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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Twenty Six


The atmosphere in the hall where the party was going on turned silent and a glaring contest broke through the moment Pierce stepped in….

“Leave everybody” Matteo yelled thunderously and everyone began running out….

“Common Matteo, the party just started” Bruno pouted

“I said out” Matteo yelled again

“Whatever” Bruno scoffed

“I shouldn’t have come in the first place”

“Matteo has being behaving strangely do you notice?” Other druglord gossiped while walking out.

“What are you doing here Pierce?” Matteo said with gritted teeth.

“What does it look like?” Pierce chuckled

“I came to see my little boy, what else” He added…..

“The little boy you mistreated huh! When did you start caring?” Matteo huffed.

“That’s all in the past so where’s the new b!tch i heard about?” He asked licking his lips…….

“Pierce….” Isme called pleadingly but just a glare from him shut her up.

“Is that the puppy you’re f**king?” Pierce burst out in laughter as he spotted Will beside her.

“It’s none of your business” Isme glared.

“Pierce…pierce…pierce….” Matteo called pacing round the room thinking of the next thing to do..

“I want you out of my clan” He shuttered.

Nicky just stood staring at him

“He has really changed over the years” She sighed as she noticed that he didn’t spare her a glance…the Matteo she used to know would seize any opportunity just to be with her but the Matteo she’s seeing looks cold.

Pierce chuckled like he had just heard the greatest joke of the century.

“Go when i haven’t achieved what I’m intending?” He scoffed

“What are you intending if i may ask?” Rebel spoke up for the first time since she wasn’t understanding anything……

“From the look of things, you must be my son’s fiance” Pierce flashed her a smile.

“I am” Rebel grunted.

” Sammie…” Matteo called

“Yes boss” Sammie who was still present bowed

“Check if he came with back up” He ordered.

“Why would i do that, what’s the essence of coming to your clan with back up when i can fend a thousand men alone” Pierce chuckled evily.

“Pierce, I’m being calm as it is, i don’t like repeating myself and you of all people should know, ion know why you guys suddenly decided to pop out of the blue, first it was Isme and now you….what exactly do you guys want, haven’t you done enough? My childhood was hell because of the both of you and now that i finally found rest and doing better, all of you returned, I’m telling you for the last time so kindly leave before i do something crazy” Matteo purred.

“Make me” Pierce smirked

“You’re challenging me aren’t you?” Matteo’s eyes turned red, the look he was giving Pierce was that of hatred and nothing more…

“Matteo…..” Nicky called calmly

Matteo threw her a glare which made cold to run down her spine, she swallowed and summoned more courage before she spoke up again.

“I know you’re still upset because i chose Pierce over you but that’s all in the past, he’s your father after all and such things shouldn’t alter your relationship should it?” Nicky said calmly earning a glare from Isme and Nellie.

“Bestie…” She flashed Nellie a smile.

“Don’t bestie me” Nellie through her a cold look.

“Listen up Nicky” Matteo muttered after processing all that she had said.

“Ion know how highly you think of yourself, you think the world revolve around your ass huh!” He chuckled dramatically.

“To you, you thought you dumped me but do you know what i think, i think you did me a favor, you were the worst thing that has ever happened to me, yes, i loved you but that was all in the past, thinking you’re the centre focus of all this is what i find quite repulsive” Matteo yammered making Nicky’s jaw to drop.

“M-matteo, is this really you?” She couldn’t bring herself to believe that Matteo will actually say such words to her.

“You changed” She added

“Oops!” Isme said and broke into laughter….

“Who asked you to speak Nicky, did you take permission from me or something?” Pierce threw her a deadly glare.

“I-i’m s-sorry” Her lips trembled.

Pierce wasn’t the type that listens to apology so he wanted to descend on her when Matteo intervened.

“Don’t even think of it” He snarled at Pierce.

“You still like her don’t you?” Pierce chuckled
“Perhaps we should do a swap, what do you think?” He smiled childishly…..

Nicky’s heart melted the moment Matteo came to her rescue.

“Perhaps he still love me” She said feeling giddy.

Jealousy crept unto Rebel’s heart the moment he stood up for Nicky.

“Does he still love her?” She wondered and felt more jealous.

“Who said i love her, i won’t just stand by and watch you beat up a woman Pierce, that’s one of your hobbies and I’m well aware of it” He shuttered.

“So that’s his only reason” Nicky sighed
“Don’t worry Matteo, I’ll win you back, I’ll make it up to you for every wrong i did” She pledged in determination.

“Your face Nicky, it’s all Pierce isn’t it?” Isme pointed out and Nicky made to cover it up but Isme spoke up again.

“They’ll be no need for that, this is what you get for choosing wealth over love” Isme mocked.

“Enough” Pierce thunderous voice could be heard.

“It’s none of your business, you guys better watch it” He warned.

Matteo made a laugh of derision.

“It seems some people never change” He shuttered.

“Pierce, just leave, you aren’t needed here” Matteo said again.

“Yes leave, we don’t need you” Isme mumbled.

“It seems you guys didn’t hear me well, make me” Pierce repeated what he said earlier.

“I’ve had enough” Matteo roared and pulled out his side arm aiming it at Pierce…..Pierce pulled his out and returned the favor, a shooting contest broke through and Rebel ran to a safer spot before any stray bullet would hit her.

Nellie also reached for her rifle and began helping Matteo out aiming at Pierce as well.

Pierce dived all the bullet easily and his chuckling voice could be heard as the shooting continued.

“Leave” Matteo said with gritted teeth while shooting at Pierce…..

Pierce pulled another trigger and Matteo was quick to grab a chair which the bullet penetrated through instead.

Isme was restless, Pierce is a beast, he don’t mind sending a bullet through him, she made to move to their middle when Will pulled her back.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He scolded her

“To stop them” Isme responded

“Don’t, he won’t harm his son will he?” Will huff still holding her.

“You won’t understand” Isme pouted…that moment Matteo’s growling could be heard.

“Pierce….” He growled as a bullet suddenly hit him on his arm, he didn’t see that coming.

Rebel on hearing him growling ran out of her hiding spot, she ran to him and knelt behind him….tears rolled down her eyes.

“Does it hurt?” She said concernly…..

Nellie on seeing what had happened screamed on top of her lungs…

“No……” She screamed and that sort of infuriated her the more.

She reloaded her rifle and began shooting at Pierce without stopping, he was also shooting back at her, he managed to dodge almost all her bullet until one suddenly landed on his leg.

“Ahh!” He screamed

“You b!tch” he gritted his teeth

Nicky just stood transfixed on her spot, tears rolled down her eyes, she wanted to go to Matteo but one look from Pierce made her do a rethink.

“Don’t just stand, shoot back at her” Pierce said with gritted teeth…

“Useless thing” He cussed and jumped up to his feet as Nicky didn’t make a move.

“F**k you Pierce” Matteo cussed holding on to his bleeding hands.

“Get up Matteo, are you a weakling?” Pierce mocked

“A weakling is one thing I’m not, i was able to achieve what you weren’t able to under nine months, can any weakling really do that?” Matteo yammered and began reaching for his gun to show Pierce that a shoot on his arm can’t stop him.

“No….Matteo don’t” Rebel tried to hold him down.

Matteo pushed her off and stood back to his feet.

“A weakling is one thing I’m not” Matteo repeated what he said earlier and cracked his gun ready to go on another round with Pierce despite his bleeding arm.

“Enough…..” Isme thundered and ran to their middle on breaking free from Will…..

“Wanna kill him huh!” She said hatefully at Pierce.

“Killing him won’t erase the hatred i have for you Isme” Pierce glared.

“So I won’t, instead of killing him, I’ll hurt him emotionally” he said this in form of a whisper.

“Let him off Pierce, I’ll handover my familia to you” She bargained

“What are you two saying?” Will voice out as he couldn’t hear a thing, all he could see is their moving lips.

“Your goddamn familia ain’t enough” He spat.

“Get out of the way Isme” Matteo said with gritted teeth.

“Instead of fighting yourself, why not kill me instead?” Isme said with patted hands.

“Shoot me Matteo” She screamed

“Arrghh!” Matteo clenched and unclenched his fist.

He threw Pierce one more glare and began walking away.

“Let’s get your wound treated” Rebel ran after him

He was almost at the door when he suddenly slumped.

“Matteo” Rebel screamed alerting the rest

“Matteo” Nellie screamed and ran to his side.

“What’s going on? Matteo….Matteo…” Nicky screamed and also ran to his side.

“I told you, he’s a weakling, he’s like this because of just a bullet” Pierce scoffed and began walking away when Matteo’s men who just walked in blocked his path……they all ran out earlier when Matteo asked everyone to leave but on hearing the ladies scream, they knew something must have gone wrong.

“What’s wrong?” Pierce brow furrowed as they blocked his path.

“You stepped on the wrong foot” one of Matteo’s men snarled.

“Shooting our lord was the worst mistake you’ve ever made” Another chipped in.

“Why are we still wasting time answering him, take him to the torture room” The third man ordered….

“Don’t, I’m his dad” Pierce yammered.

“Our lord doesn’t have a dad” one of them snarled and lifted him up from the floor.

“Drop me……” Pierce screamed

“Nicky call Spider, tell him a war has began, the white serpent wanna torture me” He screamed.

Nicky simply threw him a glare.

“Nicky……” He brawled as the men began taking him away.

“No….drop him, a war shouldn’t start between the two clans” Isme screamed

Will’s brow furrowed

“Do you still love that dimwit?” He purred

“Ion love him, I’m just preventing a war from breaking through between the two clans” She mumbled.

“Even if a war breaks through, no one can defeat Matteo Pierce, you of all people should know so instead of that lame excuse, tell me something meaningful” Will thundered.

That moment Sammie ran in as one of the men told him the news….he lifted his boss from the floor hurrying off to his (Matteo’s) room.

Isme made to go after them but Will pulled her back….

“You haven’t answered me” He snarled.

“You’re hurting my wrist” She winced in pain

“Answer me” He yelled

One of Matteo’s men made to intervene

“It’s fine” She forced a smile.

“Sure ma’am?”

“Yea” She assured.

“You haven’t answered me” Will purred

” I’ll answer any other question but not this, it’s a family secret, if Pierce spills it like he threatened then everything is ruined, the news might cost my father his life, the possibility of him having a heart attack is high” She sighed.

“If you’ll excuse me, i gotta go to my son’s side” She forced off her hand from Will’s grasp and began walking away.

“It’s not like i even care” he scoffed

“As long as she pays my bills, she’s free to keep any secret” He huffed.

“Should i go after them?” He contemplated

“Ion think that will be necessary, let me find myself a lady to hump for the night” He smiled as he suddenly remembered the girl he spotted earlier.

“You…..” He pointed to one of Matteo’s men.

“All b!tches are from the fourth division right?” He asked


“Take me there please” He smiled.


Rebel and the rest continued pacing restlessly outside the room as Matteo’s doctor was attending to him.

The doctor came out of Matteo’s room and they all ran to him.

“Doctor how is he?” Rebel asked concernly.

The doctor sighed and forced a smile at her

“Don’t tell me something happened to him” Nicky panicked

“God forbid Nicky, Matteo has taken more than five bullets and survived the encounter talk more of just a bullet, nothing will happen to him” Nellie shuttered

“I just asked a question Nellie, i didn’t actually say something happened to him” Nicky defended.

“Oh please you did” Nellie insisted and an argument broke through.

“Enough” Rebel roared making the both of them to stop at once.

“Don’t ever bark at me b!tch” Nicky said in form of a warning to bell.

“Look who’s calling someone else a b!tch, someone who left her boyfriend and child just to be with a man old enough to be her father, no just a man old enough to be her father but her boyfriend’s father” Rebel shaded her.

“Holly molly” Nellie broke out in laughter

Nicky was pained

“How dare you?” She shuttered and raised up her hand to slap Rebel but the doctor’s voice made her to halt.

“You ladies are here fighting/bantering words over irrelevant matter when the boss is in there battling with a life threatening condition” He yelled, he didn’t know when the words escaped his lips, Matteo doesn’t want anyone to know an out it.

“Life threatening condition? What do you mean?” Rebel’s lips trembled.

“It was just a gunshot doc” Nellie frowned

“I’ve s-said more words than i should, i guess it’s time to leave” The doctor said and began walking away but Rebel was quick to pull him back.

“Did the bullet penetrate deeply?” She knitted a brow

“N-no” The doctor stuttered

“Doctor, you’re hiding something, speak up because I’m losing my patience” Nellie yelled.

“It’s actually nothing” he stuttered

Nellie angrily pulled out her rifle and aimed it at his head.

“What are you hiding?” She yelled.

“It hasn’t gotten to this Nellie” The doctor panicked

“Speak up” Nellie threatened cracking up the gun

“F-fine” The doctor surrendered and she pulled back the gun.

“Matteo doesn’t want anyone to know” He began

“Know what?” Isme arrived that moment

“Matteo has a fragile heart” The doctor dropped the bombshell.

Rebel nearly lost her footing that moment, she felt her world crumbling, everything stopped moving the moment she heard what the doctor said….

Tears began streaming down Rebel’s eyes that moment, she never suspected such a thing because she never saw it coming.

“M-Matteo has a fragile heart?” Nicky asked with trembling voice and burst into tears……

Nellie was already on her knees crying..

Isme reached the wall for support

She has been a bad mother to him

Matteo is the only legacy she has.

“Matteo was diagnosed of a heart condition five months ago, he was advised to book for a heart transplant but he declined, what worsened his condition maybe the fact that he was suffering from a trauma of the past, I’m just assuming as i myself doesn’t know what led to it, Matteo ain’t the transparent type and i know that you all are aware, instead of going for a transplant, he decided to be placed on drugs that’ll suppress it for the time being, i personally advised him but he doesn’t wanna listen, getting a donor isn’t a problem but the problem is convincing him” The doctor said with a sigh.

Everyone were already in tears

“Bell…..” the doctor called

“Are you aware that Matteo always inject himself before making out with anyone?”

“Yes” Bell sobbed

“That’s because he didn’t want to produce a child he’s not gonna live to see, that was his reason, Matteo needed someone that will take care of Zola when he’s gone and he intend on giving Zola a sibling before going, that was his reason for f**king you without taking his dosage last night, don’t be surprised i know, it was intentional” the doctor chuckled.

“He wants you to be that person bell, the person that’ll always be there for Zola” The doctor added making bell’s sob to intensify.

“But doctor, he look healthy and has never been spotted taking any sort of medication” Nellie said in tears

That moment the door opened and Sammie walked out of the room.

“Why do you think he always send you to Zola’s quarter almost thesame time every night, he doesn’t wanna see you taking his drugs” Sammie said walking out.

“You knew and you didn’t tell me” Nellie yelled at Sammie.

“The boss is secretful Nellie, he doesn’t want anyone to know” Sammie smiled.

“The bullet wasn’t shot to his heart doc, it was actually his arm” Isme said crying out her heart.

“My son, my poor son” She screamed in tears.

Sammie tried all his best to hold back the tears threatening to fall from his eyes but he failed…

“The bullet wasn’t the problem Isme, i told your son that his heart will fail him someday but i wasn’t expecting that day to be today” The doctor sighed.

“Tell them what you told me” Sammie said to the doctor.

“I think something other than what i said earlier triggered this state/worsened his condition, maybe he found out something , it could be that someone close to him betrayed him and he found out about it” The doctor said…..

Rebel suddenly stopped crying, she reached for her ear and couldn’t find her earlink.

“It can’t be” She gasped.

That moment Zola walked out of where she was…..she was actually coming to her father’s quarter after she heard one of the men telling the other that something happened to him…..she snuck out and on arriving, she overhead everything the doctor said.

“You mean that my daddy is gonna die?” She walked out sobbing.

“Zola……” The doctor gasped

“You heard everything didn’t you?”

“Someone tell me that he’s kidding” She said in tears.

“Matteo will not die, we’ll find a donor” Rebel said with determination.

“Wreck the clan, tell everyone Sammie, everyone should be tested to know if there’s a match” Isme ordered

“Matteo won’t be happy when he wakes up” Sammie panicked

“Even if we get the donor, there’s another problem, he doesn’t want the transplant” the doctor mumbled.

“Screw that shit, we’ll do it without his consent” Rebel said and everyone agreed with her.

“He’s gonna be furious when he wakes up, he might even end up killing me” The doctor pouted.

“He can do as he wish, as it stands what matters is saving him” Rebel mumbled.



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