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Rebel locked the door with a deafening bang…….yea, she transferred her anger on it…..

“Are you happy now?” A voice said behind her

She recognize that voice…..she turned sharply with her teary eyes to see Nellie on the floor…..she was in tears…

“Why should i be happy? That bastard f**king raped me” Rebel seethed in anger…..who in her right senses would be happy? The plan was to go into the bastard’s clan and get evidences that’ll be used to nail him and not to end up being his goddamn whore…..

“Spare me that” Nellie stood up quickly seething he teeths in anger…..raped you? I bet that, i f**king heard your moans Nellie yelled

“I don’t have time for this, I’m not in the mood to banter words with you” Rebel said pleadingly and began walking off.

“Meet me in front of the clan’s logo in five minutes” Nellie said hatefully……”we have an exchange to run”.

” Whose order?” Rebel turned sharply to her

“My order” Nellie said and walked past her brushing her shoulder against hers rudely.

“Could tonight be any better?” Rebel pouted and took the route leading to her division.




“How did it go?” Monarch rushed to Rebel as she walked into the room and slumped on her bed.

“How was it suppose to go?” Rebel rolled her eyes and turned her back to Monarch.

“Was he wild? I heard he’s really good and insatiable? Monarch asked

“Leave me alone please….I’m not in the mood” Rebel said pleadingly

“Fine….” Monarch huffed and walked up to meet Celia where she was busy painting her nails……she was preparing for the get wet party which is few hours away.

“Oh Nellie is waiting!” Rebel jumped from her bed and rushed off to Monarch’s closet and picked a black badass dress…..she’s a lover of black…..

“Where are you off to? Won’t you prepare for the get wet party?” Celia frowned

“Going for an exchange with Nellie” Rebel replied

“Lady Nellie? Then take this” Celia threw a pistle to her……

Rebel catched it and placed it in her shoe……Monarch on the otherhand threw a knife to her.

“Thanks girls” Rebel smiled and rushed off

“I hope you meet up with the party” Monarch screamed after her

“Whatever” Rebel rolled her eyes before shutting the door and walking off to her destination.


Nellie halted the Car infront of intercom…the place for the exchange……

“Here this” She said passing weapons to the badass b!tches behind her.

“Nothing for me?” Rebel pouted

“Your beauty should perform the magic whore” Nellie cussed, grabbed the bag for the exchange and exited the car…….the girls followed…..

“That b!tch” Rebel hissed and stepped down from the car…..they trailed behind Nellie who was the one with the bag…..

She looked further and spotted up to fifteen men waiting…….they were also with a bag, that must be the money.

Fifteen men for one exchange? She frowned

Nellie halted once they got to the mens

“Matteo sent women for an exchange huh!” One of the men said mockingly and his crew cracked up in laughter.

“None of your business” Nellie snapped…..we aren’t here for this…..

“The money” one of her girls ordered

“Bossy” The man huffed and signalled one of their men to handover the bag to them……

Nellie collected the bag and opened it……she checked the currency to ensure that it wasn’t fake…..

“Good” she smiled and perceived the money……

She handed the bag to the men, they opened it and checked it…..Rebel peeked to see what was inside……

“Just guns?” She frowned as she spotted Ak-47’s, snipers, G-3’s and other models……

“The main deal is underneath it” Nellie said to the men

“That explains it” Rebel smiled

“Good then, tell master Matteo it was nice doing business with him” One of the men extended his hand and Nellie accepted it……

She signalled one of her girls to grab the bag.

They headed for their car, they were just few distance away from it when the men opened fire……..

“As expected” Nellie smirked and removed two pistles from her jacket and began shooting back at them…….her girls joined her as well…..

Rebel dived the moment the exchange of bullets began…….she reached for the pickle Celia gave her and began shooting back at the men. She aimed for one of their forehead and pulled the trigger…..the man fell flatly to the floor.

With guns in both hands, Nellie brought down two men at a shot…..she turned to Rebel’s direction and spotted her doing well.

“She’s good” she rolled her eyes

She gave the rest girls an eye signal when Rebel wasn’t watching……they retreated for the car.

The next thing Rebel saw was the car they came with zooming off……

“Wtf” she cursed and took to her heels as the men came after her while the rest men were shooting at their car which just zoomed off……

She was running, diving and shooting back at them with all her might……

“F**k” she cursed as she made to shoot again but noticed that she had run short of bullets…..she flinged the gun and faced the direction of the ally……….

The men continued chasing her, they were shooting as well…..

“Screw you Nellie” Rebel cussed and continued running down the alley…..

A car suddenly halted in front of her

“Get in” Nellie ordered coldly

Rebel glared at her before jumping in……

“Holy f**k” Nellie cussed as a bullet landed on the side mirror of the car making it to crack……..she stepped on the gas and zoomed off at a dangerous speed…….

“What the hell was that for?” Rebel fumed


Nellie came to a stop in front of the clan……the girls jumped down from the car and headed in……..

“The party has started” one of the girls squealed and increased her walking pace…….

Rebel didn’t say a word the moment she stepped down……she was mad that they attempted to leave her behind…….

She followed the path she used earlier……the loud sound of the music made it easier for her to locate the hall where the party was holding…….

She opened the door and walked in….
Her jaws dropped instantly……

“What in the name of Zeus?” She gasped…..there was a jacuzzi in this particular hall in the first division….that wasn’t what she find shocking, ladies were dressed in their two pieces swimming wears while some weren’t wearing any at all……..the hall had a red setting……

Rebel walked into the room fully, by her left were ladies from her division riding some men who looked like mafias as well……she recognized one of the girls to be her roommate Celia…..

She turned to the right and her eyes met with that of Matteo, he was drinking with his partners……..some strippers were carrying out their seductive moves……one of the b!tches was giving Matteo a lap dance…….she looked away quickly…….

She walked up to the bartender…..

“Something strong” She ordered and took a seat.

Matteo’s predatory eyes followed her as she walked to grab a shot, unknowingly to him that she has also caught the attention of other lords who came to party…..

“Is it the dress or it’s just her looking beautiful and all” he licked his lips…..his length sprang up that moment.

The b!tch on his lap smiled on feeling his bulge against her thigh but unbeknownst to her that it wasn’t because of her goddamn seductive dance move.

“I thought i already settled you buddy?” Matteo frowned referring to his middle man.

“More shots” Rebel continued drinking until she began feeling hot.

“It’s time to fit in” She smiled and stood up…..she unzipped her dress and took it off revealing her nude lingerie which fitted on her body like a second skin, it left nothing to imagination.

“What the f**k is she doing?” Matteo frowned

“Matteo…..” Rollo who was sitting next to him tapped him

“Who the f**k is she?” He pointed to Rebel’s direction who have now succeeded in drawing the attention of almost all the men in the party to her…..she wasn’t the only one putting on lingeries but her perfect curves made her the most alluring of them all.

Rollo pushed down the b!tch from his lap

” why the question?” Matteo frowned

” I just had an erection” Rollo said

” What? I thought you have erection problem? ” Matteo shuttered

” Man it’s a miracle, i f**king got an erection on spotting her” Rollo said happily

“To hell with your erection man, avoid that bitçh” Matteo said warningly

“You must be kidding” Rollo shuttered on emptying his glasses

“Watch me get her” he said and walked off….

“There must be something wrong with him” Matteo snarled and ran after Rollo.

“No one touches her except me” he fumed

Nellie walked into the hall…..she has changed into a seductive swimming wear but her expression changed on seeing what was going on.

Rebel who was putting on nudes lingerie and chilling in the jacuzzi has captured the attention of almost all the druglord in the party……….She clenched her fist on seeing Matteo and Rollo running towards her direction……..

She has decided to use Rollo to make Matteo realize what he’s missing…….that was her plan for tonight but from the look of things, it ain’t gonna work out……..

Rebel continued swimming feeling all tipsy and all, oblivious of what was happening around her.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.