at me” he said

“I can’t….my head…” She cried, remembering that night

” Look at me please!” He said loudly but that’s just difficult

Seeing his face is giving her the chills and much fear

*I really can’t..” she said and started going down but he did the last minute rescue tactic

He drew closer and held her face,

“Don’t close your eyes, look at me while my lips is on yours” he said and immediately captured her lips gently

Her eyes that are about to close came wide and her whole body ignited as he kissed her with his eyes wide opened…



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