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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Twenty Seven


Will walked into the division of whores that night, he was looking round the place for a b!tch he saw in the part few minutes ago before the intrusion….he was in the jacuzzi having fun with some hot ladies when he sudden spotted her dancing and swaying her hips rhymatically, she was in the company of another b!tch, that b!tch was hot but she was the hottest, since he was born, he can vow that he has never seen a lady as gorgeous as she is.

“Like seriously?, what about Isme?” His subconscious mind shuttered.

You too like seriously? Why bringing that granny up, don’t you know she’s my sponsor and nothing more” He said with an eyeroll walking into the main hall fully.

“I pray she hears you” His innermind threatened.

“Holly molly!” Will’s jaw dropped at the sight before him…..moanings filled his ears from different angles, the party ended in the jacuzzi hall but the real deal was here, at all corners/angles were men banging the life out of some hot looking lady but not as hot as who he was looking for anyways, the screaming he was hearing comprises both of pain and pleasure….his length suddenly sprang up excitedly being the lover of s*x that he is.

“Where have i been all my life, the real deal is in this clan not Isme’s useless familia” He huffed

He turned to his right and a smile suddenly landed on his lips as he saw someone that can take him to the hottie he’s looking for, it was the lady with her on the dancefloor…..he moved his feet and began moving towards her direction despite the fact that he saw how busy she was giving a member of the first division a hand job.

“Hi” He said and tapped her on arriving….

She raised up her head quickly on receiving a tap….

“Go away man” The man she was giving a hand job yelled as Will suddenly distracted Wren, he was at the verge of c*mming when this bastard from hell ruined everything…

“If you want a turn then fall into the queue” The man added furiously.

“Queue? I don’t screw rotten pussies mister” Will replied with an eyeroll.

“Did you just call my pussy rotten?” Wren snarled

“How dare you?” She yammered and stood to her feet with a murderous expression on her face.

“I’m really, really sorry, that was a slip of the tongue” Will apologized quickly, on a normal day he dare not apologize to anyone but today is different, he’s indeed of help, she’s the only one that can take him to meet the girl he spotted earlier.

“I’m Will” HW introduced extending his hand.

“What do you want Will?” She purred shrugging off his hands.

“I’m sad I’m sorry, still holding a grudge because of what i said?” He pouted.

“If you have nothing to say then please kindly leave, as you can see, I’m busy” She glared.

“I need your help” Will said pleadingly.

Wren broke into laughter that moment seeing his pleading face.

“Thought you said i have a rotten p***y, when then are you begging to have a taste” She said mockingly.

Will’s jaw dropped, that’s not what he wanted to beg for.

“This lady…” He cussed in his head.

“That’s not what I’m begging for girl, i saw you with a hot lady earlier, you guys were dancing few distance away from me, when i suddenly turned, i felt a magnetic force pulling me towards her, i wanted to jump from the jacuzzi and run towards her when that bastard suddenly intruded and so i wasn’t able to” He explained to her.

“You said a hot lady?” Wren asked and he nodded.

“The thing is that i danced with many hot ladies tonight, you’ll have to describe her for me to know the exact one you’re referring to” She replied calmly

“Ok” Will smiled

” She’s average in height, has reddish lips, a nicely carved nose, perfect jawlines, a charming smile, hot legs and……”

“Seriously!” Wren chuckled cutting Will off as he was making the description with dreamy eyes.

“Ion think that’s description enough” Wren added while chuckling.

“I’m not done” Will threw her a glare

“Oops! Sorry” Wren said using her finger to make a “my lip is sealed” sign.

“She has a natural and moderate size of ass unlike yours that look artificial, no offence” he added quickly as Wren threw him a murderous glare.

” ion have time for this whole description of a thing, many ladies in this division happen to have those features you just stated so tell me, what was she wearing?” Wren inquired.

“What was she when wearing again?” Will racked his brain to recall.

“Orange bikini” He smiled as he suddenly recalled.

“Did you just say orange?” Wren’s brow arched.

“Two of my friends rocked orange bikini’s tonight so I’m kinda confused, can you tell me that color of her eyes?” She asked.

“She has ocean blue eyes” He said smiling sheepishly….that was also one of the things that caught his attention when he first spotted her, she was dancing at the middle of the dancefloor which was just a few distance away from him, her charming smile, her oceanic blue eyes and her moderate shape made him to gulp down his own saliva as he suddenly felt some sort of pull towards her.

“That should be Celia” Wren replied giggling

“Celia?” Her name is as charming as she is” Will smiled dreamingly….

Wren’s giggling was suddenly replaced with a frown when she recalled something.

“If i take him to Celia won’t she get mad at me, should i just tell him the truth that she don’t do boys?” She contemplated.

Will suddenly snapped his fingers in front of her eyes jerking her out of her thought.

“Sorry, this way please….” She smiled and they began walking heading to their quarter.


“Sammie make the announcement, i know we’ll find a donor within the clan, tell them about the boss condition” Nellie said.

“I’ll do just that” Sammie said and began walking away to call for a meeting that night.

“Crying won’t solve anything, brace up everyone” The doctor said to them..

“It’s okay Zola, your daddy is gonna be fine i promise you” Rebel mumbled while patting her back.

“Promise?” Zola pouted

“I promise” Rebel smiled holding back the tears that’s threatening to fall again.

Nicky wiped her face and was looking towards their direction, she felt a pang of jealousy on seeing the way Zola was holding unto Bell and finding comfort in her arms.

“She even managed to befriend my daughter” She said staring towards her hatefully..

Her eyes and Zola’s eyes suddenly locked and she flashed her a smile, Zola gave her the “Who are you smiling at” look…..she spiced up the look with an eyeroll.

That also pricked Nicky’s heart. “It’s not gonna be easy like i thought” She sighed.

Zola yawned tiredly as her eyes were beginning to feel heavy, it was past her bedtime already.

“I think the kid is feeling sleepy, one of you should take her to her quarter’s please…” The doctor said.

“But i want to see daddy” She pouted.

“Daddy’s asleep, we’ll have to move him to my hospital tonight, don’t worry Zola, you can come see him tomorrow in my clinic when he wakes up” the doctor smiled.

“Fine…” Zola sighed and stood to her feet.

Rebel stood up to go with her…Nicky also stood up as well as Nellie.

“I thought i said one….”

A glare from Nicky made the doctor to seal his lips.

Rebel took Zola from the floor and they headed to her quarters, on arrival she spotted Zuzu pacing around the room worriedly.

“Zola…..where did you go? You scared the life out of me, didn’t your father warn you not to go out on friday nights” Zuzu scolded.

“She’s sorry” Rebel apologized

Zuzu looked beside bell to see Nellie and Nicky, her heart slipped numerous beats, the two peoples she fears alot….her mind traveled back to when Nicky was still in the clan, then she was ruthless and the most arrogant fella she had ever seen, hope she has changed…She swallowed.

“M-madam N-nicky” She stuttered fearfully…..

“B-boss N-nellie you’re back” She said fearfully.

“So you’re still in this clan” Nicky mumbled before going after bell..

“Yes I’m back, it’s not like you’re happy to see me” Nellie huffed before going after them.

Rebel opened the door to Zola’s room and entered, she dropped her on the bed and covered her up with a quilt….

“Wow! What a beautiful room” Nicky gasped on stepping it.

“Don’t your old husband has such room in his clan?” Nellie shaded with an eyeroll.

“Don’t anger me Nellie, i wasn’t talking to you” Nicky warned.

“You guys shush! Leave her to sleep before continuing your childishness” Rebel glared at them.

“Me childish?” Nicky shuttered

“Don’t talk to me in such manner simply because Matteo is giving you an head” She said with gritted teeth.

“I won’t tolerate any insult from you b!tch, I know you contributed to the state Matteo is in now, who wouldn’t be heartbroken when he finds out that his woman is a goddamn spy” Nellie said hatefully.

Rebel felt a pang in her heart, her mind suddenly traveled to the fight in the hall when she tried to hold Matteo when he was hurt but he pushed her off……”could it be that he knows?” And also, when they were in the main hall and she was dancing with Bruno, on lifting her head, their eyes locked and he simply looked away like it was nothing, the Matteo that she knows would have gone after her.

Her mind also traveled to the time they left the clan, she forgot to remove her earlink, that time they were making out, she suddenly remembered that she was putting on a earlink, although it was disconnected but she knows that him seeing it will arose suspicion so at the heat of the moment, she suddenly removed it and smuggled it into the pocket of the one of the outfits on the floor…..she reached for her pocket quickly and checked the two sides but she found nothing in it.

“F**k” She cursed on realizing that it wasn’t her pocket she placed it in, it must be Matteo’s…..she gasped at the realization.

“Surprised that i know huh!” Nellie chuckled.

“Wait, she’s a spy?” Nicky covered her lips dramatically.

Their words jerked Rebel out of her thought.

“Watch your words Nellie……” She warned.

“Ignore them my angel” Zola said sleepingly cuddling munchy who was fast asleep on the bed.

Rebel waited few more minutes, on seeing that she was fast asleep, she stood up.

“Watch your daughter b!tch, it’s such a shame that she doesn’t recognize you, i wonder what kind of a mother you are” She mocked and began walking out leaving Nicky in fury, Rebel’s words struck her like lightning.

“Did she just…..arrgh!” She fumed.

“Fool…..” She cussed breathing heavily to calm down her nerves.

Nicky slumped on the empty space next to her daughter.

“So Matteo didn’t show you a picture of me” She said hurtfully.

“If hurts so much that my daughter can’t recognize me, i guess it’s all my fault” She sighed trailing he fingers on Zola’s face feeling the smoothness of it.

” Don’t worry pumpkin, I’ll make it up to your daddy and you, I’ll cast away that b!tch that’s taking my place and make sure that our story has a happy ending” She said with a deep sigh.

“If you wanna win Zola’s heart, you have a long way to go, the only people she cares about are Matteo and Rebel, she dislikes me and I’m sure you’ll be no different, treasure this moment because it’s gonna be the only one you’ll ever have with her, avoid her when she wakes up and don’t mention to her about your blood relation, if you do, get ready to be kicked out by her” Nicky muttered and stood to her feet.

“Let me go check on bell, I’ll be right back, i better go check on that b!tch” She said and began swaying her hips out.

“I guess your father passed his strongheadedness to you from what Nellie just said” She smiled painfully.


Wren pushed the door open and she and Will walked in….Celia walked out of the restroom that moment with a towel wrapped around her chest.

“F**k” she cussed as she spotted Wren in the room with a guest.

“Wren, i thought Rebel said no bringing of f**kmate to the room” She glared at Wren, her eyes suddenly traveled to Wren’s guest and her heart suddenly skipped a beat.

“Those eyes are charming” She swallowed
“Who would have thought that brown eyes could be this cute” She gushed.

Her eyes suddenly moved down to his chest, she gulped down her own saliva, despite the clothes covering his chest, she could still trace the lines of his nicely carved biceps with her eyes.

On through otherhand, the world stopped moving for a second when Will’s eye fell on her, it was just like earlier when he saw her, those eyes of eyes just captivated his soul that he couldn’t help staring, everything was just like fairytale to him, his heart began drumming heavily against it’s ribcage wanting release…..his eyes traveled down to the towel on her chest, he felt like moving towards her and taking it off, he felt like pinning her to any position at all and taking her.

“Gosh Will…” He scolded himself

“Don’t act like that isn’t your mission” His innermind scoffed.

“Her lips, how could they be this perfect, reddish just like i love them, her lips are actually….”

“His lips, so pink and plumpy, i just feel like biting them, they look so….”

“Kissable……” their subscion said in unison.

Wren giggled dramatically on seeing that they were lost staring at eachother.

She suddenly cleared her throat bringing them out of their daze.

“Hmm hmm” She cleared her throat loudly.

Celia and Will jerked out of their thoughts that moment.

“He isn’t my guest, he’s yours” Wren’s words made her mouth to fall agape.

“The hottie is my guest?” She couldn’t believe it.

“What has come over you, isn’t winning Monarch your top priority? Why then are you gushing over him” Her innermind scolded and she swallowed.

“I-i-i’m s-s-sammie” He stuttered stretching his hands shakingly.

” The sharp mouth guy is stuttering? Unbelievable!!” Wren stiffled a laughter

“C-celia” She replied shyly accepting his hands, her cheeks hit up as she suddenly imagined them taking their vows in the church.

“Gosh celia!” She scolded making her cheeks to heat up the more.

Will just held hand not wanting to let go…

“Her hands must be hurting now Will” Wren said making him to release her quickly.

“So why are you looking for me?” Celia asked calmly, not without a smile.

” i saw you earlier at the jacuzzi party and for the first time in my life, i felt a pull, Celia, i felt love for you at first sight” He said staring into her eyes.

The butterfly in Celia’s stomach set into celebration.

“Why am i excited?” She wondered

“I thought i wanted Monarch” She frowned

“Seriously you felt love at first sight? Wasn’t that thesame line you used on Isme, thought we agreed on asking her to be your f**k buddy?” His innermind pondered.

Wren suddenly decided to say something.

“You see Sammie, i should have told you earlier, Celia here is g-…..”

“The attraction is mutual” Celia suddenly screamed before Wren will complete the statement she was making.

Wren decided to tease her a little.

” thought you liked M…..”

“Yes i like Mac and cheese” Celia said quickly making Wren to burst out in laughter, Celia simply threw her a glare.

“Why is she laughing?” Will furrowed his brow

“That’s Wren for you, she behaves abnormal at times” Celia responded while glaring at Wren.

“Wow!” Wren gasped and continued laughing

“Please, come take a seat” Celia gestured.

“I prefer standing” Will smiled.

“You said you like me right?” Celia asked to be sure she didn’t hear wrongly.

“Yes” he nodded

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Her question suddenly made Will to choke on his own saliva.

“Why do you ask?” He asked on regaining himself.

“Because ion want some b!tches to pop up and claim you some days, ion have the energy to fight over you” She replied honestly.

” I don’t” he replied and a smile curled on her lips.

“What division do you belong? She inquired.

“None, i came from country R” He replied

“You came from country R just for the party? Wow!” Celia gasped.

“That’s not the reason” he mumbled.

“What’s the reason then?”

Will’s heart skipped a bit.

” I came with my aunt to visit her son” He mumbled.

“Wait, you’re related to the boss?” Celia gasped.

“Seriously?” Will’s subconscious mind said.

The door to the room was suddenly open and Monarch walked in.

She stopped on her track when she suddenly saw a guy in the room.

“Who’s he?” She furrowed a brow making Celia’s heart to skip a beat.

“I-i’m Will Celia’s……”

That moment the alert bell was rung.

“Did you hear that?” Wren said

“Something has happened” Monarch screamed.

“To the main hall” Someone suddenly ran into their quarters screaming.

“Boss Sammie rung the bell”.


Rebel went straight to Matteo’s room but saw that he has already been moved….

“Please….” She held unto one of the men on running out, the man was on his way out to the mainhall on hearing the alert bell.

“Where’s the way to the doctors’ quarter?” She asked.

“That way” he pointed and continued running off.

Rebel ran to the direction he spotted, she ran until she arrived at the quarters.

“Doctor….” She called on arriving.

“Zola has fallen asleep?” He asked.

“Yes, please take me to Matteo” She said pleadingly.

“This way….” The doctor said and she went after him.

“Excuse us please” She said on arriving at the room.

he nodded and began walking out.

Rebel reached for his jacket on the bed and inserted her hand in the first pocket, she pulled out her hand and behold, she found her earlink in it.

“He found out” She fell on her knees crying.

That moment, Nellie walked in.



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