(She hates him)

Episode 60


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

……….Rissa’s pov…….
Mykel and I headed to the cinema to watch a Korean movie. On the way, we came across some Koreans with pretty curly hair. They looked so cute and adorable.

That made me think – what if I have a child with Mykel. What’s the little angel going to look like??

We paid for tickets and some popcorn before settling down somewhere secluded.

“Is it romance series?” I whispered to him and he shrugged his shoulders.
“I really don’t know. It’s been ages since I’ve been here” He replied cluelessly.

I smiled and relaxed back on the chair and his wrapped an arm around me. I could sniff his nice scented cologne from how we cuddled.

Suddenly, his phone started beeping just when the movie had began.
He twitched a bit like he was never expecting a call. He slipped out his cool phone afterwards and glanced at the screen.

“Who is it?” I whispered and he shook his head negatively.
“Nothing” And with that, he put the phone back and stared at the projector screen which was displaying the movie.

I felt him kiss my hair and I shuddered a bit.
Rissa…don’t freak out.
He’s yours now and he’s not going to leave you now, never.

I’m glad he now have wealth of his own. He now has his parent’s wealth as well. He’s no longer homeless or surviving under someone else’s roof. I’m proud of him.
And I guess the modeling job pays him enough for him to live like a billionaire.

…….Leah’s pov…….
I entered the room and met him on his feet working with his laptop. I stood, astonished with how quick he has gotten over his previous depressed state.

He hasn’t eaten anything since the attack on his two properties. I’m finding it hard to accept too but I’m sure everything would be alright.

“Edward?” I called noticing the tension on his fingers as he tapped on the laptop keyboard.

“We are going to Korea tomorrow morning. A man worth trillion dollars wants to have a meeting with me. Probably, to rebuild the bombed companies” He said frenetically.

“Really?? And when is this?” I asked short of words.

“Next week” He replied reaching for his phone on the sofa lying next to him.

“Then, why are we moving there tomorrow? Shouldn’t we wait till the era of the meeting???” I asked overwhelmed.

“No…I don’t joke with things like this. We are moving there tomorrow, no arguments!” He shot out and I gulped down the lump that had been in my throat.

Moving to Korea tomorrow???
How long will this man keep going about the world??
I’m starting to get tired of this.

“Should we pick Rissa from Queens tomorrow so she can come with us?” He asked after a steep quietness.

“No. She won’t like that, she loathes us right now for not attending her graduation ceremony” I answered going towards him.

“Hmm, I see. She’s not important right now. After our financial issues are resolved, we’ll bring her back home and possibly take a break from the travels. She should understand that we are doing all this for her own good” He explained intently gazing at the device that had been kept on his thighs.

I nodded concurring with his response.

The laptop he was gazing upon eluded him from getting a glimpse of the short dress I was putting on.
I had actually planned on coming to seduce him in order to make him less depressed concerning his loss but it seemed like whoever that man was beat me to it.

I decided to carry on with the plan. I took the laptop and clamped it shut. He tried to object but couldn’t when I shot him a scalding stare.

“Leah…” He grumbled and I figured he was trying to retrieve his laptop.
I sat on his thighs with full force and he grunted.

“Don’t you wish we had another child?” I whispered brushing my lips softly against his right cheek.

“We are way past this, Leah.” He argued trying to get me off.

“Try it, Edward and you’ll never see me na.ked again” I warned and he quickly remained calm.

“Good. Now, let’s do a little something before we start packing for Korea..” I suggested touching his belt.
I felt him stiffen up but I didn’t mind.

…… (Korea)….
………Rissa’s pov……..💗
The movie was over and I left the place feeling moody and sad.
I can’t believe the lady later died…!!
It’s so hurting…

I don’t think I can be able to sleep tonight.
Who could have the guts to write such a painful scene in a movie script?

If it wasn’t for Mykel, I could never have stopped shedding tears.

“For the tenth time, doll – it’s just a movie. It never happened. Please, smile for me” He cooed kissing my forehead.

I summoned up courage and released a light smile.

“Good. I love you” He whispered fixing my hair.

“I love you too—-”

“Excuse me” A man said abruptly interrupting us. He went straight to Mykel and murmured something to him.

I strained my ears trying to hear even if its a word from what he was saying.
I slightly leaned forward and the next thing I heard made me pause.
Mr Frosh
Where have I heard that name before?
Sounds so familiar.
I’ll just ask Mykel later.

Rissa’s parents are joining us in Korea💃🏽


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