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{She’s on a mission}

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Chapter Two

Seize her…..Matteo ordered and one of the men grabbed Rebel by the hand….

Don’t touch me She roared releasing herself from his hold….she cleaned the spot he held her and glared at the dude who dared touch her…..

Wow! I can see that someone is digging an early grave for herself Nellie shuttered….didn’t you hear him? Seize her She raised her voice making the whole models in the hall to flinch…..

Who exactly is this girl? Matteo’s lip patted in shock…..

Matteo….Nellie tapped him…..make a gift of her head to Pierce She ordered

You don’t tell me what to do Nellie…..Matteo warned and turned sharply to Rebel who was fuming in anger……

How was i supposed to know that mafia has division? Cantonment? What’s even that? When did mafia group turn to an occultic group that has division? She huffed…..Matteo took long stride towards her and grabbed her by the hair…..

Ouch! She winced as he began dragging her away…..

Stop….She screamed in pain

What are guys still doing here? Follow the boss Nellie yelled at the boys and they ran after Matteo…..

Who asked you to raise up your head? Nellie yelled at a model….she grabbed her sidearm and aimed for her forehead….she pulled the trigger and the lady fell lifelessly to the floor…..The rest models gasped….some even went further to pee on their panties…..that’s the price they pay for being models….to the public, they’re people leaving lavishly all thanks to the help of Matteo but unknowingly to them that those models are nothing but tools used for drug trafficking….they get the popularity they desire and they help Matteo to supply his drugs to higher ups….that’s the deal they made but this Nellie of a girl is making them regret the decision they made everyday…..

Useless thing Nellie huffed and stepped on the head of the lady she just shot…..

Nellie….Sammie talked to the scene

What? She snapped angrily

What did boss tell you about killing the ladies from the third division? He yelled at her….should he see this, you’ll be in trouble……

Models from the third division are useless…what’s the deal? You gain the popularity you’ve always wanted and in return, you serve Matteo for the rest of your worthless life…… so tell me, wasn’t that the deal? Why then are they making Matteo regret recruiting them in the first place? Nellie purred

Remember the mafia hymns Nellie….all mafia are thesame irrespective of ranks… may belong to the first division but that doesn’t mean you should treat them as shits, they’re the one doing our dirty works Sammie countered her

Stand up girls, return to your division Sammie ordered the models

Thanks master they said in unison before running out of the hall before Nellie would ask them to come back….

What was that for? Nellie gritted her teeth

What does it look like? Sammie smirked….i set them free…..

Argh! I regret why Matteo ever made you a member of the first division she folded her fist and walked away furiously……in the white serpent, they’re five divisions…..Nellie, Sammie and some higher ups belongs to this division…people in this division has authority over others in the other divisions…..people in the second division barely remain in the clan, they move from countries to countries distributing hard drugs………majority of the models in county Denim belong to the third division….the fourth division are the clan’s whores…..that’s the work they does…..the fifth divisons comprises of childrens who are being trained to supply drugs in the future…..

Akantha She screamed as she was walking out

Sammie hissed…..that girl he shook his head

Clean this mess He ordered one of the men who were on standby…..




Akantha ran to Nellie the moment she was called…..she belongs to the third division but with the help of Nellie she hasn’t being assigned with any distribution since she came….after she pledge allegiance to serve her whenever she desires……

My master, you called Akantha ran to Nellie

There’s an intruder in the clan She said backing her

The girl that dare talked back at you? Akantha said….i saw her master….i felt like ripping her apart…..

Did you see how beautiful she was? Nellie said hatefully

She might be beautiful but master your beauty outshine her Akantha replied

Really? Nellie beamed but her smile was replaced with a frown….what do you think Matteo will do to her?

Ion know for now……Master might chop off her neck Akantha replied……She dare not address him by his name….only people who belongs to the first division can address him by his name and live to see the next day….

I want her dead…..tell those lowlifes to poison her food….I know Matteo will keep her…..I saw the way he was eyeing her, she’s gonna be his next whore in the clan…….


Matteo continued dragging Rebel to the dungeon….some armed men were behind him….

They walked pass a hall and Rebel’s lip patted….she made the sign of the cross on seeing the ungodly sight that welcomed her….at every angle of that hall….people were making out….their ungodly moans made her to make an irritated face….some of the ladies just walked in….they were in their panties and nothing more…some of them were moving about without putting any fabrics on….

How can people be so shameless? She wondered….Matteo noticed her expression and chuckled

I said it…you aren’t from here He muttered….this is the fourth division He added….

Open….He ordered a guard as they reached the dungeon….the guard opened up quickly and he throw her in…..

Rebel stared at the dungeon irritatingly…..this place looks dirty She said and started coughing…….

Tie her to the stake he ordered his men….

What? Rebel huffed….don’t touch me She began screaming….they lifted her from the floor and took her to where the stake was…they began tying her to it…..

Matteo opened the box on the table and brought out his glove…….he also brought out a mini knife from it….he took a whip and walked up to her…….

What do you wanna do to me? She panicked

What do you think butter? He smirked

Butter? Do i look like some salad? She huffed

Do you want me to make you one? He smirked again and grabbed her jacket…he yanked it off…..her bag fell as well….he yanked off the dress she was putting on……

Out He ordered his men….

Yes boss They said simultaneously and began walking out…….

Rebel felt completely embarrassed….she was now left in her bra and pantie….she wanted to cover her chest but it wasn’t possible since her hands were tied to the stake……

Red bra and pantie? I love red….Matteo licked his lips….you have a curvaceous body……

Mind your business She hissed

I don’t like minding my business, that’s Matteo for you He smirked and walked closer to her….he walked to her back…..

What do you wanna do? He panicked

Ouch! She screamed as he struck her with the whip…..

Who the f**k sent you? He yelled and whipped her again

Ouch! It hurts tears began streaming down her eyes

I said who sent you? He barked and this time he stabbed her back with the knife…..

Ahhhhh! Rebel’s scream echoed throughout the dungeon…..

Do you want me to pull down the knife? He gritted his teeth

Please don’t She began whimpering

So tell me, who sent you?

I swear, i didn’t know the van was coming here, if i had known, i wouldn’t have entered into it She pouted and he removed the knife…..blood began oozing out of the spot…….

You expect me to buy that lie huh! You just saw a van and entered into it?

I swear, that’s the honest truth Rebel said innocently

I will kill this bastard she fumed inwardly

Pierce sent you didn’t he? He said and whipped her again

I’ve never met that man in my entire life, i was running from someone, the van was my only escape She hiccupped

Escape huh! You were escaping from who? Matteo furrowed his brow

Seems like he’s buying my lies, thank God i have an innocent face She smirked inwardly

We’re transported from Country X to Denim, we were going to get sold but luckily, a fight broke out among them, i managed to escape and when i saw the van, i just jumped in…..believe me Matteo….She pouted

Matteo? You even know my name He frowned

Busted She panicked

I overheard one of the men calling you that sir She muttered

I see….but did you know you just walked into the lion’s den….there’s no going back i hope you know? You happened to enter into my clan….a clan which should have remained a secret….so tell me, how can i trust you? How will you make yourself useful? He said eyeing her…..

Bastard….She cursed inwardly

I’ll be useful Matteo She mumbled

Matteo again? Do you know calling me by my name is an offence? Only the member of the first division are allowed to……

Sorry Matteo…..Oops! I mean sir Matteo…..

How old are you? He inquired

Is this even necessary she rolled her eyes

I’m twenty three She muttered

That’s good….Matteo smiled…..I’ll keep you but on one condition, you’ll be my whore He smirked

You must be sick in the head Rebel didn’t know when the word escaped her lips……



I said it Nellie who walked to the dungeon a while ago shuttered…..She was obviously eavesdropping on their conversation…..the guards on watch tried to stop her but only a glare from her made them to seal their lips……

She has bewitched him, who wouldn’t be bewitched she shuttered….how can Matteo ignore the handwriting on the wall? That b!tch is a spy and nothing more She gritted her teeth……

Who are you calling a bitch ? Zola’s voice could be heard….she has being looking for her daddy….he’s suppose to sing her a lullaby or read her a story, that way she’ll be able to sleep…..she waited few minutes after he left but decided to come check on him since he’s taking long….luckily, she found Nellie standing in front of the dungeon……

What do you want bug? Nellie turned sharply to her

What are you doing in front of this dungeon? Zola answered her question with a question

How is it your business? Nellie hissed

It means just one thing, my daddy is in there, a word of advice to you Nellie, my daddy resents ugly ladies…….

Did you just call me ugly? Nellie gasped

Suit yourself Zola smirked and opened the door of the dungeon….she walked in…

She shouldn’t have gone in….boss will kill us today One of the men screamed

It’s true……Matteo will scold me Nellie covered her lips and ran after Zola screaming……

Honey where are you going? Daddy isn’t there……



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