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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Twelve


Mrs Vanessa brought out the key from her black handbag and made to open the door but oh touching it, the door opened itself….

“Strange” she frowned….”didn’t Rebel say she’ll be traveling with her boss?, who could it be then? She wondered and began walking in fearfully….she isn’t the type that keep in touch with her family members since they all stay in country X….so finding her door open is quite alarming.

“Is there anybody here?” She began screaming as she was getting closer to the livingroom…..on arrival, she reached for the switch and turned on the light since the room was dark.

“Who are you guys?” She frowned on spotting Nellie on the couch, her legs were crossed and she was drinking from one of her most expensive wine bottle….
The next b!tch with Nellie who happened to be Akantha brought out her gun and pointed it straight to her head.

“You better sit your goddamn a$$ down and cooperate” Akantha said coldly

“Don’t harm me please” Mrs Vanessa began shuddering….she threw her bag on the couch and sat next to it quickly….

“Did my Rebel do something?” She asked fearfully

“Shut your f**king mouth madam” Akantha warned

“Akantha, be respectful” Nellie said sarcastically

“Madam when last did you see your daughter?” Nellie asked sipping from the glass of wine she was holding…..

“It’s being a while” Mrs Vanessa lied…from the look of things, it looked like these people are out to harm her daughter and Rebel happened to warn her on several occasions not to reveal much details about her to strangers….

“Hmm” Nellie hummed

“Why do i feel like you’re lying?” She said twirling the glass of wine in her hand…

“I hate liars Madam, when last did you see your f**king daughter?” Nellie roared smashing the wine glass on the wall….

Mrs Vanessa flinched in fear

“You don’t wanna cooperate huh!” Akantha pulled her by the hair and used the back of the gun to hit her forehead making her to secure an injury.

“You’ll talk now right?” Akantha huffed

“I swear to you miss, i saw her last month” Mrs Vanessa whimpered because she was already in tears….not because she was scared they were going to harm her but because of what they might do to her precious daughter.

“Let’s just say i believe you” Nellie mumbled

“What kind of work does she do? By any chance, did your daughter got missing? And why is her data unaccessible? Why do i feel like some agents are protecting her data from being accessed by the public?” Nellie asked making an eye contact with Mrs Vanessa.

“Sorry, I’m in no position to answer that” Mrs Vanessa replied with teary eyes

“Don’t wanna sell out your daughter huh!” Nellie chuckled dryly

“F**king say something b!tch” Akantha grabbed her by the hair and hit her head against the centre table.

“The woman is useless” Nellie huffed

“What are those?” She pointed to some awards which were in a transparent glass….

“Those are awards won by my daughter” Mrs Vanessa stuttered

“Won for what if i may ask? People don’t just win such an award for nothing yunno! She also took a picture with the president, what kinda work will give her such an opportunity?” Nellie decided to use another measure to extract information from her

“Ion know” Mrs Vanessa stood her ground

“I’m not here to joke with you madam, it’s either you talk or i blow off your skull” Nellie banged the table…..

“I said ion know” Mrs Vanessa hissed in pain

“F**k you” Nellie cussed….she reached for her phone and took pictures of the awards Rebel won, she also snapped the picture Rebel took with the president.

“Teach her a lesson and meet me in the car” she ordered and walked out of the room….

Akantha turned Mrs Vanessa into a punching bag, she tortured the poor woman until she passed out…..

“This is punishment enough” she smirked and wiped her bloody hands on Mrs Vanessa’s white dress staining it with her own blood….Mrs Vanessa’s face was injured beyond recognition due to the punches.

Akantha walked to the direction of the switch, turned it off before exiting the room.


Matteo sat down in the main hall with his crew, a masculine looking lady could be seen drawing more tattoos on his body…..

“Where’s Nellie?” He asked one of his men

“She left the clan earlier with Akantha” The man responded

“Tell her to report to me the moment she returns” he ordered

“Boss” Sammie called walking up to him

“Yes, speak” He ordered

“President Gonzalez asked for some supplies, he’ll like it to be handed to him in his wife’s birthday party tonight” Sammie said with a bow

“President Gonzalez?” Matteo smiled…..”I’ll have it delivered myself, that man has really being helpful to me and the clan as a whole” he said

“You said a party right?” He turned to Sammie

“Yes boss a party” Sammie responded

“Every party needs a date, have a black outfit delivered to Rebel of the fifth division, she’ll be my date” he ordered….

“And also, organize some models from the second division, we have to make an entry” He added

“As you wished boss” Sammie bowed and began walking off….

“I want it bold” Matteo ordered, “it should better look like my Zola”……

“About Zola, send for her” he ordered another of his men…..


“Today was tiring” Rebel slumped on the bed

“I’m sorry for putting you guys in trouble” Monarch pouted.

“I’m hungry” Rebel yawned

“Don’t worry girls, I’ll make some french fries” Monarch said and ran to the kitchen.

A knock landed on the door…..

“Hope Wren isn’t here to add more to our punishment” Celia said and began heading for the door.

“Is Rebel in?” Sammie said the moment she opened the door

“Yea” Celia replied

“Give this to her” He said and handed the dress to her

“Tell her to get dressed before seven, she’ll be accompanying boss to a party” he said

“Is Monarch back?” He added

“Monarch?” Celia swallowed…”she isn’t back yet”.

“Hmm” he hummed and began walking away….




“Guess who’s going for a party?” Celia ran into the room

“Who?” Rebel furrowed a brow

“You of course” Celia replied with an eyeroll

“Take this” She threw the dress to Rebel

“He said you should be done before seven” she relayed the message…..

“Okay” Rebel replied simply



Nellie was already dressed up for the party, she was putting on a blue ball gown and a black pair of heels, her hair was packed into a high pony….

“You said I look okay right?” She asked Akantha

“Yes you do” Akantha replied

“Heard boss invited that b!tch from the fourth division” she added

“That’s the more reason i want to go” Nellie smirked…..

“Let’s go” She ordered Akantha




“You look drop dead gorgeous bell” Matteo’s jaw dropped on seeing her, she was putting on the black skimpy dress which have many chains attacked to it…..she rocked the outfit with a pair of stilleto heels.

“Thanks for the compliment” Rebel smiled

” you look hot in the tuxedo Matteo'” she added

“Thanks for the compliment as well” Matteo smiled and grabbed her hand, they began walking to the direction of the parking lot while his guards trailed behind him, they were all armed to the core.

“We’re using the black limousine” Matteo ordered on arrival

“As you wish boss” Sammie bowed and opened the door of the limousine for them.

“What about the models?” He asked

“They’re in the other car” he pointed to the car behind them.

“Good” he smiled

“Go in Bell” he ordered

“You guys aren’t planning to leave me behind are you?” Nellie said walking up to them with Akantha trailing beside her….

“Nellie….you look good” Matteo chuckled….you didn’t tell me you were coming with us He added

“Without being told you should know” Nellie replied with an eyeroll

Her eyes met with that of Sammie and she threw away her face quickly….Sammie also did same.

She joined Rebel in the car quickly……Akantha made to hop in but Matteo stopped her.

“Use the other car” he ordered

“O-okay boss” she stuttered

Matteo joined them in the car and Sammie locked the door before moving to the car he’ll be using.


Matteo and his girls made a loud entrance, he managed to steal the spotlight with Rebel in his right hand and Nellie in his left….the models were catwalking beside him…..the camera turned to their direction the moment they stepped into the hall…..

“Matteo” President Gonzalez left his friends to welcome him

“Welcome to my wife’s thirty fifth birthday party” he said with a smile

“I’m honored” Matteo smiled

“Wait…..Matteo is a friend of the president?” Rebel’s brow creased…..Mr Gonzalez is the president of Denim.

“Your girls are hot” President Gonzalez said but his brows furrowed on seeing Rebel.

“Sorry but have me met before?” He furrowed his brow… know that feeling that you have seen someone before but you don’t remember the exact place you met? That was thesame feeling President Gonzalez was having….

“You must be mistaking” Rebel faked a smile….there’s something going on here and she must find out….”what’s Matteo’s connection with the president?” She wondered….

“Are you sure you guys haven’t met?” Nellie taunted and Rebel glared at her….in the picture she snapped at Rebel’s house, the president was handling an award to her so it mean just one thing, she’s really hiding something….

“Your face really look familiar dear” President Gonzalez continued searching through his memory to recall the exact place they met.

“Drop it Mr president, i’m sure you haven’t met her before” Matteo waved it off

“What about the stuff? Didn’t my men tell you about it? President Gonzalez inquired

“We brought them so there’s nothing to worry about” Matteo smiled.

“Matteo” President Gonzalez’s wife said walking up to them

“I’ll be back Matteo, i have to use the restroom” Rebel excused herself quickly before president Gonzalez’s wife will see her, just one look, she’ll be able to recognize her and that will end up blowing off her cover.

“I’ll be back” Nellie said and went after Rebel…




Watson spotted Rebel as she walked into the party alongside Matteo….his brows furrowed on seeing the way Matteo was holding unto her…..President Gonzalez also invited them to the party.

“Why would the president be associating with Matteo Pierce? He frowned

He spotted Rebel walking off from them

“Perfect timing” he smiled

“I’ll be right back” he whispered to Jolie and his other colleagues




Rebel entered into the restroom

“That was close” she heaved a sigh of relief…..she opened the purse she was holding and brought out her lipstick and began applying more of it to her lips…..

The door busted open and Watson walked into the restroom…..

“What are you doing here Watson?” Rebel panicked on seeing him through the mirror.

Watson took long strides towards her and pinned her to the wall…..

“Is befriending the mafia druglord part of the mission?” He snarled

“I think there’s something going on, you have to investigate president Gonzalez” Rebel said

“That didn’t answer my question” he roared

“I said is befriending him part of the mission? Did you see the way he held onto your hands? Tell me, is there something i don’t know” he barked


Rebel’s word was caught off by Nellie’s intrusion…..

“What’s going on here?” She questioned

“Busted” Rebel’s heart skipped numerous beats



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