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{ Fated to love }

CHAPTER 25 & 26

BY; Chioma Melody.

Subtitle: It’s okay, Favourite


Ian finally woke up and found his legs chained in the air to large chains he’d never seen before.

He was upside down, in the middle of darkness, with no single ventilation and light coming in.

He struggled in pain and started crying.

” Ughhh!!” He growled loud in the dungeon and his voice only echoed.

He cried the more and tried freeing himself but nothing was working. His blood was running down his face.

He was in the air and his feet were carrying his whole weight, making the pain even worse.

He looked around and realised hani wasn’t there with him.

” Hani.” He called, looking around. He remembered he needed to protect her from Xander.

He pinched his eyes and tears came down his cheeks, running down his bloody lip.

” So much pain!!!” He cried.


” Please stop!!” Hani screamed as he placed hot kisses all over her faces.

He was doing it forcefully and instead, it resulted into deep red marks on her jelly skin.

She kept crying as his thumb kept trailing down her thighs occasionally.

” Please…don’t” She kept crying, closing up her chubby thighs.

Xander grinned and palmed the bed.

” Why stop?. You are officially my queen. You’re now my property” He smirked.

” No, I’m not. And I’m not your property!”

” So which are you?. Ian?” He muttered and she rubbed her eyes, crying louder.

” You can cry like a baby if you want. Nothing can stop me from touching you so stop wasting your tears, idiot” He spat.

” Ian will definitely come after you if you touch me!” She yelled.

” Is it the Ian who has been stabbed, thrown into the deepest part of the dungeon and even chained with the golden rails?. His soul has definitely given up” He laughed.

” No!!!. How could you!!. No!!, not Ian!!” She cried messily and Xander caught her throat with his hand, glaring at her.

” This is not time to start behaving like an imbecile. You should think of a way to please me with this scrumptious body I’m seeing here” He scoffed.

” Ian. No!!!. Come back!. He can’t die just like that!. i need to see him!!” She was crying crazily.

” Shut your trap!” He scoffed and fisted his hand around on her throat and she started to choke there.

” She said Stop!!” A cool masculine voice propped out of nowhere.

Xander stopped and looked up and only to meet Ian, standing there so majestically with a stain of blood at the corner of his lip.

” Ian?” He took time to swallow hard, leaning away from hani.

Ian didn’t let him even start to explain.

He stretched his hands and the duvet mysteriously sprang up in the air, he threw it at Xander and it strangled him crashing him there to the wall.

Hani crawled out and hugged the pillow, covering herself with it.

” Quit this!!” Xander scoffed, struggling with the duvet around his neck.

” Have I not warned you to stay away from hani?.” He spat and the duvet began to squeeze him harder.

” Ughhh!. Stop!!” Xander choked.

” You can’t go away with every bad you’ve done to me, Xander. I promise to return each piece painful than the last” He said.

Ian snapped his thumb and Xander started to see mysterious stars around his head.

” Ugh…Aahh!!!” He screamed and when he couldn’t contain the pain, he passed out.

Hani gasped as she saw blood rushing down his nose, it was so severe. She saw the knob moving and she looked at Ian.

” Ian. The door!” She said.

Ian looked over to the door and saw it was locked but the guards were trying to bulge in.

He walked towards it and held the knob, backing her.

” Dress up” He said and she threw the pillow, crawling down the bed before picking up her dress.

Since it was torn, she picked up Xander’s robe and wore it.

” Done” She said.

Ian turned around and she looked at him, her eyes sparkling so cutely.

He opened his lip and was about to tell her that it was bigger than her size but she had ran forward quickly.

She immediately hugged his chest and Ian felt some ease, but surprised for some second.

” Please tell me you’re okay. Please” She cried, her shoulders trembling.

Ian sighed and hugged her back, rubbing her soft scalp gently before placing a soft kiss on it.

He was happy to be back with her again and gather her in his arms like this. But he wasn’t fine until Xander would stop chasing after his life.

The door burst open and they suddenly vanished into thin air.

The guards broke the door, walking in quickly.

They ran to Xander quickly and tried taking off the duvet from his neck, but they couldn’t, no one could.

It kept strangling him there over and over continously.



Hani immediately picked up the bucket and walked back to Ian who sitting by the rock, and he had been staring at her.

She picked up her towel.

” I’ll clean your face first.” She smiled.

” It’s fine, hani. I can do this myself”

” But you can’t find the spot where you need to clean, like your lips, they are….bl..*oody. I can help” She said, her lips forming a pout.

” You can clean. But you need to be careful cos I’m feeling pains everywhere.”

” I’m so sorry” She said, pressing her lip tight.

She squatted and raised up the towel. She looked at his face and wondered why he still had to be this handsome even tho he seriously injured.

” Is there anything?” He asked and she blinked, snapping back to reality.

”” She shaked her heads. ” How’d you survive even after what Xander did?” She asked.

” Sometime ago, Vivian explained this to us. I thought you’d realise that I’m not just human but I can do impossible things sometimes” He said and she halted.

” Really?. Does that count me too?”

” I..I’m not really sure about you. But i think I’m loving this part of the new me” He smiled.

” I don’t have to feel scared now cos I know you’ll be fine any time” She giggled.

” Let not be too sure. My powers can be snatched” He said.

” Oh” Hani’s hand dropped slowly.

” Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. If there’s anybody you should be worried about, then it’s Xander’s life” He said.

She chuckled and started cleaning his face where the blood was spotted.

He suddenly held her wrist and she raised her gaze at him.

” The red spot. Did Xander try to kiss you?” He asked and she slowly nodded.

He slowly left hold of her wrist and she knew he was somehow hurt by it.

” If there was a way to run away from this palace and just go far away with you from Edessa, I would just do it” He said.

” Me too. I really want to go back to see my father” She formed a pout.

Ian smiled and made her sit next to her.

” So You miss your parent, right?” He asked.

She lowered her chin and without crying, tears started leaving her eyes slowly.

” Hani?” He lowered his face to look at her.

Her lips formed a pout as she tried hard to swallow the lump in her throat.

She rested her head on his shoulder and sniffed hardly.

” I so much miss my father. One time, I thought he was dead. I don’t know if he misses me too wherever he is.” She said, tears running down her chin continously.

Ian sighed and rolled his arms around her, pulling her closer.

” It’s okay, fav. I’m sure when I become king, you’ll get the chance to bring your dad over to live here”

She looked at him with excitement written on her adorable face and she gave out her toothy smile.

” Really?. You’ll let him stay with me”

” Of course. And then you’ll be my Queen and later, be my wife, my one and only favourite thing” He said and she got extremely red on her buffy cheeks.

” I can’t wait for those times, I wish it would be the next day”

” As much as me” He said.

He frowned seeing the previous traces of tears on her face and he slowly placed a kiss on both eyes carefully.

He leaned away and turned to her lips to kiss her there but he halted halfway.

Hani peeked one eyes open.

” Ian. Am ready?”

He sprang her up from the floor and crashed his lip on her, pulling her around in a short circle while kissing her in the process.



” Our deal?” Aurora asked, facing Vivian.

” What deal your majesty?” Vivian stood up from her chair making it fall abruptly.

” The deal we made about you making Ian return his feelings back to me!. How can you forget things like that!” She said and Vivian heaved in a hot sigh.

” I’m sorry but I haven’t talked to him about it yet”

” What!. Why??. Wasn’t it part of our deal?”

” He was stabbed at the coronation and was sent to the dungeon thereafter”

” Haven’t you heard the news?. He’s out now and he isn’t even hurt.”

” He is?” Vivian gasped.

” Yes!. And tell him to come over to my room tonight, if he doesn’t, then I’ll tell Xander to personally deal with you severely” She said and Vivian swallowed hard.

She walked out of her and Vivian went straight to the Knight’s Yard.

She met him practising alone in the field and somehow, she felt a bit relieved to see him back on his feet. She walked in through the gate immediately.

” Ian!” She called.

He looked up and smiled. The kind of charming smile he gave to melt her heart back then during his childhood.

She immediately went up to him before hugging him really tight. She wasn’t surprised to see him well and fit so she didn’t ask questions.

” I’m glad you’re back. Hani must be so happy”

” She is. But Why did you come here?” He asked.

She held his arm and looked at his eyes.

” I need a little favor from you right now. Can you?” She asked and Ian silently looked at her.



Ian slowly walked into the princess room and he met Aurora by her bedside. Her face immediately beamed the moment their gaze met.

” Good. You’re here finally” She smiled, getting up on her feet.

” What do you need me for?” He asked, standing still at his spot.

” I want to help you get the throne. I’m in full support” She said.

” I don’t need your support, Princess” He bowed.

” I can kill Xander if you want me too” She said, crossing her arm on her chest.

” That does mean I can’t kill Xander, I know he’s been planning to kill me too, but I don’t want him to die yet and miss my own coronation. He must be there, watching it while being slowly strangled” He said

” F*ck. I like the way you think” She smiled and started looking at him manipulatively.

” Is there anything else you want from me?” He asked.

She stepped forward and looked at him.

” Ian” She smiled, bringing something out from her pocket. it was the leftover antidote that broke the other day in Salome’s hand.

She opened it and Ian slowly inhaled it carefully.

He suddenly fell on her body and Aurora dropped him on the bed to sit quietly.

” Hey pie?” She smiled, resting on her knees.

Ian slowly opened his eyes and she looked at him carefully, awaiting his next response.

Her hand was already on his robe to pull it open as soon as he replied back intoxicatingly.

” Ian?.” She called further, looking at him.

Ian smiled and pulled her closer, whispering next to her earlobes teasingly.

” Chill, You’re messing with the wrong person. Do you want to die?” He spat and she sucked on her hot breath instantly.



Salome slowly came out before adjusting her dress, turning to face the guard.

” So how was it?” She smiled.

” You made me cum twice. Gosh, you are so mean in bed. It looked as if I was doing nothing” He laughed.

” Don’t worry, I am always at the next camp if you need me” She winked sexily.

” Don’t let the royals know about this”

” It’s fine. You’re not the only guy I’ve f*cked. The current king is not an exception” She waved.

” Geez, Such a bad b*tch” He smirked.

” Do you want us to go in for another?”

” What?. Who would stay in for me at my duty?”

” Just two minutes, my p*ssy is pulsating already. Come, Come” She scowled and dragged him fiercely into the room.


Xander walked into the physician office and hit the desk with anger.

” Where are these fool!” He yelled and a lady walked out quickly.

The moment she saw Xander, her heart skipped!. The physco was back again!.

” Are you the one who runs this place?” He asked.

” I do, but my master is inside”

” Call who ever it is and tell him the crowned king needs her attention!” He spat.

” What attention?” A lady spoke from behind and Xander had to face her. She was an elderly woman in her forties.

” Good thing you’re here. I want one thing from you.”

” You cannot ask until I ask!” She spat.

” Do you know who you’re talking to?” Xander grinned.

” And do you know who I am?” She spat with confidence.

” Look, I’m not staying here forever. I want just one thing from you. The power of being spiritually gifted” He said.

” What?” Her eyes widened.

” You’re the only one who can help me at this point. I promise to do anything you want if you make this possible. I’m tired of being defeated all the time. I’ll do anything you wish for if you help me” He said with sincerity in his eyes and the woman paused, with a smile.

” Anything I want?”

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