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{She’s on a mission}


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Tags: Lies, love, heartbreak, bloodshed, suspicion, secrets, mafia, enemies and many more…….

Genre: Romance


Meet Matteo Pierce…..

Matteo Pierce….the leader of the white serpent; the most dreadful of all the mafia clan in Denim……Matteo is feared by all….they are only two people in the world he cares about and that’s his daughter Zola and his bestfriend Nellie Cyprus…..

There are two people Matteo despise which are his mum and Pierce( His dad)……but that’s not the issue on ground…..

After Nellie and Zola, the next thing Matteo cares about is money!…come in between him and his money and face the cruelty of the drug lord….

What happened when Rebel Wright comes into the picture?

Rebel Wright, the female lead….she’s the best underground investigator in the whole of Denim, she has never lost a case before…the first case that happened to give her a hard time is that of the mafia druglord….she has try everything within her power to gather evidences against him but all her attempt yielded no positive result….that mean just one thing, he’s not to be messed with…..

Together with her teammates, Rebel devised a major to finally bring the druglord down….the only option, is to go into his clan and gather enough evidence since he always manage to cover his track…..

Will Rebel succeed on this?

What will be her fate when she lands in the clan?

Will everything go as planned?

Will Matteo be easily fooled by her?


Meet Nellie Cyprus…..She’s Matteo’s bestfriend….they have being friends since childhood….she works hand in hand with him as she has been with him since he established the clan disguised to be a modeling company….only their fellow mafia’s knows about this secret that the modelling company is just a cover and nothing more…..Nellie has a soft spot for Matteo but failed to tell him because she knows what his reaction is going to be as Matteo despise the word love…..Such word doesn’t exist in his vocabulary after what Zola’s mum did to him…..

What happened when Rebel comes into the picture and her beauty intimidated Nellie to the core?

Nellie has always suspected that the bitch has something up her sleeve…she tried to find out what it is but will she be able to?

Zola Pierce…the only child of the mafia druglord….she’s eight years old….hurt Zola and you’ll face the wrath of her father Matteo…..if anything happens to my daughter, skulls will row is Matteo’s threat to everyone…….Zola despise her father’s bestfriend Nellie to the core….it seems she isn’t the only one as the hatred happens to be mutual….Nellie pretends to like her when Matteo is around but when he leaves, the story changes…..

But what happened when Rebel stepped into the picture and Zola developed a sudden likeness for her?

*Excerpt from the story*

Marry her daddy, this one looks cute unlike some people Zola said taunting Nellie in the presence of her dad…..unbeknownst to her that the angel she sees is a devil in disguise…..

Let me stop here?

Let’s roll the dice my dear rarelite……..

The story of a Mafia who fell for his downfall Rebel (the investigator)



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there. 
For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.