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Rebel returned to the main hall where the party was holding…..

She used her eyes to search for Matteo and found him with the president.

“I don’t want him to recall my face” she said and walked off to take an empty seat.

“A drink please” She said as a waiter walked pass her

He stopped and passed her a cocktail.

“Thank you” she flashed him a smile. She began watching the couples who were busy dancing to the slow rhythm of the music….

“Peaceful” she smiled and sipped from her glass…

“Should you be here?, shouldn’t you be with boss?” Akantha joined her on the chair next to her

“I’m fine here” she forced a smile

“Are you sure you’re fine here or you’re avoiding someone ?” Akantha smirked

“Me avoiding someone ain’t none of your business, you and your boss should learn to mind your business please” Rebel said in between gritted teeth.

“I’m not Nellie or the boss that you speak to as you please b!tch, I’m your master in terms of division, I’m not asking you to return back to boss but instead, I’m commanding you to, prove to us that you ain’t hiding something” Akantha roared and left the seat.

“These people just won’t mind their business” Rebel hissed and grabbed her purse returning back to Matteo…..

“My prey” Someone rushed to her on seeing her and collected her purse.

Rebel turned sharply to him and embarrassment washed over her…

“Bru….no!” She stuttered and her face heat up immediately

“She’s shy” Rollo cracked up….”do you mind grabbing some shots with me?” He winked…

“I can’t, i have a place to be” she said staring at everywhere else except his eyes…

“If you don’t, I’ll tell everyone that cares to listen of the funfilled night we had” he smirked

“Is that a threat?” She furrowed her brow

“Take it that way mi lady so shall we?”

“Lead the way” she ordered

She went with him, they walked past some seats before arriving at Rollo’s chair, she took a seat beside him…

“Yo men, meet my baby Rebel” he introduced her to other mafia’s on the seat….

“Isn’t that the b!tch from Matteo’s party? The one that caused a fight right?” One of the mafia’s questioned

“You guessed right man” He winked and snaked his hands around her waist….

Rebel was quick to remove it…”Stop it” she gritted her teeth …..the predatory eyes of all the men on that seat was alarming, some looked like they were unclading her with their eyes.

Matteo was discussing with the president and smiling nonstop….

“Why do you think I’ll supply you with fake rifle?” He chuckled….”you’re my man bro…..

“Heard what you did to Magenta, that dude overstepped his boundaries yunno!” President Gonzalez said

“Don’t mind Magenta, he’s always fond of starting a fight he can’t win” President Gonzalez’s wife chipped in….

“I ended his clan because of the fight he started, there’s one think that ba$tard refuse to accept and that’s the fact that you can’t beat me in this game, I’m Matteo, the head of the white serpent, cross me and meet your doom” he bragged…

“That’s it man” Mr Gonzalez smiled….

“Can i ask for a favor Matteo?” He added

“I’m all ears” Matteo gave him the go ahead to speak

“Alright Sammie, you can enjoy the party now” he said to Sammie as he came to report to him that he’s done with his assigned duties.

“You said you placed it in the white house right?” Mr Gonzalez inquired

“I sure did” Sammie bored

“You may leave” President Gonzalez dismissed him.

“You were saying something about needing a favor” Matteo mumbled

“Yes, i did” President Gonzalez smiled

“$120 million is all i ask” he added

“What do i get in return?” Matteo asked

“I’ll have my men clear your tracks like they always do” The president replied

“We have a deal then, Sammie will bring the cash” Matteo replied.

Matteo was still talking when his eyes caught Rebel dining with his newly made enemy Rollo…..

“I’ll be right back” he excused himself quickly and charged towards their direction.


Akantha reported straight to Nellie….

“What’s the next step boss?” She asked

“Watson Lightfoot, have the men investigate him, i feel like there’s a connection between him and Rebel” she said twirling the wine glass in her hands and looking towards Watson who was with his colleagues….

“I’ll do as you instruct boss” Akantha bowed…..

“I must find out what you’re up to Rebel, i must” She smirked




“What’s going on here?” Matteo banged his hands against the table on arriving at Rollo’s seat…..

“What does it look like?” Rollo smirked and snaked his hands around Rebel’s waist again…..

“I warned you Rollo” Matteo gritted his teeth

“Stand up bell” he ordered

“You didn’t hear me did you? I said get your f**king ass off that seat” he ordered.

Rebel stood up quickly and grabbed her purse.

“Last warning Rollo….last warning” Matteo glared at him before dragging Rebel out…..




“Where are we going?” Rebel panicked as Matteo continued dragging her towards an unknown destination.

“Doing to give you what you want” he yammered and continued dragging her until he arrived at a spot where they weren’t much people…..

“Hands on the wall” he ordered

“Your hands on the wall Bell” he ordered

“Fine” Rebel said with drumming heart and placed her hands on it…

“Once I’m done with you, you’ll regret every craving for another co*k” he roared and began unbuckling his belt….

“It’s not what you think” Rebel tried to explain herself

“Not another word” he warned and forced her dress up….he shifted her p**ties and slammed his c**k into her a$$ hole…..

“Stop please” Rebel began begging as he began f**king her a$$ harder than he did the last time.

“Matteo i said stop” she raised up her voice

“Give up already bell” He yammered and continued his actions……




Sammie wasn’t feeling the party one tiny bit….the incident of that night keep playing in his head, he was restless so he decided to return back to the clan….

On arriving at the clan he went straight to the fourth division……

He placed a loud knock on the door of Monarch’s unit…..

“Who is it?” Monarch frozed on opening the door

“Sammie I…..” She began stuttering

“The words are refusing to form huh!” He mocked

“You placed an aphrodisiac drug in my drink didn’t you?” He snarled

“I didn’t m-mean to” she said with pleading eyes

“F**k your lame excuses” he barked and brought out his rifle from his waist…..

“No….” Monarch screamed and ran into the room

He rushed after her shooting anything in sight…..

At the sound of the gunshot, Celia jumped from the bed and rushed to the window……she pushed it open and jumped down from it not minding the injury she might secure……she left Monarch and Sammie to settle their scores.



A Man seated on an executive chair banged his hands on the table after dropping his phone……

“What happened Pierce?” A gorgeous looking lady asked walking up to him…..she was putting on a night robe and her hair was done into a messy bun…..

“It’s Matteo” Pierce gritted his teeth

“My spy said he got himself another fine looking lady” Pierce yammered

“What? He moved on from me?” The lady who happened to be Nicky couldn’t believe her ears……”how did it happen?” She yelled….

“Do you know the problem i have with you Nicky, you think the world revolves around your goddamn a$$” Pierce taunted….

The words struck Nellie like a blow…..she believe her ears…..Many years ago she left him for Pierce because Pierce was the richest druglord then, but over the years, things changed and Matteo took over the title of the most richest…..she has always thought he would never move on from her due to the fact that she happened to be his first love and in addition to that, she also bore him a child….

Nicky reached the wall for support…..Pierce’s laughter was irritating her to the core…..

“He can have her for now but he should bear in mind that I’ll be coming for his girlfriend soon” Pierce smirked and a roaring laughter followed…..

“Who the f**k took my place?” Nicky’s fist clenched…..she has plans to return back to him but from the news she just heard, getting him back won’t be that easy……


“Get your f**king a$$ here…..” Sammie roared searching round the room for Monarch who has gone hiding…..

“You can hide Monarch but bear in mind that if i set my eyes on you, you’re gone” he thundered and pulled another trigger….the room was now in a total mess…..

Monarch’s heart drummed against her chest, she was already sweating profusely……

Sammie’s eyes caught her leg from under the bed…

“Great” he smirked

“Gotcha!” He screamed

He grabbed her legs and began pulling her out.

“No…..” Monarch’s loud screams could be heard.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.