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{She’s on a mission}

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Chapter Twenty Four

Rebel stepped in and her jaw dropped…all the evidence to bring the mafia down lies here.

Matteo checked the containers and weapons to ensure that it was as they said.

“Good” A smile curved on his lips

“Do you normally transfer the containers from this building to somewhere else?” Rebel’s question made him to turn to her.

“No dear, here is my safe haven” He smiled sweetly at her

“No one would suspect that drugs and weapons will be kept here will they?” He added and Rebel shook her head in response.

“I’ll tell Watson to issue a search warrant the moment i return back to the clan” She smirked inwardly…..

Matteo’s phone suddenly ranged in his pocket, he brought it out and picked up quickly on seeing the caller.

“What?” Matteo’s expression changed on receiving the news.

“How come president Gonzalez? I swear i didn’t tell anyone that i funded your campaign, there’s a mix up somewhere” Matteo tried to defend himself but the president wasn’t having any of it….

“I swear Matteo that if anything happens to my reputation, you’ll be going down with me” President Gonzalez shuttered over the phone….

“There’s a mix up somewhere, I’ll resolve this” Matteo mumbled….


“F**k, he hanged up on me” Matteo shuttered

The men in the room all put on a confused look.

“Who hanged up on you boss?” Sammie inquired from the boss

“The president” Matteo sighed

“Should he be taught a lesson?” One of the men inquired

“No” he shrugged it off

“What’s it babe, what did he say?” Rebel put on a confused expression.

“It got linked that i funded the president’s campaign rally, how it happened ion know because i’m hundred percent sure that i told no one about it, now Mr Gonzalez is paranoid, he thought i linked it as the UIA invited him in for questioning” Matteo explained.

“F**k” Rebel cussed

“Watson did as told” She smiled inwardly

“But if you told no one, then how come someone knew about it?” Sammie furrowed his brow.

“Is that question even necessary?” Rebel scoffed.

Sammie gave her a suspicious look

“She’s the only one that close to the boss, maybe, just maybe, Nellie is right” Sammie said at the back of his head.

” I swear, i didn’t tell anyone, but wait, the details of each cheque i gave to is with me and the documents of the transactions we made in the past are all with me, could it be that someone close to me gave me away?” Matteo voiced out.

“I was thinking about that as well” Sammie said still giving Rebel thesame suspicious look….Rebel swallowed her own saliva on seeing the look she was receiving from Sammie….

“No one would dare give you away” She managed to say.

“Let’s return back to the clan Sammie, i want everyone to be brought in for questioning, we must find the judas in our midst” Matteo shuttered….

“Yes boss” Sammie bowed his head and began walking out.

“I’m sorry about this, we’ll sort everything out together okay?” Rebel said to him as they were heading to the parking lot.

“Okay” Matteo’s frowning face was replaced with a smile.

“Thanks Bell, i appreciate your soothing words all the time” He added.

Rebel felt a pang in her heart, she stared at him with the corner of her eyes and saw how she managed to change his frowny face to a smiling one with just one words…..”how would he feel when he finds out that i’m the cause of his problem?” She sighed and decided to ask him indirectly.

“Matteo, I’ve being meaning to ask, if you find out some days, that i ain’t who you think i am, what would be your reaction?” She mumbled.

Matteo’s brow knitted.

“Why are you asking such question?” He frowned

“Is there something you aren’t telling me?” He frowned

“No, I’m just asking” She chuckled

“Well, it’s gonna be alot to take him, i have a problem bell, i find it hard to forgive” He muttered

Rebel swallowed the lump that formed in her throat.

“He finds it hard to forgive”

Her heart shattered

“I’ve being heartbroken once bell and i don’t wanna experience it once more, so i beg of you that no matter what you do, don’t hurt my fragile heart, if i happen to find out that you aren’t who i think you are, i can’t say what I’ll do for now” He completed the statement with a chuckle.

“Hmm” Rebel hummed

“You didn’t forgive her but i hope that to me, there will be an exception” She sighed.

“I would have left my course for you but i can’t, the UIA will come for us, they won’t just let me off, telling you about it is another risk Matteo, I’m scared of losing you, how can i get to tell you that i work for the UIA and that I’m your nemesis, you’ll feel betrayed and at worst leave me, telling you and not telling you make no difference Matteo”.

“Are you okay?” Matteo’s voice jerked her heart of her thought.

“I love you Matteo, just remember that” She muttered

“Wait, what did you just say?” Matteo couldn’t believe his ears

“I said i love you” Rebel said shyly

Rebel’s eye widened as Matteo suddenly drew her closer to himself and took her lips into his……the kiss was a deep and passionate one as none of them were ready to let go…..

Sammie who overhead everything shook his head.

“She just gave him a hint but he’s too blind to actually read no meaning to it” He yammered.

“It’s indeed as they say, love makes a man foolish, who would have thought that boss would become this way, the spy is with him but he’s just too blind to see, apart from her, there’s no one else that’ll have access to such documents, if my guess is right, she slept in his quarters a night back” He contemplated.

His mind suddenly traveled to Nellie….

“Strangely, i miss her” He smiled.

“You just miss her or you like her?” His mind teased

“Stop, ion know the f**k you’re saying” He denied.

Matteo and Rebel suddenly disengaged from the kiss.

“I’ve being dying to hear those words, I’ll give up my live to hear them and just freely without undergoing any stress, you said em, thanks bell, for loving me and most importantly, for loving my daughter” He smiled.

Rebel’s heart melted….

“I wish to start a family with you and Zola but it’s so unfortunate that wishes ain’t horses Matteo, I’m on a mission, loving you wasn’t part of the plan but it just happened and i can’t help it, i would have given up my profession for you but i can’t, the UIA will come for me, they don’t let their agents off, it’s a life commitment” She smiled sadly, they arrived at the direction of the car and stepped in….

“You’re lucky we ain’t at home or else, i would have taken you after saying the words I’ve being dying to hear” He whispered to her hearing alone.

“S*x freak” She chuckled

“Sammie” Matteo called as he(Sammie) started the car.

“Yes boss” Sammie responded

“Don’t wanna go to the clan, take us to my mansion in Lakewood” He ordered

“Would we be passing the night there boss?” Sammie scratched his head as he suddenly remembered that he asked Monarch to make him dinner.

“Not we, you may leave after dropping us” Matteo replied.

“So you own a mansion in Lakewood, that’s an expensive area, wow! I’ve always wanted to leave there yunno but it’s so sad that my lifetime savings can’t acquire a building there” Rebel pouted.

“Since you like Lakewood so much, we’ll move there in the future then, just you, me and Zola” Matteo mumbled.

“Really?” Rebel beamed but suddenly sighed as he remembered that for them, there is no future.

“What’s your plan for the future Matteo?” She asked on the way.

“I’m the richest creature in Denim and the world at large if i ain’t exaggerating, I’m thinking of retiring in the future, i don’t plan on passing the clan to Zola or any child we might have in the future, Mafia is a dirty business, my kids will live their free lives and chose a profession for themselves” He explained.

“How then will the clan succeed?” Rebel mumbled

“I’ll hand it over to Nellie or Sammie but that should be our secret” He whispered to her ear.

“Nellie?” Rebel frowned

“Are you jealous” he chuckled

“But i told you she likes you didn’t i?” She pouted.

“I don’t like her romantically, Nellie and i started this journey bell, she deserves a share” He explained to her.

“Whatever” She huffed

“Look who’s jealous” Matteo chuckled

“Who said i am?” she rolled her eyes

“Yes you are” Matte chuckled loudly…

“It’s okay to be jealous yunno!”

“I’m not so drop it” she glared at him

“You look ugly frowning like this, smile….” He pouted

“No….” she huffed

“I know how to make you to” Matteo smirked and drew her closer.

“What do you wanna do?” Rebel eyed him

“Just watch” Matteo smiled and turned her to face him.

“No, he’s here” Rebel pointed to Sammie who was driving.

“And so?” Matteo hissed and sneaked his hands under her dress, he took of her p**ty and placed it on his nose.

“Smells delicious” He sniffed.

“Matteo, we can’t”

“Shh” He placed a finger on her lips

“Who said we can’t”

He positioned her properly, rolled up her dress and inserted a finger into her honeypot…..

“Matteo…..” A moan erupted from her lips.

Matteo began moving his finger in and out of her p***y making her moans to fill the car.

Her moans soon filled Sammie’s hear.

“F**k” He cussed

Matteo added another finger to it, fingerf**king her like his life depends on it……

“Oh Matteo, faster, oh that rhyme is perfect” Rebel moaned moving her body to meet each thrust halfway…..

“Boss, I’m here” Sammie cleared his throat.

Rebel’s face turned red in embarrasment, that’s what you get for dating a shameless fella.

“I know” Matte threw Sammie a glare for disturbing them.

“You know what, let’s just continue when we arrive at lakewood” Rebel said shyly.

Sammie on seeing the kinda glare he was receiving from Matteo stepped on the gas, he increased his driving pace and sooner than expected, they arrived at the gate of the boss mansion in Lakewood….

Matteo’s men opened the gate quickly, Sammie jumped down and opened the back door for them.

“You may leave” Matteo ordered and stepping down.

“I will boss” Sammie mumbled…..


Matteo lifted Rebel from the floor on stepping into the mansion and placed her back on the wall…..he attacked her lips immediately……Rebel reciprocated his kiss with thesame passion, she reached for his shirt and began unbuttoning it……

“Will never get tired of you bell” Matteo moaned into the kiss as she began running her hands on his chest…..

With her legs around his torso, Matteo headed for the couch ignoring the greetings of his female workers in Lakewood, on seeing the position that their boss was in, they hurried out of the livingroom leaving their cleaning equipment and whatever chores they were doing…..

Matteo placed her slowly on the couch and took off her dress completely, he took in one of her b***st since she wasn’t putting on bra…..

“Oh my gosh!” Rebel moaned pulling his head more closely, she threw her head back in ectasy as he began playing with her mounds with his tongue while he used one of his hands to knead her second mound like a dough…..

“Yes Matteo, yes……” She continued moaning saying words that has no meaning.

“I want you in me Matteo” She said in form of a plea, she reached for his belt and unbuckled it, she pulled down his pantie and rolled him over taking dominance.

“Let me ride you Matteo”

Matteo’s length sprang up in excitement at her words……

She positioned herself ontop of his rod and it slided into her wet entrance, and so, she began riding him with a slow pace…..

“Bell, faster please” Matteo pleaded in ecstasy.

“Yes my love” She m**ned and increased her pace to that of a maniac…..

“Oh yea, perfect, perfect” Matteo’s moan filled the whole room…..

“Matteo…..I think I’m gonna explode in pleasure” Rebel screamed as their skin continue slapping eachother.

“Let’s explode together babe” Matteo moaned.


Sammie returned back to the clan.

“Those two” He hissed and began walking in….

“I said daddy doesn’t want you in his life so f**king leave us alone” Sammie heard Zola screaming…..

He knitted his brow and headed for the direction where Zola’s voice was coming from.

“Madam Isme?” His jaw dropped

“Sammie” Isme smiled

“What are you doing here?” Sammie frowned

“To visit my son of course” Isme huffed

“Who is he?” Will furrowed his brow

“Sorry Will, forgive my manners”

“Will meet Sammie and Sammie meet Will the love of my life” Isme introduced.

“Oh Sammie, your son’s errand boy” Will chuckled

“It’s nice meeting you” he extended his hand.

“Point of correction, I’m not an errand boy, i find it somewhat offensive” Sammie snarled.

“Sammie, tell her to leave, my daddy doesn’t want her” Zola shuttered

“Woo woo!” Munchy barked throwing Isme a glare.

“Where is Nellie, she’s the only one that welcomes me” Isme said looking round for Nellie.

“Mrs Isme, kindly leave with your lover before the boss returns, thank you” Sammie shuttered and turned his back.

“Escort Zola to her quarters” he ordered one of the men.

“Sammie……” Isme screamed as he began walking out.

“Where is Matteo?” She screamed

“In lakewood with his lover” Sammie screamed back.

“What do we do now babe?” Will pouted

“If they don’t welcome us, we welcome ourselves” Isme shuttered

“Get the bags and follow me babe” She ordered

“Tomorrow will be the day, the new bitch must leave, won’t stand by and watch Pierce hurt my son” She shuttered.


Sammie entered into his room, he took off his shirt and walked to the dining expecting to see just the food but he saw Monarch as well…..

“Wow, what a nice bicep” Monarch swallowed

“I wonder how they feel”

“You should have just dropped it and leave Monarch” He hissed

“Wait…..” He frowned as his eyes suddenly caught her body.

“What’s that you’re wearing?” He mumbled

“A night gown” Monarch smiled

“Lovely isn’t it” she said turning round, the night gown barely reach her thigh.

“I know it’s a night gown but why are you putting it on in my house” he barked.

“Because I’ll be spending the night right here” She smiled…..

“Hahaha!” Sammie chuckled like he just heard the funniest joke of the century.

“What’s funny” Monarch frowned

“You” He said and continued laughing….

He was taking away by the laughter that he didn’t realize when she took off the gown, she was wearing nothing in it…..

“Wtf” Sammie gasped as he suddenly raised up his head and saw her nude form.

His member reacted that moment.

“What are you trying to do?” He frowned
“What I’ve always wanted to” She smirked and began walking towards him seductively……

“Like what you see huh!” She smiled and continued moving towards him while Sammie moved backward until his back met the wall……

“Monarch stop” He said in form of a plea

“I asked for just food”

“I’m also a good yunno! You can eat me, ion mind” She smirked and grabbed his length through his trouser.

“Mo-narch” He hissed in pleasure

“Stop torturing yourself, you’re hard man” She flirted…..

Sammie grabbed her that moment and pinned her to the wall, he lifted her from the floor as he wrapped her legs around his torso……

“Take me wherever you want” She whispered seductively….

Sammie claimed her lips that moment, he headed towards the direction of the bedroom.


“Isme is in Denim, that b!tch” Pierce cussed as one of his men informed him.

“That’s what our informant said” The guy mumbled……

“F**k, she figured out my move” Pierce shuttered smashing a glass against the wall…..

Nicky stepped into the room that moment, her face was heavily bruised….

“W-what i-is the m-matter Pierce?” She stammered

Pierce threw her a cold glare which made her to swallow her own saliva in fear.

“It seems your face has healed” Pierce mumbled

“Not completely, the therapist is on it” Nicky replied fearfully.

“It’s so bad your ex will have to see you with a face like this” He chuckled.

“What do you mean?” Nicky’s brow knitted in confusion.

“Prepare your bag, we leave for Denim tomorrow” He ordered.


“That was awesome” Matteo exclaimed after Rebel slumped beside him on the bed, they were all sweating due to the intensity of the exercise.

“Yea” Rebel smiled

“I wish we can do this everyday” Matteo chuckled

“Everyday? Do you wanna kill me” Rebel hit him childishly

“Why would i do that” Matteo chuckled loudly….his chuckling suddenly ended as he remembered something.

“Wait…” he suddenly jumped from the bed to a sitting position, his expression changed to a worried one.

“Is everything okay?” Rebel furrowed her brow and stood up as well, wrapping the quilt around her chest.

“I just remembered that i didn’t inject myself before leaving the clan” Matteo panicked.

“What?” Rebel’s heart skipped a beat…

“You must be kidding” She shuttered as her heart began drumming in it’s ribcage.

“F**k” She cussed

“I told you the other day that we should be making use of contraceptive but you assured me that you’re on drugs and now you’re telling me some shits about not taking your dosage today, does that sound funny to you?” Rebel shuttered with flaring nostril…

“Calm down bell” Matteo sighed running his fingers through his hair.

“Stop telling me to calm down Matteo, I’m in my ovulation period, do you know what the f**k it means?” She yelled….

“Stop yelling” Matteo lose his cool

“How was i supposed to know that we will end up making out tonight, how am i supposed to know that you’re on your ovulation period? Am i some sort of magician? And what the f**k is the big deal about no taking my dosage, it’s not like i can’t shoulder up the responsibility if you end up taking in” He countered her.

“You didn’t just say that” Rebel snarled

“Was this some sort of plan, one thing i’m not reading to be is a mother for now, i have a career to pursue” Rebel yammered…

“Did i just hear you say career?” Matteo chuckled

“Listen bell” He suddenly calmed himself down

“It’s not a big deal if you take in okay? I’m financially stable, my money is enough for all of us, i mean good for you, it’s not like i would dump you and go for some hot legged ladies if you take in or something” Matteo said to her.

“What are my chances of getting pregnant Matteo?” She said looking into his eyes.

“According to the doctor, if i don’t inject myself before corpulating, the chance of taking in is fifty-fifty” Matteo muttered….

“F**k” Rebel cursed

“I hope the semen in me doesn’t develop” She shuttered.

“you know what, good night Matteo” She fumed and lay back on the bed backing.

“Are you being for real” Matteo stiffled a laughter

“Come on bell, it wasn’t intentional” He said tapping her.

“Don’t touch me” She seethed in anger

“Suit yourself” He scoffed

“What kind of reply were you expecting from me, if you take in, get rid of it or something?” Matteo added.

“If you end up taking in, nothing should happen to my seed, you hear me” He warned and backed her as well….

“Don’t seem to understand lady of this days, what kinda reply was she even expecting” He murmured before covering himself and shutting his eyes.

Rebel stood up that moment with a worried expression on her face.

“Help me lord” She prayed inwardly

“This seed should be like the rest, useless, it shouldn’t sabotage my plan, i beg of you, amen” She prayed in her heart, having seated for some minutes, she returned back to bed.



Rebel and Matteo walked into the clan separately, he tried talking to her this morning but she snubbed him, being the kinda person that he was, he decided to give her the cold shoulder as well.

“It’s not like he did it on purpose or something” He scoffed and began walking authoritatively into his clan….

They were already halfway when Matteo suddenly heard a voice calling……

“Matteo…..” The person screamed dramatically….

“It can’t be” Matteo’s brow twitched

“Isme?” His expression suddenly changed to a murderous one, his aura suddenly changed, Rebel couldn’t help but noticed, ever since she has known him, she has seen all sorts of expressions on his face but definitely not this…..

“My baby” Isme ran to him and drew him into an hug, Matteo just stood stiff in her hands, his anger skyrocketed to another dimension that moment that he didn’t noticed when he flinged her making Isme to land on the floor…..

“What was that for man” Will on seeing what has happened charged at Matteo but Matteo’s men were quick to hold him….

“So this is the bastard you abandoned me for, this is the fool you’re spending your hard earned income on” Matteo seethed in anger….

” Who allowed this pieces of trash into my clan” Matteo barked and his men fell to their feet fearfully.

“We are sorry boss, she said she’s your mother” one of the men tried to justify their action.

“My mother, did i tell you i have a mother?” Matteo snarled gritting his teeth menacingly…..

“My poor ass” Isme winced in pain and tried to stand back to her feet….

Rebel hurried off to give her a helping hand but just one glare from Isme made her to withdraw her hands, she turned towards Matteo’s direction and the deadly glare she received from him made her to nearly pee on her pantie, she has never seen this side of him, this side of him is scary, very scary…She swallowed…..

“I didn’t ask for your help b!tch” Isme slammed

“Help me up babe” Isme jestured at Will(her boyfriend).

Will on hearing her voice pushed Matteo’s men off and ran to her aide, he extended his hands and lifted her up to her feet….

Isme dusted off her robe and smiled lovingly at Will.

“Thanks baby” She pecked his lips which infuriated Matteo to the core…..

Isme turned sharply to Rebel’s direction and scanned her irritatingly….

“So this is the new pauper i heard you’re banging?” Isme acted like she wanna puke.

“Love ain’t for you son, haven’t you learned your lesson already” Isme scolded.

Her words infuriated Bell but she managed to calm down her nerves before she will end up doing or saying something crazy…..

“What’s your mission here young lady, to harm my son? Who sent you? Name your price and stay far away from him” Isme threatened…..

“I beg your pardon, what gave you the impression that you i need your f**king money?” Rebel yammered making the air in the room to go tense…..

“A pauper begging for recognition” Isme chuckled

“You don’t need my money because you must got yourself a bank, my son” Isme mocked…..

“Enough…..” Matteo’s roared making everyone to go silent.

“What are you doing here Isme, what exactly do you want?” Matteo seethed

“Your happiness”

“My happiness, what a joke” Matteo cracked up

“You know what?” His expression returned back to being cold.

“What?” Isme smiled

“I want you and your low budget boyfriend to get your f**king as$es out of my clan, you have 24 hours to do so” He thundered and glared at her, he turned his back and began walking away….

“Make me” Isme scoffed with an eyeroll

Matteo suddenly stopped on his track, the look he gave her made everyother person in the room to flinch but definitely not her.

“You said what?” Matteo gritted his teeth

“I said make me” Isme challenged

“Wanna be the kinda disrespectful sons that throw their mum out of their house huh! Don’t forget Matteo that i gave you life, i won’t tolerate any sort of disrespect from you” She spat.

“You didn’t give me life” Matteo countered her

“God did Isme so don’t flatter yourself, the only thing you did was push me out, don’t expect some sort of gratitude from me because talking to you is payment enough” Matteo said in hatred….

“You know what guys” Rebel came in between them that moment on seeing that Matteo was moving closer to her(Isme), he might end up doing something crazy to her.

“Mrs, i think you should leave if he doesn’t want you here, don’t worry, I’ll talk to him on your behalf” She said facing Is me.

Isme glared and pushed her off making Rebel to crash on the floor…..

“Don’t act like you know my son than i do” Isme brawled….

“What the holy f**k!” Rebel gasped.



Sammie was pacing round the room contemplating on the next step to take…he should have overcome the temptation…he scolded himself, he has being restless since he woke up and found out that the incident of last night truly happened. It’s not like it’s the first time he actually screwed someone but Monarch is someone that likes him, she will won’t some sort of commitment from him or relationship after what happened last night…..

“F**k man, you’re in some deep shit” He panicked ruffling his hair….

Monarch stretched her body and yawned loudly before her eyes peeled open….

“It really happened, it really happened….i’m on his bed” She did a dramatic dance flinging her legs in mid air….

“Oh! You’re here” She composed herself on seeing Sammie in the room.

“How was your night?” She asked with a smiley face.

“Regretful” Sammie raked his fingers through his hair.

“Why?” She pouted

“Yesterday was the best day of my life, i must compliment that you’re really good in bed” She said biting her lower lip seductively.

“Look Monarch, i know you like me and i appreciate” He began

“You do?” Monarch smiled more

“Yes but it isn’t mutual so i think…..”

“We can make it mutual you know, just open up your heart to me and i assure you that you won’t regret it, i’ve never believed in love at first sight, i thought I was all tales but the first day i set my eyes on you, the woman in me yearned for you and something deep within me told me that you’re that special person i’ve been waiting for all my life” Monarch said with passion glowing in her eyes.

“Monarch i’m sorry, we can’t work out please, what happened was a mistake, it shouldn’t have, i screw people that have no romantic feelings for me, just flings and nothing more” Sammie sighed….

Hot tears fell down from Monarch’s eyes, she thought screwing him would make a difference but nay! It didn’t, it just worsened everything…..

“Why Sammie” She yelled

“Why can’t you just give me a chance, I’ve tried, i really have, i even went further to drug you just to have you, I’ve done everything Sammie” She screamed tearfully…

“You did everything?” Sammie yelled back

“You f**king landed me in this shit, the day you drugged me, a bond was established with the person i banged, do you even know what that mean? I fell for someone that day although I’m still in denial but i just know it, i miss her, her smile, her voice, my body keeps yearning for her over and over again but it’s so unlucky that i can’t have her” Sammie half yelled…..

“Who?” Monarch wiped her face

“It’s none of your business” He snapped

“I say tell me, who the f**k stole your heart?” She yelled…

“Nellie” Sammie sighed

“She?, despite her illmanner, you love her but for me, you feel nothing?” Monarch sobbed, she grabbed her gown from the bed side and ran out. Sammie didn’t mind going after her.

“She’s to be blamed, i didn’t tell her to seduce me” He scoffed and grabbed his shirt, he put it on and headed out.


“Do you want me to do it myself?” Matteo yelled at her

“What’s going on here?” Zola’s voice could be heard.

“Wait, you’re still here?” She shuttered

“Didn’t i ask you to leave?

“Zola show some respect, I’m still your grandma after all” Isme pouted

“Grandma?” Zola chuckled
“My dad grew up without a mum, where were you then? Why did you decide to show your face suddenly? You want money? You want fame? Wanna get recognized as the mum of the richest man in denim?” Zola mocked.

“That’s not why I’m here, I’m here to save my son’s ass” Isme defended

“Enough” Matteo yelled

“Take Zola to school” He ordered one of his men…..

“Good bye dad” Zola said and threw her grandma a glare before leaving……

She walked to the door and twisted the doorknob, on opening it her brow suddenly twitched.

“Miss me?” She heard her voice

“You’re the last person on earth that I’ll miss Nellie” She scoffed and walked past her holding her pet in her hands.

“Woo! Woo!” Munchy barked at Nellie.

“Matteo got her a pet? I hate pets” Nellie shuttered….

“Pull the bags to my quarters Akantha, that b!tch must pay for letting me travel by ship, a two hours ride turned to a thirty hours because of her” Nellie shuttered and began walking in…..

“Nellie…..” Isme’s scream could be heard as she spotted Nellie walking in…..

Nellie suddenly halted on her track

“M-madam i-isme” She stuttered and began scratching her head because she knows that she’s in some sort of deep shit…..

“She’s back” A smile found it’s way to Sammie’s lip…

Rebel’s expression changed totally

“How did she make it to Denim? I thought i asked holland to place a traveling ban on her?”

“I’m so glad to see you Nellie” Isme continued talking.

“Surprised to see me huh!” Nellie turned to Rebel on seeing her conflicted expression.

“You blocked me from traveling by air so i traveled by sea to come stop you” She chuckled evily.

“Ion know what you’re talking about” Rebel scoffed but deep within her she was feeling uneasy.

“She stopped you from returning?” Isme frowned

“Yes she did” Nellie purred

“Stop the excuse Nellie, Rebel hasn’t left the clan, she has been with me” Matteo came to her defense.

“Stop defending her Matteo” Nellie yelled

“What will you gain from tarnishing my image Nellie” Rebel put on a sad look.

“You’re doing this because he chose me over you right?” She pouted….

“Wtf! Are you saying?” Nellie’s heart skipped a bit, this isn’t how she planned to open up to him.

“I know Nellie, the reason why you’re trying to make me see her as a bad person” Matteo muttered

“Matteo, don’t listen to her okay? She’s trying to turn the table, investigators are manipulative sets of people, don’t listen to her Matteo” Nellie tried to make him see.

“A simple question Nellie, do you like me or not?” Matteo asked icily

“M-matteo t-that’s n-not t-the issue on g-g-round” She stuttered

“Nellie……” He gritted his teeth

“Yes Matteo, i like you” Nellie stammered

“Hmm” Matteo hummed

“That explains it”

“No…….no, I have prove Matteo, i know what you’re thinking but believe me, I’m only watching out for you, i have a lot of proves, I’m not trying to frame her if that’s your thought”…..

Sammie’s heart shattered into pieces, he has always known that she feels something for the boss but still yet, it hurts…..he believes everything Nellie is saying but why can’t Matteo? Nellie has always looked out for his happiness, he should believe her every words shouldn’t he?

“I told you Will, this girl isn’t to be trusted” Isme clapped dramatically.

“Show me the proof Nellie” Isme ordered

“Enough” Matteo yelled

“Nellie…Nellie….Nellie, i can’t help but notice that my mum keep speaking formally/casually to you, so answer me, have you being speaking with my mum without my consent?” Matteo gave her an icy look…..

“I-i c-can e-explain” Nellie stuttered

“Don’t worry Nellie, i gat this covered” Isme assured

“Yes, we have being keeping in touch, any problem with that?” Isme scoffed.

“I never expected any of this from you Nellie, I’m disappointed” Matteo spat

“You befriended my enemies behind my back, what kinda friend are you?” He said painfully.

“I’m sorry, i know that you’re missing her deep within you but you don’t wanna voice out, the day you sent me to get a document from your drawer, i saw the pictures of your happy moments there, that day i discovered that deep within you, you still want her back and so i decided that i’ll do everything within my power to bring you guys back since your happiness is also my happiness” Nellie explained sadly.

“I never missed her, that picture being there meant nothing, I’ve been better without her haven’t I?” Matteo yelled.

Rebel just stood there watching.

“So Nellie, i want you to avoid me for the time being, don’t come anywhere closer to me because i may end up hurting you” He warned.

“Ma-tteo i’m s-orr”

“Out” he yelled loudly making Nellie to flinch, with tears in her eyes, Nellie ran out of the hall…..Sammie went after her screaming her name.

“Don’t flatter yourself because of what she said Isme, read my lips “I DON’T MISS YOU” he spelt out but deep down, he know he does, he always does, this is thesame woman who left him, the mother who chose a life without him, she left him in the hand of that beast of a father called Pierce.

“What do you even want from me, if you really want my happiness as you claim then avoid me isme, avoid me……” He screamed like a maniac and fell down on his feet……

For the first time in the history of his clan, Matteo’s men witnessed him wailing…….

Rebel felt a pang in her heart on seeing him in tears, she took slow strides towards him and squatted to his level…..she hugged him and began patting his back while he drenched her cloth with his tears.

“I hate you Isme…..i hate you” he screamed in between tears…..

“It’s okay, it’s okay….” Rebel patted his back.

Tears escaped Isme’s eyes.

“If only he knows” She sighed.


“What happened Monarch?” Celia jumped to her feet the moment Monarch walked into the room in tears.

“H-he s-said w-we c-cant work” She hiccuped…..

“Sorry…..” Celia mumbled…..

“I really love him Celia, instead of loving me back, he fell for that dimwit called Nellie” Monarch sobbed.

“Come here…..” Celia said and drew her into an hug.

“I r-really l-love h-him” Monarch continued sobbing while Celia patted her back.

A joyful smirk appeared on Celia’s lip.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.