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{She’s on a mission}


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Chapter Ten and Eleven

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“What’s going on here?” Zola’s voice could be heard

Matteo let go of Rebel’s neck quickly….

“Nothing” he faked a smile but Zola wasn’t having any of it as she continued giving him a suspicious gaze…

“Shouldn’t you go for saturday lesson or something” Nellie said with an eyeroll

“Me going to lesson ain’t none of your business b!tch!” Zola snapped

“Let’s go angel” she gestured at Rebel

“Did she just….Argh!” Nellie balled her fist, she’s bound to explode any moment soon.

Matteo on seeing how disrespectful Zola was apologized quickly.

“Sorry Nellie, you know Zola” He sighed

“She lacks manner Matteo, she deserves to be thought some lesson” The words escaped Nellie’s lips…

“I already said sorry didn’t I? So drop it Nellie, she’s a kid” Matteo shuttered

“Yes I’m a kid” Zola winked before walking out with Rebel.

“A kid that should have being mine if he didn’t chose Nicky over me” Nellie wanted to say but swallowed her words instead…..She glared at Matteo before walking out of the room…..

The moment she stepped out of his quarters, he jammed Sammie on the way….

“Wtf!!” She gritted her teeth and made to take another path when he pulled her back.

“About what happened yesterday…”

He made to explain but she cut him off…

“Nothing happened Sammie” she snapped

“To be fore warned is to be fore armed” she warned before walking pass him

“Someone deserves to be thought a lesson” Sammie balled his fist and continued to walk to his destination; The fourth division is where he’s headed.


“Don’t mention” Zola waved it off as Rebel continued apologizing

“I thought Nellie said you should be in saturday lesson or something ?” Rebel asked as they were now walking to her division

“Yes but i don’t feel like it” Zola sighed….”I hate my school, the only close friend i have there is pinkie, the rest like getting on my nerve, they keep shading me because my parents are divorcees and theirs ain’t…..I would have told dad about it but i know he’ll harm them in one way or the other” Zola said with a sigh

“You’re quiet thoughtful for your age” Rebel smiled and parted her head

“Angel, what do you think about my dad?” Zola suddenly asked

“Your dad huh!” Rebel cleared her throat

“He’s annoying, very annoying to be specific” she rolled her eyes

“You meant annoying and hot don’t you?” Zola winked

“Hot my a$$!” Rebel rolled her eyes

They continued walking to her division, everyone they walked past bowed their head as a sign of respect for her…..Wren on sighting Zola walking down their division screamed and everyone began putting on their dresses….does who were busy making out stopped instantly and began putting their clothes back on because Master Matteo won’t take it likely if he discovers that someone made out in front of his eight years old daughter…..death will be the punishment and to avoid facing the cruelty of the druglord, it’s better to prevent such don’t you think?

“This way” Rebel directed

“And here we come” she smiled and twisted the door open

Celia and Monarch jumped up from bed quickly the moment the door was opened…..they were both sweating profusely.

“Cover up and get rid of those” Rebel ordered pointing to the dildos and other sextoys they were using to pleasure themselves…..

Monarch pushed the toys from the bed quickly before Zola’s eyes will catch them.

“Why are you guys sweating when it’s coldest in Denim this season of the year?” Zola arched a brow

“And why are you guys naked?” She frowned

“About that…” Monarch cleared her throat

“We just came out of the restroom ma’am” Celia said quickly

“I see” Zola mumbled

“Where were you yesterday Zola, does your dad allow you to attend the party?” Rebel suddenly asked as she remembered that Matteo might get sued if his daughter is exposed to such stuffs, it’s against the law.

“Party, what party?” Zola frowned

Monarch gave Rebel a eye signal that says the kid ain’t aware of such.

“Nevermind” Rebel shrugged

“She doesn’t know of the party, her guards are doubled every friday and she’s restricted from going to that part of the division” Monarch whispered to Rebel while putting on her dress….

Zola continued looking round the room

“So this is where my angel stays?” She smiled

“Yea…your angel stays here” Rebel returned the smile.

A knock landed on the door that moment.

“Open the damn door as$hole!” Sammie shook the door violently….

“Oh no!” Monarch covered her lips

“What’s going on?” Rebel and Zola said in unison

“It’s a long story” Celia replied fanning herself with her hands

“I’m not in” Monarch whispered to the rest and ran to her wardrobe, she opened it and jumped in….Celia ran to her and locked the door of the wardrobe.

“Alright, i’m coming in” Sammie shuttered and kicked the door open

“Where is the goddamn b!tch” he yelled on stepping in

“Oh Zola, what are you doing here?” He furrowed his brow on spotting Zola in the room.

“Came to see where my angel stays” Zola smiled

“Are you looking for someone, the manner at which you entered the room was alarming” Rebel frowned

“Where’s that b!tch called Monarch, does she f**king know what her action caused me?” He snarled


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.