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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Five


The members of the fourth division worked all day long, at a point everyone began complaining……..

“Finally”….Monarch heaved a sigh of relieve as they were done putting every weapons that arrived from different territories in place…….

“This has never happened before, what’s our business with arranging weapons? Isn’t this the duties of members of the first division?” Celia shuttered….if it would have being possible, she would have exchanged blows with Nellie after she assigned every division with their duties but difference in ranking is preventing her from doing that……

“I know she did that because of me” Rebel said what she had in mind……everyone has being saying that such a thing has never happened before, the duties of members of the fourth division is to pleasure the other divisions and nothing more….that should be the only tangible reason, Nellie did it to deal with Rebel.

“Do you have an issue with Lady Nellie?” Monarch furrowed her brow…

“Yea, i stepped on the wrong feet on my first day in the clan, i didn’t know there were difference in rank here” Rebel said to them.

“You don’t mean it, i would have love to be there, that Nellie of a girl think she can mess with everyone” Monarch huffed

“You guys don’t get along do you?” Rebel chuckled

“We don’t, no one in the clan likes her, like damn! She’s something else” Celia purred….

“Hmm, hmm….” Someone cleared her throat beside them….

“Wren” Rebel smiled as she discovered that she was the one…..Wren didn’t return the smile, she just kept a straight face.

“Is there something wrong?” Rebel frowned as she noticed that the Wren she saw yesterday was different from the one she’s seeing right now.

“Instead of just standing and gisting just work, no one is above the other here, we’re all same humans, i see no reason why we should be working up our asses and one set of individuals are here saying stuff that won’t be of help to anyone” Wren snapped

“You don’t mean that, what do you mean by that? we have all being working since morning, i see no reason for all these” Rebel shuttered

“Don’t raise your voice at me young lady” Wren glared at her … eyes are on you She gave her the eye signal and walked away…

“Was that really Wren? why was she behaving that way?” Rebel turned to her roommates

“It means just one thing dear, Lady Nellie must have assigned her a mission…if any member of this division offends her, she get back at him/her through Wren since she’s the head” Celia explained to Rebel

“I see now….” Rebel sighed….

“Just be careful okay?” Monarch patted Rebel’s shoulder




“You have already told Wren right?” Nellie turned to Akantha who was standing next to her

“I have” Akantha said with a bow

“Told the guys about the investigation right?” She asked

“Yes boss, they’ll bring feedback tomorrow” Akantha said

“Good….” Nellie smirked and returned her atrention back to Rebel’s division where they were working up their as$es….

“This isn’t enough, tell the guards to bring more weapons for cleaning” Nellie ordered Akantha….she bowed before walking off.

Sammie walked to Nellie’s spot

“Master Matteo sent for you” He said before turning another direction to run more errands for the boss.

At the mention of the master’s name she smiled and rushed off hurriedly to Matteo’s quarter.



“You sent for me” Nellie said on arriving at his quarter….he was sitted on his white couch and smoking as usual……

“Yes” Matteo mumbled….what was that for, why labouring members of that division?

“Really, is that why you sent for me?” Nellie huffed

“Not exactly, master Rolland is in Denim, he needs supplies tonight, you know how dangerous his men can be….I want you to take some of the girls and go for the exchange” He ordered

” I thought we have stopped doing business with those crews, remember that last time they shot Sammie, that man is damn dangerous” Nellie pouted

“He pays well, that’s all that matters” Matteo said stuffing back the pipe in his mouth

“You said i can take anyone right?” Nellie smirked as a plan suddenly popped

“Anyone aside Zola” Matteo chuckled

“Good” Nellie smiled

“Nothing should go wrong Nellie, i want a good job okay? ”

“Nothing will go wrong” Nellie feigned a smile

The doorknob twisted and Zola’s face popped in.

“Daddy”……She screamed running into the room

“My baby is back” Matteo smiled and dropped the pipe quickly before she’ll spot him smoking and scold him for that…..Zola tends to talk alot and doesn’t allow anything to slip her fingers……

“The bug is back” Nellie cussed inwardly and excused herself……

“I better go prepare for the mission” she forced a smile before heading for the door…..

“You better” Zola rolled her eyes

“Zola….manners” Matteo scolded

“But daddy” Zola pouted and sat on his laps

She covered up her actions with a new gist.

“Dad, miss Elizabeth didn’t come to school today” Zola began

“Really?” Matteo feigned surprised like he doesn’t know already….he was personally the one who instructed his men to end her…..

“You didn’t do anything to her did you?” Zola turned sharply to him

“Why would you even say that? Daddy did nothing” Matteo pouted

“Before i forget, how’s my angel?” Zola asked as she suddenly remembered Rebel.

“What angel are you talking about?” Matteo frowned….”is there something i don’t know?”

“I’m talking of Rebel” Zola pouted

“Oh! My new prey” Matteo smirked inwardly…..

“Alright dad, i have to go and see Anna, she doesn’t know that I’m back” Zola smiled and rushed out

“Eat something before going to that division, i know you won’t be back anytime soon” Matteo screamed after her

“I already ate daddy……Zuzu made Massaman curry for me when i came back” Zola screamed back and increased her pace……

“Zola suddenly made me remember her” Matteo smiled…..

“I wonder how she rides” he smirked at his dirty thought……he reached for his pipe once again and lit it up…….

His phone began ringing so he reached for it with his free hand…

“Rollo” He smiled on picking the call…..Rollo is one of his business partner.

“Oh! The party, i almost forgot”. Matteo gasped on recalling that today was the stripping party……every Mafia attends it, it’s hosted by him every friday…….

“Don’t worry, i won’t disappoint” Matteo smiled before dropping the phone

“F**k” why did i forget something of such importance? Nellie didn’t even care to remind me” he hissed and grabbed his phone……

He dialed Wren’s number to inform her, she normally organize the b!tches for the party every friday……..



Rebel and her roommates walked into their unit looking so tired and all…..

“Today was hell” Monarch pouted and slumped on the bed

“Don’t say that, remember that today is the stripping party, it’s always lit so it’s gonna make tonight fun” Celia said happily, she removed one leg of her shoe and tossed it aside, she did same for the next as well…..when it comes to partying, Celia is the queen of it….

“Stripping party?” I don’t think i like the sound of that” Rebel frowned

“Don’t say that, that party is always dope…….it’s a get wet party, every mafias in denim attends, just one time my dear, you’ll pray for every day to be friday” Celia said happily…..the stripping party is one of the things she loves most about this clan.

“I still don’t get what the party is about, can you go more deeply?”

“It’s about stripping and séx, it’s really wild and entertaining” Celia answered her this time.

“Séx?, I’m out” Rebel mumbled

“No you aren’t, every ladies from this division attends, Wren won’t allow you to sit out” Monarch answered

“I hate this” Rebel huffed and began stripping, she hasn’t showered since morning……she reached for Celia’s towel and wrapped it around her chest……

“I’ll be back” she said before heading for the restroom……..

A knock landed on the door the moment Rebel went to the restroom.

Celia stood up quickly and rushed to it…..

“Gosh! My crush” She leaped inwardly and composed herself before she mess up…..

“Is Rebel in?” Sammie inquired with his manly voice

“Yes, she’s in” Celia opened the door widely for him and he stepped in……

“The water isn’t running properly” Rebel said walking back to the room, her body was dripping with water…..she froze when she spotted Sammie.

“What are you doing here?” Rebel frowned…..didn’t i say that i won’t come?

“You must be kidding, dress up and let’s leave……” Sammie said coldly

“Rebel no disobedience in the clan, follow him…..” Monarch ordered

“You guys don’t understand, he wants me to be his whore” she shuttered

“Did i just hear you say his whore?” Monarch jumped from bed…..”if it were me, i would jump at the opportunity, heard he’s really good at f**king yunno!” Monarch said shamelessly

“Do i look like one who wanna get laid?” Rebel huffed

“You must be kidding i swear, who doesn’t wanna get laid by him?” Celia said with an eyeroll

“Oops!….sorry” she gave Sammie an apologetic look

Sammie rolled his eyes…..

“Get dressed and let’s leave” he ordered

“Can you give me some privacy at least?” She glared at him and they all burst into a fit of laughter like she has said something funny.

“You have a long way to go dear, there is no privacy in this clan” Monarch said chuckling

“This is serious” Rebel sighed…..can i borrow a dress? She asked

“Yea, sure” Monarch replied and she headed for their small wardrobe……she reached for a black gown which will stop below her thigh since that’s her style and headed for the restroom…..there is no way she’ll dress in front of Sammie.




“You’re here” Matteo smirked as Rebel opened the door and stepped in……

“Nice outfit though, I’ll just have to shift it aside and bang you from behind” he winked at her

“I didn’t tell you that you have that right, there’s no way I’ll be your whore” she scoffed

” I don’t take no for an answer and i don’t need your permission to do as i wish” he smirked

“My approval matters, it’s my body and not yours, banging me without my approval is called rape ” Rebel shuttered

“Ion think so, you’ll beg for it yourself so that won’t be considered as rape” he smirked

“What do you mean?” Rebel frowned

Matteo reached for a button next to the couch and pressed it…..the door locked automatically…..he pressed another button and the room’s light changed from white to red.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Rebel’s heart skipped a beat as the door sealed up…..

“On the bed now…..” Matteo ordered coldly

“There must be something wrong with your thinking faculty” Rebel managed to say…..her heart was palpitating nonstop.

“I don’t like repeating myself” Matteo gritted his teeth….I said on the bed he ordered

“I said i won’t” Rebel said fearfully

Matteo gritted his teeth and reached for his sidearm…..he cracked it and pointed it at her.

“I said on the bed” he said pointing the gun at her……take your dress off and get on the goddamn bed He roared….

At the sight of the gun Rebel began stripping……he doesn’t look like he was kidding……she took off her dress and climbed the bed…….

“Please don’t hurt me” she said pleadingly

“You don’t have a say in that” he shuttered



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