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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Twenty Nine


Rebel dressed up and glanced at the mirror one more time before walking out of the room, she was putting on a black leather pant and a white crop top, she walked out of the room and began took a short route that will be leading to the gate.

“They must be in the clinic by now” She mumbled on seeing how dry everywhere was.

She continued walking and soon she was at the gate….

“Good morning” She flashed Rodent who happened to be at the gate a smile.

“Good morning bell” Rodent returned the smile.

“How was your night?” She inquired.

“It’s…..let’s just say ion know the right word to use” He chuckled.

“You’re the only one on watch out?” She smiled.

“Yea, the rest are already in the clinic” He mumbled.

“Hmm” Rebel looking round and she finally spotted what she was searching for.

“Can you give the key for that?” She pointed to the power bike which was parked a distance away.

“The bike, are you going out?” He furrowed his brow, his eyes suddenly caught her outfit and he smiled.

“You’re even dressed for it” He chuckled and threw the key to her forgetting Sammie’s warning of not letting anyone out.

Rebel caught the key and headed for the bike, she mounted on it, inserted the key, the engine came back to life, she grabbed the helmet, put it on and revved out of the premises.

“Wow, she’s good” He smiled.

Nellie was on her way from the hall where the others where, she went to get tested and once she was done, she was on her way to the living room when she suddenly spotted someone through the window, she happened to be driving out of the clan.

“Rebel….” She smirked and took to her heels running outside.

“F**k” She cussed on arriving outside, she ran quickly to Rodent.

“Get me a bike, i have to catch her” She ordered quickly.

“Is there a problem madam Nellie?” Rodent furrowed his brow.

“I said get me a goddamn bike” She yelled.

“That bike she took was the fastest, you won’t be able to catch up with her” Rodent replied sincerely.

“F**k!!!!!” She cussed

Her mind suddenly went to the earlink she snatched last night.

“Rodent…” She called slowly

“Who’s the best when it comes to fixing gadgets in the clan?” She inquired.

“Marcus, the dude is good” Rodent replied.

“Okay” She replied and began walking away but suddenly stopped.

“Marcus from the second division right?” She inquired

“Yes, Marcus from the second division” Rodent responded.

“Alright” She smiled.

“Inform me when Rebel returns” She added and continued walking.

“Sammie needs to learn about this” She shuttered.


“What’s wrong with you Pierce, why do you hate him that much, i just told you that your son has a heart failure but all you cared to say is that it’s great, what kinda father are you?” Nicky yelled and Pierce sent a slap across her face, as a result, his five fingers were imprinted on it.

“Don’t ever raise your shrill voice at me” He warned glaring at her murderously.

“This is what you’re always good at Pierce, hitting me, brutalizing me, i will continue saying it like i always do, you’re an animal Pierce” She spat on his face.

Pierce stared at her disgustingly, only God knows how he’s restraining himself from beating her to pulp like he always does.

“It mean just one thing Nicky, you’re married to an animal” He yammered.

“If you love your son Pierce, if you’re truly a father to Matteo, go and get tested, who knows, you might be a match” She advised.

“If someone tells you that I’ll give my heart to Matteo so you’ll believe” He chuckled.

“Why will i do that, why will i even think of that, him being in a coma is to my advantage, it mean just one thing Nicky, that i have to act smart” He said with an evil grin.

“What are you talking about ?” She knitted her brow.

“This is the perfect opportunity to scheme Nicky, before Matteo wakes up, I’ll still his woman and in addition, I’ll call Tiger to send a troop to Denim, we’ll attack the clan and if i happen to win the wall that’s brewing, I’ll lead this clan hence, giving Matteo two shock of when he wakes up, first the love of his life and second the clan he loves so much, what do you think will happen then Nicky?” He smirked.

Nicky just stood transfixed on her spot.

Her jaws dropped in shock.

“You don’t know the answer do you? It’ll land him in another coma and also destroy his new transplanted heart” He chuckled evily.

“Calling you an animal is an understatement” Nicky purred.

“I’ll also give you a surprise Nicky, once i succeed on this, I’ll ditch you because you’re off no use, a used sanitary pad is what you are, useless….” He shuttered.

Nicky didn’t say another word to that….

She just stood staring at her and thinking of the perfect slap to give him, she suddenly smirked as an idea popped.

“Who told you you can win, even if you start a war with him, your chance of winning is thin, you’ve never won a war before remember?” She mocked and walked past him brushing her body against him.

Her words hit Pierce like a blow, truly he has never won any war before.

“I’ll shock you Nicky, I’ll not allow you to ridicule me, i must give you a shocker” He screamed after her.


Rebel looked for a perfect spot and parked the bike, she stepped down and began walking towards the UIA department, her reason for coming was to shut down the device before Nellie would be able to fix and access it.

“Rebel…..” the first person she walked past scream.

She stopped and flashed her a smile.

“You are?” She asked calmly.

“Stephanie” She smiled

“I’m a new intern here, everyone here can’t stop singing your praises, they kept singing praises of the case you helped close, i fell in love with your personality that moment, I’m looking forward to achieving what you’ve achieved in the future, I’m your biggest fan” She said all in one breathe.

“More of a talker” Rebel rolled her eyes

“It’s nice meeting you” She smiled

“Is Watson on seat?” She inquired.

“Yes….” Stephanie replied with a smile.

“F**k” Rebel cussed

“Wanted to come when he isn’t around” She pouted.

“Thanks anyway” She forced a smile and began walking away….

Rebel worked past another sets of ladies she can’t recognize, on spotting her screamed and began running towards her, she increased her walking pace so they won’t be able to catch up with her.

Another group of ladies saw her and ululuated loudly.

This is what she gets for being Rebel Wright, the best agent the UIA has ever seen…..her eyes caught her pictures which were on the wall at different angles, some she was receiving awards and others she took with some of the people they started together, that was when realization hit her, she has never gave it a thought before but today she can’t help but notice that she’s the only person standing in that people, in a picture of almost fifteen people’s, she’s the only one alive.

“Weird” Her brow knitted and she continued walking, she arrived at the technical department, she scanned her fingerprint and stepped in.

“No one is in” She smiled and hurried up to do what she came for.

“They must be having a board meeting” She added.

She walked to the system designed for shutting down gadget and turned it on, it rebooted for few minutes before it finally came on.

“Good” She smiled and began operating it, the spot where she’s to input the details popped.

“Earlink- design 11567” she inputted

“The device is currently shut down” The system displayed.

She scrowed to places displaying other options.

“Shut down permanently” She inputted.

“Press continue to proceed” The device displayed, she clicked the button without a second thought and it began loading, it started from 0% until it finally came to 100%.

“Design shut down permanently, Design 11567, product: earlink has being deactivated and can never be accessed”

“Good” Rebel smirked

She logged out quickly and walked out of the technical room, she knows that they saw her through the projector in the board room but that ain’t an issue.

She placed her thumb on the door once she was out and it locked up.

“Last person to visit Agent Rebel” The computarized door displayed.

She turned and began walking away but stopped when she suddenly heard her name.

“Rebel…..” Watson called happily.

“Watson….” she beamed faking excitement.

“What brought you to the department, finally succeeded in closing up the case?” He smiled.

“Don’t act like you don’t know why i came, i know you saw me from the board room, i came to shut down gadget 11567” She responded.

“You shut it down? How then are we gonna reach you and wait bell, why aren’t you done with the case already, you’ve never wasted such time on any case bell, i told the boss it’ll take you two weeks but no i want wrong, it’s being a month and two weeks” Watson shuttered.

“A month and two weeks?” Rebel gasped, truly she didn’t realize.

“I didn’t realize Watson” She said sincerely.

“To be sincere, the boss is really disappointed” Watson shuttered.

“If he’s disappointed, he should give it a try, to be sincere with you Watson, i regret ever picking up this case, i regret ever hurting him, i regret ever betraying him, if it’s possible Watson, i want out, I’m telling you this because you’re my friend Watson, what i did landed Matteo in coma, i saw the ear link in his pocket Watson, now it has finally shut down his fragile heart, help me Watson, help me with the way out” She said almost breaking down.

Watson just stood transfixed on his spot.

“Wait, you said. he’s in coma?” Watson gasped and Rebel nodded in response.

“Does the media know about this?” He inquired.

“If they knew, it would have shut down the internet, they don’t” Rebel sighed.

“That’s great news bell” Watson beamed making Rebel’s fist to clench.

“Great news?” She couldn’t curtail her anger.

“Yes” Watson smiled.

“We have actually succeeded in bringing down president Gonzalez, as it stands, he’ll get impeached and now this, this is really good” He said happily.

Rebel just stood staring at him, she was definitely lost of words.

“Do you know what you’re gonna do bell?” Watson mumbled but she gave him no reply, he didn’t mind anyway so he continued.

“You’re gonna seize the opportunity, now that he’s down, i want you to gather every evidence you can, if possible wreck his room because this is the perfect opportunity, a chance like this will never come by again, you have two days to seal everything up and return back to the clan, that way we’ll be able to give him the shock of his life when he wakes up, he’s gonna go behind bar bell, that’s what we’re gonna do, i heard from Holland that you finally found the secret spot in the modeling company, that’s gonna be our shot to victory” He squealed happily on making the last statement.

“Enough…..” Rebel roared

“Was that the only part you heard? Didn’t you hear the part where i said i want out, Matteo doesn’t deserve any of this, we gotta let him off, i know bringing down citizen’s of the underworld is our top priority but Matteo……”

“Stop….” Watson thundered cutting her off.

“There’s no way out bell, you won’t be left off, listen and listen carefully, ion know the gibberish you’re saying, if you’re sick go to the clinic and get come drugs, the bell i know has always wanted to be the regional head of this branch? So what’s up with the quitting stuff? What’s up with the dream and everything? Where is the hatred you have for drug dealers, why are you making exceptions?” He snarled.

“Because I love him”

Watson’s world stopped for a moment the moment she said those words….no wonder she delayed in the case, this is what he was scared of, she falling for him, the day he spotted them at the party, he knew this would happen, he told Jolie about it, she told him that Rebel would never fall for a criminal and now, his fear has happened.

“You can’t love him bell, you just can’t, it’s not allowed” He yelled

Rebel didn’t react much, she knows his reason for reacting that way.

“Who said it isn’t allowed, who made the rule? You? The agents? Screw you all” She mumbled.

“Falling in love with your subject ain’t allowed, you told me that yourself Rebel, why then did you break it?” He yelled drawing attention to them.

“I love why you’re acting this way Watson, it’s because of the cheeky feeling you have for me, i told you that night, what happened between us wasn’t meant to, i told you i won’t be able to reciprocate the feelings, why then did you hold unto it?” She yelled.

“Matteo is the one i love, he has suffered enough and I’ve arrived at a decision not to add more to it” She muttered.

“I’m telling you because of the bond we once had Watson, I’ll be cutting all ties with the UIA” She added and began walking away when Watson grabbed her and pulled her forcefully, he hit her back against the hard wall and grabbed her neck…..

“There’s no out Rebel Wright, wanna ruin the name you made for yourself all this years? What will you tell your mom bell? That you got involved with your subject? That you fell for him? What kind of nonsense is that?” He shuttered.

“Let go of my neck” Rebel choked

“You’re hurting me”….

Watson released his grip on her neck, he yanked her hair and began pulling her to the board room with him.

“Stop Watson, you’re hurting me” She kept screaming.

“This is why i can’t love you, you’re too violent” She kept screaming loudly as hr was pulling her.

Watson pulled the door to the board room open and threw Rebel in.

“Rebel…..” the regional head stood to his feet on spotting her.

“Watson what kinda play was that, why did you push her in that sort of manner, have you forgotten that she’s your team leader?” He scolded.

“Boss….” Rebel bowed her head

She raised up her head and on seeing the faces before her, her heart skipped a beat.

“The six panels?” Her shock couldn’t be hidden, the six panels are a group of regional heads from the six neighboring countries, they only come together when there’s an urgent issue on ground….

“Rebel…..” The men of the panel began standing up to greet her.

She flashed them all a sweet smile.

“How’s your current case going, we were discussing on it and that of president Gonzalez, after these cases are over and you happen to finishes off that of Bruno, the board has decided to convert you to a regional head to head the branch in Lavender” One of the men said with a smile.

Rebel simply swallowed

This has always been what she wanted but now, she’s having a second thought, she turned to Watson’s direction and he threw her a glare.

“I heard your mum is in lavender” Another of the men said

“That’s a very good decision bell, Jolie is also with her, when everything is over they’ll return” Another of them said.

“Lavender?” Rebel furrowed her brow

“What’s my mom doing there, didn’t we agree on country R?” She shuttered.

“The visa of country R didn’t work out but that isn’t the issue on ground, tell them what you told me” He ordered.

Rebel swallowed in fright, she didn’t tell him to bring it up.

“I…..I…..” She shuttered

“Fine, I’ll help you” Watson shuttered

“She said she want…..”

“I want you guys to know that I’ll be closing up Matteo’s case anytime for now, the file for Bruno should be made available before my return” She said quickly cutting him off.

“Wow, wow!!!!!”

“That’s great news”

They began applauding her

“F**k” Rebel mused

“This wasn’t what i wanna say, Watson caused it” She fumed throwing him a glare, there was a victorious smirk hanging on Watson’s lip.


Rebel left the agency with a sad look on, she went straight to the bike and mounted on it.

“I’ll apologize to Matteo and ask for help when he wakes up, i know he’ll hear me out” She sighed before starting the bike and speeding out.

While in the agency, Watson watched her through the window.

“Don’t start what you can’t finish bell, i know you’re still finding a way out, my eyes are on you” He smirked.




Rebel stepped down from the bike and was heading in when she suddenly heard her name.

“Rebel, where do you think you’re coming from?” The cold voice asked.

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw them, it seems they were waiting for her.

“You heard the question, answer it?” Nellie roared.

“Don’t make me repeat myself” Sammie threatened.



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