(She hates him)

Episode 59


By: Eunice Nwodu Ifunanya

………..Alex’s pov…….
“Really???” I asked shutting my eyes in shame. I can’t believe I humiliated myself last night after taking few shots of alcohol.
Lucas was with me.
He had brought me home after dropping Austin off at his mom’s place.

“Yes, you kept dancing around like a some Egyptian goddess. You made us have a good laugh” He said, laughing afterwards.

“God! Remind me not to get too tipsy again” I hushed shaking my head.
“Sure, what are friends for? I’d exchange the drink with water…” He giggled and I chuckled.

“I have no problem with that!” I replied and raised my hands..
We laughed for a long time before I realized mom’s cars were still in the compound meaning she’s around.
I really need to see her!.

“I need to go in now” I muttered smiling.

“Yeah, sure. You need to get some sleep for tomorrow…” He cooed and I took a step forward.

“Hey, can you keep this a secret? I mean, can you promise me that you won’t tell anyone about me getting so drunk and crazy?” I asked shrugging my shoulders and totally mes bothered.

“Of course…I won’t. Our little secret” He whispered gazing into my eyes.

Our body were so close and it was making me feel strange. If intense looks could kill, dear Alex would have been dead by now. I just didn’t understand were this was headed.

His head drew close and he hesitated a bit before placing a slight kiss on my lips.
I felt electric surge go through me – from my lips to the corners of my brain, and to my legs.

My feet were instantly wobbly and I held onto him for help.
His hands were on my elbow and we stayed in that position for a while.

He leaned in again and I closed my eyes this time around. He was looking at my lips meaning that he intends to kiss me again.

I panicked unconsciously as time went by…
No kiss was coming???

Immediately I opened my eyes to see what was going on… He attacked my lips again and the kiss was quite better than the first.

I stopped him and he pulled away wearing a look of uncertainty.

‘What was that?’ I asked subconsciously…

<<<~~~~~In South Korea~~~~~>>>

……..Rissa’s pov……..
“Look at this place!” I exclaimed when we stepped into the house.
It’s really big and filled with magnificent decorations. Nothing like I have ever seen.

I must say – Mykel’s house is better than ours.

“How can you stay in such a place, alone?” I asked holding his hand tightly.

“I’m used to it. I once told you I loved being alone, right?” He mumbled facially.

“Really? Should I go back to America, then?” I asked pretending to look sad.

“No…you should know what I mean. I need you, Rissa. You just don’t know how much” He cooed and I stopped walking for a second.

“What do you do Mykel? Since you’re no longer going to school, what do you do?” I asked letting go off his hand gently.

“I’m…I’m a model” He replied and I gasped.

My boyfriend is a model, so cool!.
Besides, he sure have the looks.

“That’s awesome, Mykel. Take me to your studio. I want to see some of your collection, please” I pleaded shaking his hand.

“Yeah, sure. Go wear something more comfortable. I’ll be here waiting” He stated and I leaped.
This two weeks is gonna be awesome!!

I pecked his cheek and ran off to the stairs.

…..Mykel’s pov……
I felt relieved the moment Rissa was out of sight. I called Hyung to activate the fake modeling plan I had organized so when Rissa arrives, she won’t have a reason to doubt that I’m actually a model or suspect anything.

Once we are done, we’d go to the cinema to see a movie. I hope she likes vampire series…

Rissa arrived a while later and we headed to the place with my car.

“We’ll be going to the beach tomorrow” She said operating her phone.
I didn’t respond but kept driving.

We got to the model building and walked in without any assistance.
When we got there, everything was well arranged and sparkling.

God….this is ridiculous.

“Yey! We are here!” She said cheesily jumping down from the car.
I wonder why she’s so jittery.
Is she this excited??

I don’t understand my girlfriend, right now…

“Good morning sir” She said shaking Hyung.

What??! Hyung is no sir..
He’s just a nerd I’m helping financially because his mother has been sick for a long time.

He chuckled staring at her face.

“neoui Aleumdaun—” You’re beautiful—

“She’s American, idiot” I interrupted shutting the door of the car after I had alight.

“Why are you yelling at your boss!?” Rissa queried and hit my arm.
Ouch…she’s gotten harder at this.

“Um…he’s just my manager and agent. We joke around a lot” I chipped keeping a damp look.

“I’m sorry, I attacked you” She apologized and gave me a hug.
I was about to hug her back when she pulled away instantly.
“Okay! Let’s go in…” She cheered and rushed inside with Hyung.

I rolled my eyes and trailed behind.
I got inside the studio.

“Here are our models for today!” Hyung announced and I almost suffered a seconds heart attack on seeing three n.aked girls at the corner.

What the he.ll!!!
I quickly covered Rissa’s eyes.

“Mykel!” She growled but remained calm.

“What Is this?? Who are these people!???” I yelled at him.

He shrugged his shoulders.

“You said I should get hot girls. Well…aren’t they hot enough?” He asked stupidly and I glared at him.

“Rissa, let’s just go to the movies” I stated and she smiled.

“It’s alright. Totally understand” She replied and I took her hand leading her out from the studio.

When I looked back at Hyung…
Only my expression could speak for me.

You are dead Hyung. You are dead!


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