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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Four

The guard directed Rebel to her assigned division.

“The division of whores” Rebel read out loud as they stopped in front of a door….

“Really?” She hissed….

“Go in” The guard ordered her

“And before i forget, tell whoever you see to show you any vacant room” He added before walking away.

Rebel stared at the inscription on the door once more before opening the door and walking in…..her lips parted….the carefree attitude of this people is something else? Is this freedom to them? How can people be walking without any fabrics on?

“How can people be so shameless? ” she wondered, she turned to her right and spotted some ladies being banged by different mens….her eyes suddenly caught the arms of the men…..

“One”……..she read out loud

“I don’t think i like this division at all”….She sighed

“That bitch” she gritted her teeth as she remembered Nellie. “Do i look like a whore to her?” She added and continued walking in….all attention turned to her direction the moment she stepped in, some of the men were captivated by her looks….some bitches in the division stared at her with envy, others stared at her with admiration…..she’s a sight to behold indeed……

“Wow! There’s a new bitch in the division” Paulo A.K.A snipper said licking his lips as he scanned Rebel who just walked in……he belong to the first division, men from that division always come to the hall of whores to pleasure themselves……Wren who was sitting on his laps a while ago rolled down and grabbed her jacket which was lying on the floor, she was nude because she was busy pleasing Paulo awhile ago……She put on the jacket and left the buttons open…..Rebel could swear that those boobs of hers ain’t natural and her collar bones as well…..Rebel was still lost staring at Wren…….

“Hi” she managed to say

“A new bitch huh!” Wren (the head of the whores in the clan) smiled….she’s responsible for assigning whores members of the first division with the exception of Master Matteo who barely visits their division….he prefers to screw bitches from the third division……

“What a beauty to behold” She flashed Rebel another smile

“I am Wren, head of the hall of whores” she introduced

“Seriously? Is she proud of being called a whore?” Rebel scoffed inwardly….I can’t wait to be done with this mission and get the f**k out of here.

“I am Rebel” she returned the smile

“Rebel? Is that even a name?” Paulo chuckled making everyone in the hall to burst into fits of laughter….Rebel ignored him completely….

“Can you assign me to a room please?” She said calmly

“Follow me….”Wren ordered and Rebel trailed behind her….she began scanning Wren from behind…the jacket is the only thing on her, no panties nor bra, buttoning the jacket would have done her good but it seems she was comfortable that way……Every male they walked past stared at her with lust, who wouldn’t when she looks so alluring?

“I know you’re watching”….She chuckled

“I’m just surprised that you’re comfortable in those” Rebel replied sincerely

“You’ll get used to it” Wren assured

“Major, you’re back” she stopped as she spotted Major

“Wren”….Major smiled and rushed to her….he pecked her on the lips…..

“I missed you” Major said

“I’ll come to your room when i settle this newbie dear” Wren winked and signalled Rebel to continue walking

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this” Rebel said inwardly and continued walking beside Wren….

“This hall should have being named the hall of sins instead” Rebel huffed and covered her ear as unholy sounds welcome her on the room they walked pass…..

“Hall of sins huh!” Wren chuckled…..i think i like the sound of that.

“Anyway, have you being marked?” Wren asked as she suddenly remembered that aspect….going round the clan without a division is a serious crime in the white serpent clan.

“Marked as in?” Rebel furrowed a brow

“Don’t tell me, so vampires exist?” Her frown was replaced with a gasp

“You’re very funny” Wren burst into a fit of laughter…..I wasn’t talking about that kind of marking though.

“Getting marked here is quiet painful, the pain takes long to go away” she said and pulled down her jacket pointing to her arm.

“This is the kind of marking i was talking about”

“Four”….Rebel read

“Yes four… the white serpent they’re five divisions” She began explaining

“The first division are our supreme lords, don’t mess with people from that division, that’s an advice from me to you….you see the lady Nellie, don’t cross her part, she’s not to be messed with”…..

“Really?” Rebel gasped….how can she tell Wren that she has already crossed her path…..she even went ahead to point a gun at her.m…what went over you Rebel? She wondered…..mum always says that your stubborness will land you in trouble some day……

“Are you even listening?” Wren brought her out of her thought

“Yea” Rebel forced a smile

“The second division contains our travelers, they go around the world to supply drugs for the boss, they’re barely around, last year most of them were even arrested by the cops….i guess they were careless… matter what, no one betrays, they rather go to jail than expose the boss”…..Wren explained

“You see that man we just walked pass, he hasn’t being around for a while, he’s a member of the second division”.

“Wow!” Rebel gasped….

“The third divisions…..those models from our modelling company belongs to that division, they do boss shits and are compensated in return” Wren explained further

“But do they have to stay in the clan? Why not go to their houses?” Rebel asked the questions that she has being meaning to ask…..

“There’s something you don’t know newbie, once you know about the clan, you aren’t allowed to leave, you stay and die here”……Wren chuckled like she has said something funny

“What?” The word left Rebel’s mouth…..this won’t be as easy as i thought she panicked….no going out?

“It’s not like you can’t leave at all, you don’t leave on your own will unless you’re appointed with a mission” Wren said

“We’re here”….She added

“What difference does it make?” Rebel scoffed inwardly…….staying here is just like being imprisoned…you can’t leave unless you’re appointed with a mission? Rebel….you’re in one hell of trouble, if i don’t visit mum, wouldn’t she be worried?

Wren twisted the doorknob open since Rebel wasn’t making any move to do so….the girl look like she was in thought.

Rebel went in with her

“The room look small” Rebel pouted….she suddenly frowned and turned to her left as she began hearing some moans….On the next bonk beside hers were some ladies who were busy fingerf**king themselves…….

“Ladies you have a new roommate” Wren said just trying to announce their presence

The ladies jumped out of the bed…they were oblivious of the fact that they weren’t the only one in.

Hi……one of the girls waved at her

“Sorry to pry but are you girls gay?” Rebel furrowed a brow

“They aren’t, such a thing is normal here” Wren answered on their behalf

Normal? This is goddamn sodom and gomorrah! Rebel wanted to say but prevented herself from doing so…..

“Drop your bag and let’s go to the marking unit ” Wren ordered……Rebel placed her bagpack on the small bed on the bonk….

“We can go now” She told Wren

They both stepped out of the room and headed for the elevator….they entered and Wren inputed the floor they’ll be stopping at………

Rebel’s heart skipped a beat the moment they landed on the seventh floor, the screaming coming out from the room made her to start sweating….it was the crying of both women and children…..

“Step into the room, tell them your division and you’ll be marked” Wren ordered

Rebel walked slowly to the door……she twisted it open and the sight that welcomed her made all the blood in her body to drain…..rods with different numbers carved on it were being inserted into the furnace and when it’s the dark rod turns into red, it’s placed on the arm of the victims….

“So this is what they use for making?” She pouted…..if i don’t get a promotion after this, Maverick will be in trouble……

What division? A voice said behind her….she turned to his direction….like damn, the man is very tall and muscular….he looked really mean.

“Ehn….fourth” She stammered

“Follow me” He ordered coldly…..she went with him….the man came to an halt in front of a furnace, he grabbed a rod carved with her division number and inserted it into the fire……

Rebel’s heart began skipping as he was bringing the rod close to he arm….he placed it on her arm…..

“Ahh!” Rebel’s scream echoed throughout the entire floor


“Nonsense”……Matteo hissed as he returned back to his quarters…..Nellie was with him, her outfit was dripping with blood.

Nellie walked to a couch and slumped on it……

“Magenta thought he’ll win over us right?” Nellie chuckled

“Don’t mind him……I’ve ordered Sammie to make a gift of their heads and send it to him” Matteo shuttered…..he broke the peace himself.

“He’s gonna be so shocked, he broke the mafia’s commandment himself, he should suffer the repercussion of his actions” Nellie purred

“By the way, where’s Zola? She want to bed already right?

“Yes”…..Nellie rolled her eyes…..must he always bring that spoilt brat up? She cussed inwardly

“How about the Rebel of a girl? ” He inquired

“I assigned her a division, she must be settling down now” Nellie shrugged

“What division?” Matteo inquired further

“The hall of whores” Nellie smiled

“You mean the fourth division?” Matteo frowned

“Yes……is there a problem with that?” Nellie jumped from the couch

“The fourth division is far from here, that girl should be close by, she’s my new whore, thought i made it known?”… should have assigned her the third division instead.

“So you can rush there anytime you want and bang her right? I don’t know what’s wrong with you, that bitch is a goddamn spy i can prove it…..keeping her alive is the worst mistake you have ever made” Nellie raised her voice trying to talk sense into her.

“Nellie…….I’m no fool, i just wanna bang her and nothing more……bear in mind that if truly your claim is right and she happens to betray, i will end her then”…..there’s a reason for keeping her, there’s something about her that piqued my interest, she’s fierce, stubborn, name it….

“Really? Nellie huffed…..she’s fierce, stubborn, name it…..She mimicked

“Wasn’t that what you said when Nicky was around? You just wanna bang her and nothing more but what happened? Story changed didn’t it? From banging it changed to love…… terms of fierce, stubborn and many more, no one can beat Nicky to it……..but what came out of it?”

Betrayal Matteo…..betrayal……

“She used you, deceived you, you were jailed because of her Matteo…..i strongly believe that Nicky and Rebel are no different” Nellie yelled at him.

“Enough”…..Matteo thundered throwing the vase next to him……it shattered into pieces on landing on the floor.

“Never…..i repeat never bring Nicky up, the name Nicky is never to be mentioned…that bitch deceived me for over ten goddamn years…..Zola is the only gift she has ever given to me…..she’s the reason why i didn’t end Nicky…….she ditched me after everything i did for her and settle for no other person than Pierce……that bastard that calls himself my dad” He said the last statement with pure hatred……He really loved Nicky, heaven knows and earth does, he treasured her like a priceless gem…..her betrayal was like a dagger pierced into his heart……the injury from it will never heal no matter how hard he tries…..

“You just succeeded in ruining my day Nellie”…..get out He barked

Matteo I’m……

Out…..Matteo angry voice made her to flinch……that’s how he gets whenever the name Nicky is mentioned…’s no new thing, everyone in the clan knows and no one dare bring her up…..she’s the reason why he can’t love again……the really why he’ll never give love another chance.

Nellie sighed and walked out of the room.

“F**k” She cussed as she exited his room…..”why did i even bring her up?” She sighed……that girl Rebel caused it……

She spotted Akantha walking down the hall of Matteo’s quarter

Akantha……She called in form of a whisper

Akantha received the signal and rushed to her……

“No need to temper with her food, she has being freed” Nellie said gritting her teeth

“F**k” Akantha cussed…..what do we do then?

“Have the men investigate her…..while they’re doing the investigation, we make here hell for her……..I sent her to the fourth division…..Tell Wren to reign hell on her, i believe she’ll do a good job” she smirked

“Nice one boss……nice one” Akantha smiled


You have to round up the mission Rebel, here’s gonna feel like hell, i can feel it…..Rebel’s innermind advised her.

She continued wincing in pain……scratching her arm; the place where the rod was placed……the number four appeared boldly on her arm.

She walked tiredly to the room she was assigned.

“She’s back” one of her roommates jumped from bed…..

“Sorry about earlier, I’m Monarch and that’s Celia” she introduced.

“Marked already huh!” Celia smiled……don’t worry, the pain will go away sooner.

“I hope so, this stuff is damn painful…..” Rebel pouted.

“Sorry dear” Monarch cooed

“We should all get to bed, tomorrow is gonna be a big day”….

“Yea……right” Rebel smiled and headed for her bed. She lays on it and covered herself.

“Tomorrow is day one” she smirked before closing her eyes


“Wake up Rebel”……Monarch screamed dragging the comforter from her body.

“What?” Rebel yawned and stood up lazily

“What is it?” She pouted

“It’s morning” Celia mumbled walking into the room.

“Wash your face and let’s go” Monarch ordered

“Where are we going if i may ask?”

“We’re going to the first division……” Monarch answered


Rebel and the rest member of her division lined up in front of the first division…’s compulsory for every members of the division to line up before the boss’s quarter every morning……

“What exactly are we doing here?” Rebel whispered to Monarch who was next to her

“From here, we’ll be assigned a function for today”…….Monarch was still talking when the members of the first division began walking out……..

“The lords are here”……..the screaming made Monarch to stop talking.

They all went on their feet placing their heads on the floor……..

“Get down” Monarch dragged Rebel to her feet

“I feel like we’re worshipping them” she scoffed

“We aren’t…’s a sign of respect”

“Whatever” Rebel rolled her eyes

Matteo scanned the members of every division…..on landing his eyes on the fourth division he spotted Rebel…..she was the seventeenth person on the line…….he smirked evily as he saw his prey.

Nellie noticed that his eye was on Rebel…..she scoffed and marched to the front line………

She began assigning every division with a task for today………

“What?” The people of the fourth division began murmuring as she appointed them a task….such a task has never being given to their division since the establishment of the clan.

Nellie’s eyes met with that of Rebel and she smirked…….

Matteo signalled Sammie to walk closer…..he whispered something into Sammie’s ear and he nodded…….Sammie walked to the fourth division queue…..he stopped beside Rebel…….

“Boss said you should see him tonight……don’t be a minute late” he warned

“What do you mean by that?” Rebel frowned……..i told him no yesterday didn’t I?

Sammie ignored her and walked away

“Did he just say that boss sent for you?” Monarch gasped……’re dam lucky, he has never demanded for anyone in this division………Monarch said happily

“Just watch, I won’t go” Rebel smirked



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