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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Sixteen


“Zola, I’m your angel, that’s all that matters” Rebel mumbled

“Hmm, if you say so” Zola smiled…they began walking to back to the car.

“So that’s what having a mum feels like” Zola said on the way

“What do you mean?” Rebel’s brow knitted

“I felt the concern from her voice, i wish I had one to care for me” Zola pouted

Rebel felt bad for her that moment, in order for her to cheer her up, she tapped her and said…” You don’t need her Zola, I’m here for you”

“Really?” Zola beamed

“Yes” Rebel smiled

“So can we do what mother and daughter do?” Zola requested

“Sure, why not?”

“But I’m curious though, what do mother and daughter do?”

“You don’t know? They go on shopping, go on picnics, attend beauty salons and many more” Zola explained happily…

“That sounds fun, let’s do of all that then” Rebel said with a sweet smile

“Really?” Zola beamed…she jumped on her and began adoring her face with kisses…

“You’re the best mum” Zola praised

Mum? The word sound strange to Rebel’s ear, she isn’t the kinda girl that likes kids but with Zola, it’s kinda different….she has being tolerating alot of things with her which is unlike her…things like Zola’s inquisitiveness, her being clingy to her since she came and many more petty things…..

“Let’s go have all the fun in the world” Rebel screamed

“From shopping for my new pajamas, we also shop for the stuff we’re gonna take to the picnic and then, we round it up by going to the salon, changing our hairstyle and looking totally different” Zola said with excitement…

“Alright kiddo, let’s do all that” Rebel replied with thesame excitement.

Watson came to give Jolie a lift from the hospital since she happened to sleep there, on arrival he spotted Rebel with a kid, they were saying some stuffs and smiling sheepishly….

“Really?” He frowned…that was the first thing his eyes caught of stepping down from his car…..

He saw them entering into a black car with tinted glasses, he returned back to his and trailed behind them the moment their car moved…..

Their Rebel’s car came to a stop in front of the biggest mall in the whole of Denim which belong to no order person than Matteo…it’s the mall where his models get their outfits from, the outfits here are top to none….

Rebel and Zola stepped out of the car with smiles not departing from their lips…they walked into the mall hand in hand….

The moment the workers spotted Zola, they sent out the rest people from the mall leaving her alone with her angel ….

“Shouldn’t Rebel be in the clan and finding more evidences to bring down the mafia, why then is she in a mall with some goddamn kid” he ranted

“I’m out of here” he hissed and turned his car, facing the route he used in coming…




Akantha on the otherhand continued watching them closely…..

“I thought you said just Pajamas?” Rebel chuckled as Zola diverted from picking Pajamas to picking gorgeous outfits….

“These outfits aren’t for me, they are for my friend Anna” Zola responded

“You must really love this Anna?” Rebel smiled

“Of course” Zola replie

“Wait, did you see that black gown mum, it’s a killer” Zola pointed to a black gown on display….

“Wow, it’s a killer” Rebel’s jaw dropped

“Hey you!” Zola called a worker

“Yes ma’am” the worker ran to her

“You see that dress there, i want it for my mum” she ordered

“You don’t have to do that Zola” Rebel tried to stop her

“Sorry ma’am but that dress cost $25 million, i can’t….”

“You can’t what?” Zola cut her off….”do you wanna lose your job?

“No ma” the worker bowed her head

“If you wanna keep it then bring the goddamn dress here and made it quick” she snapped

The worker didn’t say another word, she ran to get the dress from where it was put on display…keeping her job is what matters…

“Zola….that was….”

“Rude?” Zola cut Rebel off

“I know” she shrugged

“Mum look at this one, how does it look?” Zola changed the topic

“I know what you’re trying to do…cunny kid” Rebel chuckled.

Rebel and Zola had fun all day long and ended up returning to the clan by evening……




“Zola your hair….” Matteo gasped as Zola reported to his quarter the moment she returned home…

“Nice right?” Zola blushed

“Now i know why you returned late, at a point i became worried, had to call one of the men watching you, they assured me that you were fine” Matteo pouted

“Sorry for making you worry dad, had to catch some fun with mommy” Zola said with a smile reminiscing on every fun moment she had with Rebel….

“Nicky is back?” Matteo stood to his feet

“Not that mum dummy, i meant my angel” Zola rolled her eyes.

Matteo calmed down that moment….

“When did Bell become your mum?” He chuckled

“She has no problem with him so duh!”

“This kid” Matteo chuckled

“By the way, where’s Bell?” He added

“I told her to follow me to come see you but she declined, you would have seen her dad, she did thesame hairstyle with me, isn’t that great?” Zola squealed

“Hmm” Matteo hummed

” escort Zola to her quarter” he ordered his guard

“Isn’t it too early, bye anyway” Zola hissed and walked off…

“Let’s go pay my bell a visit” Matteo said to his men

Their mouths flew open, they couldn’t believe their ears…..since the division was made, Matteo has never being to the second talkless of the fourth…..

“You guys didn’t ear me did you?” He shuttered

He didn’t know why but he was kinda missing her…..he wanted to apologize earlier but was cut off by his daughter….he would have sent for Bell but knowing that kinda person she is, the possibility of her coming is less….if she is to come then he’ll have to force her and forcing her against her will again ain’t an option.

“Let’s go” he ordered coldly


Akantha reported to Nellie the moment she returned….

“Why the face?” Akantha frowned on seeing that her boss wasn’t cheerful….

“Sammie told Matteo” she said gritting her teeth

“Told Matteo what?” Akantha furrowed her brow, she don’t understand a thing Nellie was saying.

“That we made out” Nellie dropped the bombshell

“What?” Akantha couldn’t believe her ear….she felt like a knife was driven through her heart, the news was a shock to her….

“It was an accident, it shouldn’t have happened” Nellie sighed…..earlier Matteo teased her about it during their chitchat, to him it was funny but to her it isn’t, she warned Sammie not to tell Matteo but he did, he didn’t know what he did, he just ruined her every chance of having Matteo…..

“Is there a problem?” She turned to Akantha as she noticed that she wasn’t saying a thing…..

“No problem boss” Akantha forced a smile

“I hope you didn’t do anything to him?” She found herself asking

“Trust me Akantha, i placed him where he belonged” she said with gritted teeth

“You did what?” Akantha shuttered

Nellie ignored her and asked her the question she had in mind.

“How did it go with Rebel?”

“She visited her mum and nothing more” Akantha Said

“If you’ll excuse me, I’ll have to leave” she said and hurried out…

“Strange” Nellie frowned….the Akantha she knows would have told her every details.


Outside the room Akantha balled her fist….Sammie cheated on her with Nellie, Nellie betrayed her….

Wasn’t that feelings obvious for her to see?

“Where exactly will she be able to see Sammie? His quarters? She wondered.

“I’ll have to see what Nellie did to him, hope he’s fine….She said and ran off headed to Sammie’s quarter.




Rebel entered into their room…..

“Hi Celia” she said and went to her bed.

Celia cleaned her face quickly and turned to Rebel….

“You’re back” She faked a smile

“Wait where you crying?” Rebel’s brow knitted

“I’m fine” Celia shrugged it off

“So where’s Monarch?” Rebel asked looking round the room….

“She went after Sammie” Celia sighed

“Went after Sammie as in?” Rebel frowned

“You weren’t in the clan when it happened, Sammie and Nellie had a fight, it was really serious” Celia explained

“What connection does Monarch have with it? I still don’t understand why she went after him” Rebel mumbled.

“It turned out that the day we placed an aphrodisiac drug in Sammie’s drink, the person he ended up taking to bed was Nellie” Celia replied

“Wow!, didn’t see that coming” Rebel chuckled

“So she felt guilty and ran after Sammie because the fight was her fault in the first place?”

“Exactly” Monarch sighed

Wren twisted the doorknob and walked into the room that moment…..

“You’re back” she said walking into the room fully

“Yes I’m back” Rebel replied

“sorry, i didn’t relay your message, she just came in” Celia gave her an apologetic look….

“You have being appointed your first client” Wren went straight to the reason she came.

“First client as in?” Rebel frowned

“She mean that you’ll have to be pleasuring someone tonight” Celia broke it down for her

“What?” Rebel’s frown deepened

“Be in Liam’s quarter in the first division before seven, ask anyone you see on the way for direction” Wren said and walked out….

“F**k” Rebel cursed

“Someone came to look for you today” Celia said as she suddenly remembered

“Matteo?” She rolled her eyes

“Not Matteo, Rollo” Celia replied

“F**k that d**khead” she cussed


Rebel dressed up and got ready to leave…

“If i don’t go will they be a punishment?” She pouted

“The punishment is grave” Celia replied

“Fine….I’ll just go and we’ll talk it out, all you have to do is wish me luck”

“Good luck” Celia screamed after her…..




Monarch kept apologizing to Sammie, she has being on it for hours now….

“I said leave me the f**k alone” he yelled
“You got me into this mess yourself, you heard what she said, that b!tch called me an horny a$$hole because of your actions” he added….

“I know what i did was wrong, i shouldn’t have placed that damn substance in your drink, your forgiveness is all i ask, i can’t undo what i did” She said with tears now streaming down her eyes

“Your tears won’t move me b!tch, stay away from me Monarch, I’ve warned you countlessly, I’ll shock you the next time” he warned and began walking off….

“I can’t” she ran after him and hugged him from behind….

“I love you”

Akantha frozed on her spot, she was on her way to his quarter when she spotted them on his doorstep….


As Matteo arrived at the fourth division everyone were shocked….he has never visited the quarters before…..

He ignored their stares and went straight to Wren since she’s the head of that division….

“What room does Rebel stay?” He asked coldly

“The…fifth room by…your left b-boss” she stuttered

She didn’t tell him that she assigned her with a duty…..

Everyone remained on their knees as Matteo walked pass them….their heads were placed on the cold floor….some where chanting their hymns as he walked pass them…..he paid less attention to them as that wasn’t the main reason he came to this division.

He went straight to the room Wren described, not minding to knock, he opened the door and stepped in…

“You’re back Monarch” Celia turned to the door but froze on seeing Matteo….

She jumped down from the bed and fell to her knee….

“Where’s Rebel?” He went straight to his main reason for coming…..

“She i-is not in” Celia stuttered

“She isn’t in? Where the f**k did she go” he raised his voice

“She was assigned a duty” Celia replied trembling

“What duty?” Matteo’s brow arched

“Wren sent her to the first division to pleasure Liam” Celia stuttered

“What?” Matteo’s expression changed…

“Fetch that goddamn b!tch called Wren” he roared

He ran out of the room headed back to his division…..his men ran after him…..


Monarch and Akantha?…can’t wait for fighting?


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