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THE MAFIA’S HEIR – Episode 10



( All I Want Is You… )


By, Naomi Cindy B



Brandon brought down his gun and the body fell immediately

Reagan heaved a relieved sigh as Brandon bent over to Nirvana who’s almost dead as a result of fear, sweat covered her face despite the cold breeze blowing and if body parts do fall off as a result of shaking, she’d have lost all her body parts now.

Brandon actually shot one of Harris hitmen earlier

Reagan picked Nirvana’s glasses and made to wear it for her but Brandon stopped her

“Why are you here?” Brandon asked shivering Nirvana

“I….I….I wasn’t stalking you, I promised to stop and I was.. I was. gonna stop….I …I came to see my…my … friend and I’m on my way… to … to the main road where I’ll … board.. board a cab … Please don’t kill me…I promise to stop following you forever I don’t want….to die I beg you..’ she stammered, still crying

“Who am I?” Brandon asked

“You’re doctor… doctor Brandon Greg” she replied tearfully

“Good, if you fail to keep my secret of being Zelda Greg’s son, I’ll kill you” Brandon said

” I promise not to tell anyone, I promise to avoid you always, no one will know you’re the mafia’s heir I swear it” she said fast

” Good, stand” Brandon said and when she made to stand, she fell again

Reagan helped her up and wore her glasses for her but out of fear, she didn’t open her eyes

“Avoid me…. spill my secret and die” Brandon said

“Yes sir…I won’t tell anyone” she said

” You can leave” Brandon said and Nirvana took three steps away from them before opening her eyes then she ran off

“Brandon you scared the shit out of that girl, must you always be harsh to her?” Reagan said

” What are you talking about?, No one lives after seeing my face as the mafia’s heir, I was kind enough to spare her” he replied

” Oh…” Reagan said as they both got in the car

Reagan dropped him in his house before driving back to Lord Zelda’s house

“That heartless being” she thought

Running through the dark night with tears in her eyes, Nirvana stumbled and fell countless times but she’ll stand and move on each time that happens

Right now her head is throbbing with headache as a result of what she just saw

She held her head occasionally as she ran and it seems the main road is getting farther and farther

“Where the hell is the main road!!, Where is the main road!!!'” she screamed, standing on a spot

A car sped into the road, distributing it’s full light on the dark night and it stopped behind her

A new ray of hope shone on her her as Grayson came out of the car

“Gray” she said weakly

Grayson ran to her and hugged her tightly on that spot

“Where have you been?, What happened to you?” He asked, rubbing her back gently

” Grayson I’m scared, I’m as scared as hell” she cried

Gray broke the hug and held her face. “What happened?, What’s wrong?, Why are you crying?, You’re shaking too” he said

” Gray I’m not ok, my head is in chaos, I can’t think straight, I’m going crazy” she said, more tears streaming down her pretty face

“Why?, Why the tears love, tell me else I’ll start crying too, just tell me what happened” he said

” Grayson I don’t want to go home, take me somewhere please, I don’t… I don’t want.. grandma to see me …see me like this” she said, hugging him tightly, he can feel her whole body shaking against his own

“Ok love, let’s go somewhere, I’ll just tell grandma that you’re at Farrell’s and I’m at Jay’s” he replied and guided her into the car

He drove fast to an hotel and booked a room for them

She sat on the bed Immediately they got in the room

“Nirvana, tell me everything ok” he said, bending in front of her, trying to coax her to talk

” Nothing happened….I was just scared that I lost my way to the main road” she replied, more calmly than the other time

“Really?, You should have called Farrell, grandma and I was so worried and I had to come for you when I couldn’t take it anymore, thankfully I know Farrell’s house, I was on my way there when I saw you, you didn’t even pick your calls” he said, touching her cheek and rubbing it gently

“I was so scared to even remember I have a phone” she replied

” I’m sorry that had to happen, and why didn’t you leave the house with your car in the morning?, You’ve left before your driver told us you told him to stay back” Gray said

” I’m sorry, I just wanted to be free for once” she replied

” And that caused this” Grayson said

” I’m so sorry” she replied

” It’s ok, you know I love you right?, And I won’t be able to bear it if any bad thing happens to you, promise me you won’t do this again” he said

” I promise” she replied

” Right now you need to go take a shower, I’ll get you something to wear from the receptionist” Grayson said and pecked her cheeks

” Thanks” she replied as Grayson left the room

She entered the bathroom and had a cool shower which calmed her down another but the fear is still in her heart

Getting threatened by her crush, he looks scary back then, too scary

He’s the dreaded mafia’s son who kills people like flies

She closed her eyes and allowed the water to continue streaming down her body for minutes before stepping out of the shower

She wrapped a towel around herself and came out to the room

Almost immediately, Grayson came in and smiled when he saw her like that, she looks pure and innocent and that added to her gorgeousness

“I got you a gown” he said, dropping it on the bed

” Thanks” she replied

He stared at her for long before moving closer to her

He held her wet shoulders and looked into her eyes

“I love you Nirvana” he said

“Love you too big brother, thanks for saving me” she replied

” Thanks for being safe till I came” he replied and placed his lips on hers for almost two minutes without moving it

He parted it from each other and smiled at her then kissed her forehead

“I’ll give you privacy to dress up” he said and she nodded

Grayson left the room and she wiped the water off her body before putting on the gown, it’s free and somehow short but she managed then she sat on the bed and cuddled up herself like a kitten, unable to get the scene earlier off her head

Gray came back in with a tray of food for her which he placed on the bed while sitting in front of her

“I can’t eat” she said

“What!, Why?” He said

“I don’t have an appetite” she replied.

Gray opened the food and it turned out to be garnished noodles

“You’ll like it trust me, I’ll feed you, please eat, for my sake ok?” He said

” I don’t want to….

“Please…you know I love you right?, You told me you’ll do anything to make me happy just like I can do, if you don’t eat this, I’ll be unhappy, please eat for me” he said

” I’ll try” she replied and he smiled then started feeding her slowly

“How’s it?, It tastes yummy right?” He asked and she nodded

She ate just a little before drinking water then she slept off after a while, holding Grayson’s hand while sleeping

Grayson slept beside her and smiled, looking at her face

He scooted closer to her and kissed her hair them rubbed her lips

“I love you” he said slowly

Brandon’s house**

He got home and showered immediately and when he came out of the shower, his phone rang, a call from his dad

He picked immediately

“Reagan reported how you brought down Harris Millions and his men, good job” Zelda said.

Brandon kept mute

” Tomorrow’s night, you’re delivering to Porta tenaglia” he said

” I need rest too, am I a machine or what?” Brandon replied

” Disobeying me now?, Should I show the world the video?” Zelda said

” What time is the delivery?” Brandon asked

“Reagan will tell you that’ Zelda replied and hung up

“Damn it!!!, Damn you Zelda!, Damn you!” Brandon yelled, hitting his fist on the wall, breathing heavily

His mother’s face came to his head and he fought back his tears

“Zelda. … I’ll be the one to end your f*cking life!” He yelled and his phone rang

He picked slowly, still breathing heavily

“We need your help in the hospital doctor, doctor Heather and doctor Mateo aren’t available, there’s an emergency” the doctor’s voice said

Brandon hung up and dressed up to go to the hospital

Klaus hotels**

“Please don’t kill me, Please spare my life, don’t kill me I beg you… don’t kill me” Nirvana pleaded as Brandon pointed his gun on her head

“Everyone who sees my face must die so you’re dying, now!” He replied and pulled the trigger

“No!!!!!!” Nirvana screamed as he shot

She screamed till she woke up and sat up, sweating profusely, it’s a dream

“Nirvana, Nirvana stop doing this” Grayson said, shaking her

She looked at him and her eyes went shut, her body went limp and she passed out

“No, Nirvana!!!, Nirvana!!!” He screamed.


Preston hospitals***

Grayson ran into the hospital with Nirvana in his arms but she was quickly taken from him to the stretcher and pushed to a ward

He wanted to enter but he was kept outside

He decided not to call Kara so he won’t scare her

“20 joules, charge” Brandon said, giving shocks to Nirvana who’s lying unconsciously lifeless on the bed

He gave the shock and she still didn’t wake

“40 joules, charge”

He shocked again but still the same

Her breathing came back at 60 and he inhaled hard

“Keep an eye on her till tommorow morning, she’ll be fine” he told the other two doctors

” Yes doctor” they replied and he left the ward

“Doctor, you’re the one who attended to her?, How’s she?” Grayson asked

” What made her pass out?” Brandon asked

“I think she had a bad dream, she shouted from her sleep, and I think she has been shocked earlier tonight, I found her crying on a silent road and she was very scared” Grayson replied

” She’ll be fine, you can go stay with her” Brandon said and left for his office

He fell on the chair and breathe hard

“Will she continue fainting like this?, That’s dangerous” he thought

Next morning**

Nirvana opened her eyes to see Grayson beside her and she calmed down

“You’re awake, you scared me” Grayson said, touching her hair as she sat up

“How did I get here?” She asked when she saw she’s in an hospital

” You passed out when you screamed from your sleep last night” he replied

” Wait…what hospital is this?” She asked

” Preston hospitals” Grayson replied

Her eyes widened and she spranged up

Without bothering to wear her slippers, she ran out of the ward

Grayson ran after her and and called after her but she kept running, trying to just get out of there

She’s too engrossed with running so much that she didn’t look ahead, she crahed into someone’s chest and almost fell with the person but the person held her and they both crashed on the wall

Her head hit on his hard chest and her nose caught the smell of his strong cologne….



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